LFG = Looking For Unsolicited Advice?

More than a couple of posts out there about the…hmmm social? … impacts of the new LFG tool.

One of them which is standing out is the whole giving other players advice when random grouping. The stories rolling out from the blogsphere are everything from “I offered friendly advice was this wrong?” to “I was chewed out on my dps/gear score rating”. When is it good, when is it bad etc etc.

Wow there’s a bit of controversy on the topic.

And it really is going around all the way down to the bottom. No really – see I have this one incident of bizarre backseat driving that really stands out in my mind from when I first started using the new LFG.

We were doing Gnomeregan.

Oh hell yes we were that low (and incidentally I rather think I despise Gnomeregan O_O.)

So yep pugging our way through the mechanical gnome version of hell in the earth and one of the other DPS peeps starts making off-hand comments at the healer. “Why you got rock biter on your weapon?”

I experience a slight *huh shamans don’t really have anything but Rockbiter and Flametongue at this level if I remember do they?* moment and shrug it off because what I had on my weapon didn’t really help me do anything at lvl 20 when I was a shaman so why would anybody care.

But this DPS is now following our healer and I guess the healer is feeling harassed, or he hates Gnomeregan as much as I do because the tank has an unfortunate accident with an overzealous pull, his healer dies and the healer decided to drop group. He just packed up his rockbiter and moved on. And I really wonder if Mr DPS had been making sly one-on-one comments on the side.

We get a priest replacement.

And I watch a couple of pulls on as this Mr DPS sidles up to him and then comments in party chat “We have a priest that’s specced shadow.”

But I’m onto him now.

The priest has been healing and everything has been going smooth. We really have nothing to complain about, and for fucks sake WE ARE ONLY LEVEL TWENTY. (Well 20 something :p ) And he’d made that remark to the shaman earlier which had gotten me twitchy. What did he expect baby shammy to have earth-living at level 20 or something?

So I knock back with “I don’t have a problem with that, no one has died he has been healing fine.”

Mr DPS wants to push the point and makes some comment about sub-par gaming or some crap, and I fling back a line about how he will just have to play at the top of HIS game to make up for it if he is worried. Taking that tone of response got a few group chuckles, and Mr DPS let up on poor itty-bitty shadow priest. And we clear the dungeon no more dramas.

But honestly I agreed with the little priest’s comment; he made a remark in his own defense that 10 or so points really weren’t hampering his ability to heal Gnomer. The bottom of the talent trees don’t really fill you with epic shiny heroism.

Hell The Pally when leveling an alt will go so far as to horde his talent points until he has five of them and only then will he spend them. I asked him why he was being such a loony and he replied “They don’t have a very big impact at this level so I like to plug all five in so I can feel a real difference to my game play” O_O

Yeah boggles the mind doesn’t it. To me that would be kinda like not opening your Christmas presents for five years so you can over indulge – but hey it’s his game.

Sure leveling shadow isn’t considered the most effective method of priest advancement but maybe the guy was testing out that terrible priesting guide everyone is bagging on the wow forums  to see if it was as bad as everyone is so sure it is (link compliments of Greedy Goblin… links in actual post considered “fishy” by the wow community so don’t click em lol) But neither the priest nor the shaman had given the group any reason to worry about their performance so why sidle up to them to inspect everything from gear to talent spec and make passive-aggressive comments in party chat.

Mr DPS = what a toss.

So he wasn’t openly rude – I still feel like he was a toss for making his thoughts super public… it almost felt like forum trolling. I mean couldn’t he have just whispered the parties involved if he was so super concerned? I felt like he was playing “the big man” in the little instance or something. Maybe he heals on an alt.

Now let’s put this story back into context:

We were only level 20. And someone was already telling the healer everything they could think about that the healer may be doing wrong… when there had been no real issue to complain about. He wasn’t grabbing aggro, nobody was dying (or even low on health)… where was the problem?

So it wasn’t top of the game?

He is only in the twenties bracket ffs. Maybe if he had been trying to heal naked O_O I would have had an issue … or hell if he had thought he was a tank… oooh or if he ran into battle and hit things with his little healer stick instead of healing the dude looking after us. Sure then we can pull the baby heals aside for a heart to heart.

You know what I find really disturbing about this picture, if this nit pickery is happening even at the lowest of low level brackets to little peeps who are just doing their role… then when do the healers and the tanks get the slack to be allowed to learn how to heal and tank an instance? I mean if it’s not even at level 20 then where do they get to cut their teeth? in the battle grounds like my hunter? Cause you know that could lead to some erratic heart stopping habits O_o

Man I feel super sorry for the peeps who swap or dual spec at 70, specially the new tanks, since its the tanks who seem to be running the LFG PUG shows at the moment.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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8 Responses to LFG = Looking For Unsolicited Advice?

  1. Asara says:

    Much agreement. I know how this feels, having been called out on sub-par dps in RFC. At level TWELVE. Exactly how much dps am I supposed to put out at level twelve???

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    At level 12 O_O wow – man I really think that dps meters really should just be for personal best measurement and end game raids. Then there is the rumour that recount isn’t wonderful with the cross server issue blargh.

    Maybe he expected you to be decked in heirlooms and enchanted to the teeth so you could carry him though :p

  3. Merlot says:

    Well done for sticking up for the priest. The only thing that dps did by calling the priest out was betray his or her ignorance of the spec. Shadow priests are perfectly capable of healing normal instances, especially at that level.

    I just think it’s unreasonable to expect any player to be in a raid-optimal build at that level – dps included. You don’t get dual spec till later, and constant respeccing costs a fortune. So unless you have a rich main bankrolling you, you’re bound to be in a levelling spec.

    My level 30 mage is full frost and putting our rather limp damage, but thankfully most people don’t even feel the need to question why.

  4. Asara says:

    The funny part there is that I probably would have been, except that I was playing a character on a refer-a-friend account, not my main one. It makes me sad to think of all the other groups out there who encounter this guy, and maybe their mage is their first character, and they really don’t know what they’re doing.

  5. Lactic Acid says:

    Hmmm none of my alts actually have any special gear or enchants 🙂 I got over twinking back in the day… I just bum along seeing what falls in my toons lap (sometimes I craft etc but I can’t say I have the best in each slot.)

  6. Lactic Acid says:

    Yeah leveling specs seem to work perfectly well at the lower levels – I can understand asking hunters that roll on strength what they think they are doing… but this DPS was just picking for no reason I could see O_o

  7. Lactic Acid says:

    Actually I back up peeps that tell players to back off when they are picking on someone in the group for no good reason now – I say “man well done! Even though the tank quit in a hissy fit you were right to tell him he needed to go at that healers pace instead of pulling the whole room”

    lol – still sad it comes to that.

  8. Lactic Acid says:

    There have been some brilliant wow comics on that topic lol ^_^

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