The new levelling process Levels 1-10 Hordeside guide

(…well until cataclysm)

In General:

  • It’s faster than it used to be in the bad ole days – as a result you will find you outlevel zones before you experience all the content. Happily while your quests turn grey and you never complete that epic storyline you will find that due to the new Dungeon Finder tool you will be able to gear reasonably well for your level.
  • It’s more rewarding – zomg mounts at lvl 20! The toons of the past cry tears of blood at the toons of the present.
  • It’s somewhat cheaper if you steer the heck clear of the AH except for selling purposes and bare necessities.
  • It’s profitable – if you consider the epic prices some of the low level crafting material fetch per a stack on the good old Auction house, really being a lowbie toon can be quite profitable.
  • Depending on your server and the balance of the population you may find the starting zones barren and deserted.
  • It is very likely that you will be surrounded by people who are playing alts. You may even be an alt (I usually am.) Alts often have gold, a variety of crafts available on call, established social networks and heirloom items… hmmm impact of this… well I dunno I’m guessing it has changed a few things but I am not sure what… I’ve noticed on my DK’s that one impact is that in a group they out dps the plebs (moi) due to epic gemming and general stats and resource advantages… oh well chin up.

Ragefire Chasm (level 10)

Some points of note:

  • You have no ability to jump onto the new ‘Dungeon Finder’ PUGing tool until level 15
  • You can of course get a Big-Brother toon to run you through Ragefire Chasm at level 10
  • You could try to do it the old fashioned way and try to pick up a group (literally PUG baby) in City chat channels
  • You could try to do it the commercial way and exchange moneys for a ‘Run-through’
  • Best case scenario is that you have a group of mates at approximately the same level because you all re-rolled together and you can run the instance in the most traditional manner. I say ‘best-case’ because its rather fun to experience content as more than dead weight following some tall dark handsome death knight around while they do all the work and you drink a lot of tea and tab out to read webpages.

Quests: There are five (six if you count returning the bag as they made it a two part quest… get the bag then give it back.) All Ragefire Chasm quests require level 9 to pick up.


QUEST: Hidden Enemies
NPC: The Valley of Wisdom – Thrall
Horror this is a chain quest.
There are two steps before this quest can be picked up. And to even kick start it you need to loot a Lieutenant’s Insignia from either a Burning Blade Apprentice or a Burning Blade Fanatic. Easiest place to find these is that cave outside orgrimmar near the Zepplin tower (ocean side.) You do a little running around with this insignia in Org and then Thrall gives you your quest.

QUEST: Slaying the Beast
NPC: The Cleft of Shadow – Neeru Fireblade


QUEST: Searching for the Lost Satchel
NPC: The Elders Rise – Rahauro

QUEST: Testing an Enemy’s Strength
NPC: The Elders Rise – Rahauro


QUEST: The Power to Destroy
NPC: Apothecarium – Bragor Bloodfist

You can get maps, more information and story background for the dungeon over at WoWHead!


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