Blows to the ego O_o am I a dead log?

Today I really understood from the heart this rant I once listened to a healer give at Ingvar the Plunderer on my first run through when i was a LOLcat dps. She really lectured the tank about stepping out of the way of the dark smash. Which is of course what lead to him trying to dodge through Ingvar the whole fight and gave me a cat-melee headache (…you know as if I wasn’t having enough trouble avoiding dark smash-etc-etc-time as it was… hee selfish dps that I was.)

I’ve healed on Ingvar before at least twice… I sweat a little playing whack a mole and not casting and hiding behind a pillar and stuff, but I’ve always managed to get through it.

Well today I tried to heal that encounter with a group of entirely melee peeps. And really we were doing quite (well cept I lost one of them consistently on the way up – a new rogue type) with slow professional warrior tank.

Cept for some reason my tank just died on me at Ingvar. Wiped once. He says “dunno”. We all went through the fight. They decided it was the healer taking dark smashes that was the problem … sigh. Cept I was the last to die… but really I figured it was my fault so I didn’t say much – The Pally always says “Healer dies tanks fault mostly” “Tank dies healers fault mostly” – so sitting there on full health and most my mana as Ingvar ran at me to lop me from my roots.. I figured my fault.

So I tried harder. I tried too hard i guess even ate some of the “stop casting you fool damage” sigh.

So this wipe they must have decided it was my fault too and i gets vote kicked.

😦 sad tree

sad lonely tree.

And heres where the hilarity starts – because of course I feel bad. Ima all like omg the tanks never dropped like that on me before … sure i no longer have wild growth maybe thats it… Ive healed through at least twice already and never had this problem. What the heck am i doing wrong.

Ima bad tree 😦 so i’ll do it again.

I join random.
I get the same instance.
I get a group with no healer sitting up at Ingvar.
How ironic…. I wonder if they vote kicked their tree too?

Still really convenient – spent more than two hours with the last group getting to Ingvar (longest run ever). Happy to just heal on him… sooo happy.

So this is it, this is crunch time.

I have a bear and not a warrior this time around.

Three from the same server who I am pretty sure just told me they were high O_O “as kites”.

And Ingvar just dies… well not just… but it is all sooo smooth…. I only have to throw a few heals at the rest of the party (hunter and mage so more ranged dps) everyone does the pillar dance, Mr Tank tanks Ingvar to the front and near a pillar. No LOS for me. Because I’m calm I take almost no damage (see I could do better.) I decurse my tank, everyone stops casts when they have to, nobody is taking near the damage that the last group were taking.

And Ingvar goes over like he always has before.

But I still can’t pick the problem from the last fight. Ima left wondering if my average healing isn’t really that bad… or are the tanks carrying me.

Ooooh feeling paranoid now.

They offer to run another group with me so at least I feel loved now.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to Blows to the ego O_o am I a dead log?

  1. Windpaw says:

    I felt the same way when I first started healing on my shaman. Back before all the T-9 and all the 232 gear I’ve picked up things were a lot dicier. Tanks absolutely *can* carry us when we’re undergeared and struggling. At the same time we can return the favor and carry them when the tables are turned. Usually though – it’s a combination of things. An all melee group is just *bad* for a healer. If both you and the tank are a little too close in your relative “ungearedness” it can make things you once yawned through a real nail biter and if while you’re biting those nails you’re spending too many global cool downs keeping the dps up – the tank can and will drop.

    It sounds to me like the tank wasn’t dodging the dark smashes quite as thoroughly as he thought he was. When they start eating all that damage, all that has to happen is for you to get LOS’d or stunned and they’ll drop like a stone.

    I once enhancement shammy healed a group through normal UT and for the life of me couldn’t heal through the Ingvar fight. It went down *exactly* like you described. What was happening to us was that the tank was eating the smashes and I was standing out where I could get stunned. The one – two combo of that was wiping us.

    So – I walked away knowing it was partly *my fault* (bad positioning) and partly the tanks (stop eating those smashes!)

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    Yep pretty sure he was eating the dark smash damage – he’d be full health and then drop to almost nothing /sigh. And then as I panicked trying to get him back up I’d get myself stunned or whatnot.

    I’m working on my gear seriously now because it seems to make a big difference. Just wondering if it is worth enchanting up when levels are going so very fast and everything seems to get replaced. O_O Your advice worked well and now I’ve got the point to get wild growth back everything has been easier.

    But the keep is certainly my least fav instance at the moment and melee dps are harder to keep healthy (especially those over achievers on the dps meters dressed in leather and cloth for pure stats… they meet the bomb trash and just fall over – hmmm wonder if that’s a side effect of the DPS epeening that seems to be going down everywhere)

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