Some stats to aim for on gear when doing that PVP thing

Hit: 5% ( untalented and not a dranei lass)
Why: well it is really really going to piss you off if that scatter shot or wyvern sting stiff don’t make contact … and then you die O_O. My hunter is slighlty over the 5% hit cap due to the majority of my hit coming from my PVE trinket which over capps me when combined with the hit stats on my weapons and gear (but i hate missing, so over is perferable to under.)

Spell Penetration: 75
Why: for punching through the mark of the wild buff druids throw around, and well you want those explosive shots to explode in their faces, not be partially resisted. Im a bit over this stat as well (dammit balance is so hard to achieve) but oh well the gems you get these days are slightly better so its not like I am losing a gem slot by being over the mark.

Resilience: I hear (*coughHuntersRefugecough*) that 700-800 is desirable. The resilience cap is currently 1414.5 for  33% reduction from player crit damage. Or so wowwiki claims. So Ima not too worried that I am currently pushing 900 although it may be time to think about DPS and not survivability in my gearing and gemming selections.
Why: unless you have someone looking after you like a premade or a personal healer, a toon without resilience on the battlefield is usually dead before they can pop the ‘oh shite’ button in someones face. Still I hear that come cataclysm the usefulness of resilience will be completely halved because it will no longer apply to crit and drain reductions … only the player damage woe.

Agility + Stam: As much as possible.
WHY: Agility is hunter kibble… stam will help you and your pet last till backup arrives.

Considering shot priorities:

  • Kill – if you can do it then do it before they heal!
  • Serpent sting – its gotta be on the target to up your damage baby, exceptions are if you want a sting that doesn’t break CC and if you are mana draining some annoying healer type… not that my viper sting seems to do more than help keep them at empty if they have already put themselves in that dirty death trap hole O_o
  • Aimed – really the way this works is that as the other guys health drops he is thinking more and more along the lines of “healz” and aimed becomes more and more important a shot to throw at them. I like to keep it up on my target at all times… I even have a glyph.
  • Explosive – the big bang shot
  • Black Arrow – procs your lock n load and it increases the damage you do to the target so use it as much as possible.
  • Volley – only really use it when I am in aspect of the viper guarding a resource and trying to flush a rogue outa hiding.
  • Steady shot – meh I usually have other things I should be doing like moving.
  • Multishot – aimed is ever so much more important and it shares a cool down with multi. I only really use this to interrupt groups that are flag tapping.

The CC

  • Scatter – emergency CC or interrupt
  • Wyvern – emergency CC or interrupt (scatter and Wyvern are all I really have in my arsenal to deal with damn PVP trees … man I hate trees in PVP)
  • Trap-Trap-Trap – for god’s sake trap everything O_O snakes and frost are most excellent! They are your friends!

Next on the PVP TO DO list: Redesigning my key bindings and my key map.

Well my friend The PVP Kid (no really he is like Sundance or something – a little blonde snot who is currently enthusiastically training his girlfriend in the fine art of warcraft PVP … so they can have ‘together-time’ … in the arenas’ O_o yaar), well this friend recently bagged my key setup for PVP purposes… and I must admit even I feel the setup needs to evolve.

What gave me this feeling? Well let’s just say the epiphany occurred while strafing away from that rogue in strand of the ancients unable to scatter shot because it is bound to some random number and I had both hands busy.

Hmmm my past adventures endeavoring to unlearn the keyboard turning have resulted in me turning with the mouse… err but I also use the keyboard for directional movement – not sure if this is the norm but it works for me. In the past I have gotten around this by key bindings in easy to tap places close to those movement keys…. works reasonably well as a MM because I don’t have a lot of useful instant shots. Works really well in PVE where I can be a ‘part-time’ clicker O_O But survival PVP and it seems like I am always running and I am always firing instants – part time clicking is getting me killed.

PVP Kid has an interesting solution – bind everything important to the mouse an work on the alt-button shift-button ctr-button principle.

I need a new mouse anyway at this point… mine is slightly too large for my hand (damn oversized Logitech G5 or something) and it is full of cat hair (persian hair wrapped around the mouse wheel… can’t get the nasty stuff out – considering shaving the cat and keeping it in little wool sweaters.)


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to Some stats to aim for on gear when doing that PVP thing

  1. Pinutos says:

    Thanks for the quicky PvP stuff -I don’t do pvp much at all but our guild is trying For the Horde! tonight. Everything helps.

    For your mouse, may I suggest a 5 button – the usual stuff, but bind move backwards to pushing the middle scroll button, and then strafe left/right to the extra two. It takes a little practice, but it works really well. Use it against the Bloodbeasts very effectively.

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    ooh nice – I’ve never actually been on a raid that managed to get all four leaders (in one instance 3 of the raid dropped group and managed to ninja a leader by tapping just before the raid moved in – which was kinda harsh of them)

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