Dungeon Finder Gooooo!

Everyone is fired up about the new Dungeon Finder app that came with patch 3.3, and I can’t say I blame them because it has brought with it a whole new culture of group finding… because really finding a group, the tradition of PUG herding, hell man, that is one of the finer aspects of WoW PVE.

I fall on the “I like the dungeon finder” side of the fence. Finding a group used to be a little difficult for me.


Well I’m a casual player without a guild, so I have no comfortable home-grown support to get into instances, which means I have to find a group. My lazy nature and people shyness can make that awkward even online.

Ima dps player so I’m not essential to any group even though I spent most of BC practicing the skills of trapping and kiting (lol yeah really – and much to the Pally’s disgust… for what proc Pally wants to let the hunter silence and trap the casting mobs at the start of every pull when they can just AOE aggro everything – he should get a reward for being so patient!)

And that’s another good point… with the new AOE methods of tanking n damage out there I always feel a little superfluous… my special skills totally aren’t needed (or even welcome), people are more interested in getting a super dps producer than a casual hunter who brings their own bandages, can execute a pull and likes to hang out near the healer in the hopes they can actually trap something… but who almost never comes first on the dps meters (gears an issue if you don’t do the PVE content or grind gold and rep to purchase the best because you are too damned casual to be on that often.)

Yeah so on the topic of super DPS I have to admit that I am no super dps personage O_o to make it worse it is when I start worrying about my dps output, well that is when i start messing up and forgetting the basics – so a group that demands that I deal Xxxx amount of DPS is just asking for me to stuff up like some kinda hunter noob because I suffer from performance anxiety /sigh (which I hate because FFS its an online environment Ima meant to be more confident not less! What’s up with that?)

Other issues that prevented me from doing a lot of PVE grouping:

My server is American and the times I played over here in Australia did not coincide with raid guilds or even there being a lot of peeps on playing.

We always seemed to be waiting on tanks or healers. Which is why my higher level alts are mostly druids, shamans, priests etc… I got so tired of being the DPS with no tank or heals. Hell I remember this one awful run of Underbog back in the day with a group of 5 dps where they made me attempt to pet tank because we just couldn’t source a real tank O_O this was before tenacity pets – talk about sweat inducing situations.

& to top it off my “Secret Shame”: Im shy because I am a level 80 and I feel under geared… Its sad but Ima still learning the ropes of the new level 80 PVE hunter – I basically just quest levelled this character (logging in at around midnight server time) and then went on hiatus for a year. This means I also lack basic encounter knowledge (I have to have a written guide open in another window when PUGing) … so not only am I under geared I feel I am under informed (guides are nice but until I have played something through about 5 times & know it backwards I tend to feel like a noob)… to top it off when I left the game I was experimenting with survival and dear god the shot priorities are all so different from BM & MM it is like I do not know my class anymore. These things make me feel like I shouldn’t inflict myself on a group. I may need to go back to MM or BM because they feel more ‘natural’ to my play style.

Yeah so before Dungeon Finder I was lucky if I could get my butt into gear to face the PVE endgame dungeon environments more than once a month O_O and I am not even talking about raiding. So I totally totally love it… for my alts even more than for my main. I mean for example I’ve had a baby priest sitting on level 50 for more than 3 years; she was rolled to be played with a group but then that group of friends out levelled her and the questing grind was slow for me. With Dungeon Finder she has made 5 levels over the weekend just running random instances. She can finally get her crafting up the next level… and it was fun!

Hee and another interesting aspect of the Dungeon Finder – now everyone on the PVP servers can easily access the lowbie cross-faction instances without trekking through perils most perilous – I mean ever corpse run yourself into the stockades? That my friend is a thing of the past. I didn’t really think about this aspect of the Dungeon Finder because I know all the lowbie instances reasonably well. I only picked up on how strange something like WC or RFK can be to the alliance only players because when I zoned in on my widdle gnome warlock my party was all “omg where are we” “I hate horde instances” etc etc O_O

However I admit it has thrown out my questing hugely – but I was already out levelling zones far too quickly to sit back and enjoy the plot lines in them (although with cataclysm on its way I’ve been having the itch to play the low zones while I can.)

PVP queues are taking longer to pop as everyone must be off enjoying the excessive rewards from instant PUGs.

Gear is easy to come by through the finder what with the ‘helper’ items and the drops… I feel like the old pre-60 PVP gear and crafting gear really needs a heck load of an overhaul to compete.

And the culture of PUGing really is changing – people are often in a hurry (no really tanks that pull the whole room and then blame a healer for not healing through the chaos – what happened to going at your healers pace?), at the first sign of trouble you’ll have drops, you get your “I’m so l33ter than you” players, macro spammers, damage meter spammers, fool tanks that insult their healers into dropping the group and others who won’t take group advice. Well okay some of that’s old … but the rush and insta drops feel new… I reckon it’s going to get so that there are some players who can’t deal with a wipe, like they’ll think it’s the worst thing in the world and QQ when it happens and then…. hee they’ll go on to join raid guilds who may force wipes for bad behaviour and suffer culture shock O_O

And weirdest of all is the silence in some PUGs – sometimes you get a group and no one talks, no one types…. no one asks questions even if they don’t have a clue whats going on. It’s all like toe-the-line-bitch but don’t communicate with us cause we don’t care O_O Ima so going to have to write up some amusing ice-breaker macros. Been seeing the insult “buncha mutes” around too – wonder if it will be the new ‘scrub’ insult.

It is fun observing the contrast between bad and awesome DK tanks O_O Its becoming something like a “this one time at PUG camp” story collection:

  • There was this one time we had a DK tank that actually marked targets O_O wow
  • And there was this one time where the DK tank would sort of stand around waiting for death-grip to come off cool down before he’d do a pull
  • And this other time at PUG camp where the DK tank was unholy and insisted on tanking in blood presence because ‘it healed him’… someone’s hunter-pet cat tanked most that instance when I wasn’t jumping to bear form
  • And this one time with two arssey DK brothers/friends/or a dual-boxed jerk that just sort of played tank ping-pong and told the healer that she was on her rags when she asked who was tanking… yeah that group fell to pieces… which is just as well because they claimed to have a loot-hax and I have to admit not one other person in that group won a single roll O_O so who knows, who cares, they were so rude I was happy to go when the healer booked it.

In any case like I said I like the dungeon finder (it seems tailored to altaholics and casual types) – outlands was feeling kinda desolate n lonely and when I did get a group for an old instance it was for the most part DK solid … now I get to play with a mix of classes.

Huge list of links coming up – when I have my wow on I scan-read a lot of blogs, and patch 3.3 with the newly designed LFG tool is on everyones mind and thus at the end of their fingers and into my RSS feeder O_O Also… I just like making lists of useful links on topics in case i wanna come back and read over the debate lol.

Articles about Dungeon Finder in no particular order:
Patch 3.3: The Dungeon Finder Guide (WoW.com)
Dungeon Finder Bingo by Lassirra of The Hunter’s Mark – funny!
…in answer to that issue H Oculus: So Easy Even a Kobold Can Do It a post from Wulf’s Warcraft Weblog
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Wow. by Beowulfa of 2 and 2 half-paws (and hell yes I relate to this @_@)
Random Dungeons With Random People – Fun For Everyone and Patch 3.3 For The Low Level Players by Saithir from The Angry Dwarfs
LFG Random Heroics are Fun!, Why Do You Pull So Fast? and LFG Decline & Stupidity in LFG by Ardent Defender
If you’re THAT 1337, GTFO of my Random Dungeon! and The New LFG is NGE (Not Good Enough) by gnomeaggedon (love love)
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“How do I get back to the instance?” by Keeva from Tree Bark Jacket

…man and I’ve only started reading around @_@ the wow blog world is alive and well!

Wish List: What I would like is a nice comprehensive guide to quests for each instance – I have wow wiki but the chain quests are a pain because I have to back track in the wiki to work out where the rotters start before they become a dungeon quest.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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4 Responses to Dungeon Finder Gooooo!

  1. gnomeaggedon says:

    WTB lost soul for fun times on Aman Thul. Have guild, tabbard and bank… Only 1 real member, but can provide DPS or heals as required.

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    Hey sounds like a plan 🙂 I have an tiny alliance druid over on Aman Thul called Careith (I think) even if it is just popping in and out it would be cool to meet in toon lol. These days most my friends be running around horde side on Khaz’goroth & Twisting Nether. I have this strange desire to play on three servers at once now O_O

  3. gnomeaggedon says:

    Ahh I just transfered my Horde toon off Khaz…

    Whack Gnomeaggedon & Squidly in your friends list on Aman’Thul and look me up any time.

    I’ll send you some seed money and bags if you need them.

    Macro’ing the /ginvite now and tabbards waiting for you in the bank 😉

  4. Lactic Acid says:

    Hee shall do ^_^

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