Official WoW stalkering

So yeah I mentioned earlier that I set up some RSS feed from wow armory to stalk people. I targeted guildies who had given me a list of their servers and top toon names. So for testing purposes I have a feed of The Pally’s favourite toons (the top 5) on his three favourite servers. I also did this for two other friends (The whiney (I say that with affection) Alliance Druid and his other half the Trampy (this is affection too… no really in this circle “crack whore” is what you call your mates… I didn’t even know what a crack whore was till I met this lot) Paladin Lass on our main Oceanic server.

So that’s 5 feeds.

To compare I set up three feeds for my own toons (targeting my top three servers, top five toons.)

So how good is this armory RSS for stalking?

Well if it is monitored by WoW achievements it shows in your feed… so when The Pally shot a cockroach and it contributed towards his pest control achievement I found out about it O_O and of course i was all like “omg you in game animal abuser you… really!” – because what’s the point of stalking someone if you don’t rub it in their faces that you “know what they did last night” bwahahahaha.

However monitoring my own feeds has turned out to be more interesting, while blizzard were working out the bugs (or adding stuff I dunno) I received a lot of duplicate RSS from own toons or even RSS about stuff I had done months ago. It was such an incorrect snapshot of what I had been doing in game that I started to think the RSS feed would be the world’s worst stalking tool O_o However the feeds over the last month or so have been pretty much spot on with what I have achieved in game in regards to achievements, boss kills and gear so it looks like they have worked out whatever the bugs were.

Has the stalking proved useful?

Hum well at a glance I can tell where these friends are spending the most time and what sort of things they have been doing (Dungeons or PVP or questing achievements) but really other than seeing at a glance the amount of activity they have been up to and the characters they are playing the most, I can’t say I bother to actually read the entries coming outa their armory… because reading a wow RSS feed is far more dull than actually logging in to talk to them. However I can see that the Warlock hasn’t been on for a month O_o and that prior to the disappearance the only toon she has been playing is her horde DK.

So stalking is as usual as stalking does… how much you get out of it really depends on how much you care about knowing… and I don’t really care enough beyond keeping vague tabs on my friends.

Below is a link to the Penny Arcade comic they did on that incident where the cops used Blizzard info to pick up the location of a baddie O_O

Moral of the story? Well perhaps it is: anyone could be watching you so mind your manners… and really don’t traffic drugs while playing warcraft and think you can get away with remaining incognito? *cackle

PS: yes I made up the word stalkering yes it doesn’t even roll off the tongue well I know… can’t help myself, slaughtering my vocab online is part of my enjoyment in my blog O_O


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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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