PVP is not a rewarding venture

No really I was thinking about it this morning while grinding out another Wintergrasp before work, working towards getting another little PVP gear upgrade.

PVP is really not all that rewarding.

The biggest difference is in the rewards for time use and the cost of gearing up.

Take for example when I was grinding for my badge gear. What I would do is queue up for random dungeon after random dungeon while rep grinding the hodir guys.

Without considering the awards from the solo rep grind, the rewards from lvl 80 heroics:

  • Consumables if we scored mages and warlocks (great for the solo on the other side)
  • Buffs (which would carry over to the rep grind)
  • Greens (which I disenchant)
  • Blues and Purples – chance of an upgrade dropping (or some enchanting mats)
  • Occasional eternals (well bits of them)
  • Frozen orbs
  • Badges (two types… and badges equal easy gear upgrades, heirloom items or stuff you can AH off)
  • Rep for whichever faction I am all decked out to flirt with (my choice)
  • Cloth drops (I make bandages outa these)
  • Coin
  • Vendor Trash items = coin
  • Stone shards (for buying PVP enchants/gems and some PVP heirloom gear)
  • Achievements

The expense of lvl 80 heroics:

  • A stack of food
  • Pet food
  • Pet buff food
  • A stack of potions (mana / health)
  • A stack of buffing flasks or elixirs (I’m not leet so I don’t worry about having both)
  • A stack of bandages
  • Ammo
  • The occasional expensive gear repair

In comparison there are the rewards of PVP. Remember that PVP battleground grinds are usually best done in conjunction with an activity where an accidentally aggressive pet after the tail end of a battleground pop isn’t going to be an issue with guards… so generally mat grinding out in the solo environment, generally eternals or something in my case.

Without considering the awards from the solo mats grind, the rewards of lvl 80 PVP:

  • Honor and marks which are used as gear upgrades
  • Achievements
  • Consumables if we scored mages and warlocks who are willing to spend a reagent (buffs you tend to lose via sudden death)
  • Rep with post-BC battleground factions if you are in them
  • Bit of horde rep if you are in AV and cash player drops
  • Stone shards from the wintergrasp instance (for buying PVP enchants/unique gems and some PVP heirloom gear)
  • Some piddly arena points for doing the daily BG
  • Little tiny bit of coin if you take time to loot player corpses (they usually turn to skeletons before you do this)

The expense of lvl 80 PVP:

  • Inexpensive yet consistent gear repairs (now I know you don’t get gear damage from PVP but it must build up from fall damage or something because I always have to repair even if I have just been sitting on my butt at a vendor)
  • Ammo
  • Pet Food
  • Toon food for when there are no conjured muffins
  • Bandages (really rip though these in PVP)
  • Optional (but often neglected due to expense) buff food, flask and potion costs

So there are noticeably more appealing gains progress-wise (gear, crafting, cash flow, rep) to running heroics over doing PVP.

Then across the board when you gear up using either badges or honor you have to enchant and gem the item you are upgrading. When I was running heroics I would have enough cash to cover expenses and buy the odd epic gem. While PVPing I have systematically burnt about 2grand resources from my Auction house toon… as well as always spending more on my kit (foods ammo repairs etc) then I am making on the battlefield.

So I am operating at a huge cash, reputation and crafting loss when I do battlegrounds.
What is my ultimate reward for doing all this PVP?

  • Maybe a title if I grind a lot more gulch matches
  • Gear that is somewhat useful in the world environment because I happen to roll on a PVP server
  • The gear would potentially help me get into the arenas… where I could get more epeen titles and some PVP weapons…
  • Skills at using abilities that I don’t usually need and a general improvement in gaming
  • Mostly I just like killing peeps in an undisciplined manner in an environment where everyone is fair and honorable prey

… Hum

No wonder those with a preference for PVE despised having to run the battleground gauntlet back in the day.

This is where warcraft still doesn’t really match up to games like Warhammer online. I didn’t really take to Warhammer online but I do recall that they went out of their way to make the PVP experience rewarding… and it wasn’t just the instant pop battlefields that did it. It was the gear, exp, easy access etc. Mind you wow has come a long way… WoW PVP has always been somewhat hard on the wallet and not too long ago you had to sit around in the capital and fish while you waited to do the hunter thing O_o

So yeah three cheers for Blizzard despite my empty moth eaten pockets!

  • They have made BGs very accessible
  • They have given BGs a nice exp make over
  • They have made BGs with diverse vehicles and objectives
  • They speak of getting rid of these excessive BG marks
  • They are dribbling some arena points in the direction of the dedicated scrub (honestly the amount of work I had to put into getting my guildies to arena with me back in BC for the stat stick axe was epic O_o)
  • They have made premades and twinks and afks a more balanced issue

But I feel a pang… because now that PVE is so very accessible I would love to see some balance in the rewards that come from PVP. Like I don’t know … more PVP mounts maybe, PVP crafting recipes (maybe even some just fun recipes), certainly cash from somewhere would be welcome, maybe some PVP hunter ammo, you name it.

I just don’t feel like I am getting any bang for my buck.

It’ll be back to instances for me tomorrow… I’ma going to collect some serious badges for heirloom gear, it just comes faster from PVE even the stoneshards… and I miss being able to feed my stable without having to scrounge from my lazy bank toon.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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3 Responses to PVP is not a rewarding venture

  1. SneakyJes says:

    First off, love your blog, I’ve been reading it for a few weeks now.

    I’m new to WoW so still in leveling my hunter (50 atm). I have not done BG’s but I find open world PvP very rewarding. I’ve pvp’d since the day that I started questing in contested zones. I find spontaneous pvp more rewarding than organized BG or arena for the simple joy of killing someone else. At 80, I’ll do enough to get good PvP gear, but then you’ll find me in open world killing everyone trying to harrass my horde brothers while they level.

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    Niceness ^_^ . When it comes to world PVP what I really enjoy is solo in my PVP outfit… so when someone does jump me I can turn around and hopefully leave them hurting.

    I must say that I don’t often see much world side PVP action outside of attempted gankage upon my person (usually a druid or pally) anymore.

    I have real hopes that cataclysm (by squashing all the levels on one continent) will totally bring that back. I really miss defending the crossroads with a horde of flaring level 20 hunters helping out (they were so brave – it was epic).

  3. SneakyJes says:

    Fun story. Pally friend and I were in Tanaris and we came across a druid by the pirates. We kill him. He comes back with an 80 hunter and kills/camps us. We wait in ghost form until we see he logs back in his druid. We rez and kill him again. He comes back with a hunter, but we hide and call in our friends to kill his 80. In the mean time, he logs back into his druid and we kill him a 3rd time. He logs back into his 80 just as one of our 80 mage friends shows up and owns him. We were hoping he woud call in friends to create a spontaneous battle but apparently he didn’t have any.

    This stuff happens almost daily. Maybe we just go looking for it lol.

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