SAN fan (hee that rhymes)

So I jumped on board the Single Abstract Noun bandwagon.

SAN is a guild for boogers… I mean bloggers or those interested in such on an RP server (read more about it here and here and here and here oh and here, here, here, here, here … but wait theres more, there are more posts out there just google the guild name @_@ I come really late to bandwagons)… mostly I jumped because Gnomer seemed to have done so (at least temp like) and I once promised to visit him on Aman’Thul and never got around to it and I thought *hey yeah this will be a nice way to catch up*… but then he had a gnome nightmare experience… poor gnomer 😦 so I’ve yet to run into his toon (yup talking aboutcha like you will never read this, that’s my way.)

Okay so the reason Gnomer hasn’t seen me on Aman’Thul, when I promised I would visit? That’s kinda ramble worthy in its self.

Here’s the deal, I’m painfully shy online… well sort of. What I mean is I’m fine socially in person IRL – loud even, excessively interested in hanging out, talking about nothing for hours and thrive on company… until I don’t… and then I lock myself in my house for a week away from all my friends and play world of warcraft or something. Also its possible I am a bit of a flake (prone to just wandering off and not of much substance) online.

Which is when the wow community gets to meet me.

The monster in the box me. I’m quieter, more serious… seem to have much less wit. Actually you’ll be lucky to meet me because I typically nail down and grind something like a demon until I can handle RL again; levels, gear, rep, honour, dual spec cash, epic fly cash… all these are likely grind targets and whatever the mission is that will be all I really do with my wow time.

My typical WoW agenda:

  • Socialising – not so much so
  • Chopping heads in battlegrounds to release work tension – much more so!

This is even though all wow gaming related quizzes I have taken in fun tend to indicate that I am the online social type.

Then you have the shy aspect… I’m not at my best… I’m monster in the box… not sure I want to inflict that on people and I am excessively polite with a side order of cautious to begin with. Making real people connections online stresses me out because I am never sure what to do with them, and the time in the box playing wow is usually less than the time spent being a social butterfly RL… so is it fair to these people?

Hummm yeah see while I am the sort of person who worries about maintaining contact and generally cares about any peep I interact with (unless they spit on me or something) it is typical for me to just drop off the radar with no warning and return in much the same manner. Ayone who follows this blog will have noticed that … that I have a disappointing inability to connect with the online community (that’s mostly a time thing, I love blogs and I read sooo many … but mostly in the role of friendly lurker) and a real lack of one-one style communication. This lack of consistent communication well it’s one aspect of socialisation where my manners fail me, no matter how I attempt to improve myself. Guilds generally can’t keep track of me because I am foot-loose, fancy free, juggle far too many activities at once and am completely absent minded.

Then there is that OCD monster in the box aspect: At the moment I am obsessed with my level 80 orc hunter… it’s been kind of hard for me to play anything else. I’ve gotten her to Heroic Halls of Reflection, with most of the T9 badge gear (think I need to replace one ring, my bracers maybe up grade the trinkets, fine tune some stats). This may be as far as she goes, whole post on that later.

So this was a good time to roll yet another baby hunter, I’ve been thinking about making an alt dungeon quest guide she could contribute to the alliance side of things ^_^

So here I am. Being a level 1-10 hunter really sucks… it’s like “you had your good ammo repossessed, you go drink too much to drown your shame and lose all the skill and talent of your glory days and then your pet leaves you” … in fact I think that’s what I will title the next post.

So yeah I rolled, I dithered and then I girded my loins and sent a whisper to a higher level hunter in SAN and they joined me up ^_^ Now to try this social guild thing (I can do it again I can… I was burnt by a too serious RP guild back in the day but these social traumas can’t be allowed to last forever.)

Cough* I am actually fine with online social stuff so long as someone else talks to me first. Here is an example of what will probably happen should anyone text near me online:

Yup a virtual typed bombardment.

Should this happen to you I do apologise. It may be best for you to think of me as a small excited doggie. I’ll bark a lot until I get used to you but I really am very friendly and well meaning 🙂

Still I really marvel at it, everything I ever read seems to indicate that an online environment should in fact bring me out of my shell and make me less of an introvert with strangers… not more so. Unless this somewhat withdrawn uncertain nature is my true self and that’s why it shines on through. In any case it is something of a mental nom for me to chew on.

On another up side of this coin flip I feel like I have ever so much to blog about again! Things like:

  • Buying gold and other shortcuts which are cheating
  • RP guilds and how RP can sometimes isolate the newbie
  • How to get in with those RP guys without upsetting them
  • Levels 1-10 without a pet the hobo files
  • Dungeons alliance side
  • My status on my main
  • Tranq shot how I love it for PVP now



About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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6 Responses to SAN fan (hee that rhymes)

  1. gnomeaggedon says:

    Don’t be shy around this little Gnome, people come, people go.. when they return I am happy Gnome, but I don’t have expectations of people on a social level.

    I always feel sorry for people trying to have a nice conversation with me while I bash Horde skulls… there aren’t long enough gaps between my battle cries for conversation.

    I think the only time someone caught my attention in a BG was Megan (OOM/Forbearance), because she cut right through the BG noise with on simple phrase that raises everyone’s hackles


    I was happy when I realized it was oomageddon

  2. Chev says:

    Lovely to chat with you last night Fessran.

    Welcome to SAN-US. I look forward to more chats, if you can put that introverted side away, temporarily!

  3. Lactic Acid says:

    @gnome – I’ve grown fond of you, you must be a gentle soul hee
    @Chev – Thankyou ever so much for the welcome 🙂 – breaking the withdrawn habit is my plan indeed!

  4. Jaedia says:

    Hooray for baby Draenei hunters! ^^

  5. gnomeaggedon says:

    Sorry for the greet & run today. I’ve got Odin at the moment so between burning his dinner properly and playing shop with him I think I was at the pc for about 30 seconds of the AD drive-by.

  6. Lactic Acid says:

    Oh no problem at all – kids always come first ^_^ been busy writing wolf emotes in anycase (spent the last 3 levels tabbed out working the pet emote system 🙂 )

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