Aye that is my virtual corpse moving…
Just a touch though…

I had a burn out… it was so bad that I lost all contact with the WoW world, no gaming, no blogging, no podcasts, no email checks, no AH… nadda.

Oh yeah – a burn out so bad that when the Pally logged in one day and exclaimed from a table over “Oh hey its the wow anniversary! If you log in you can get a sweet little dragon pet!” I just blinked… sort of figured I’d get to it… and then just didn’t log in at all. Yeah I totally missed the freebie – and I am (as are most fantasy types) a complete dragon fan too-boot.

Looking at my blog I swear the last lot of posts were similar to this one all: “oh hey hello still here not gone” and then I’d be gone again, I can’t say it won’t go that way again but here I am ^_^.

So what did I get up to?

I cheated on WoW with Aion Online for a short time O_O

Thought a change would be as good as a holiday.
IMHO don’t bother.

Aion is a shallow expensive floozy… I mean she’s pretty but she has no depth. Remember the old money and exp grind of warcraft’s classic days? Mmmm oh yeah just close your eyes and hark back to the good-ole-days, got that mellow feeling yet? Now think about how difficult it was to save for your first mount, think about how you would get trapped grinding; grinding gold, grinding exp, grinding mats O_O Yarr this is where Aion excelled, every time I’d think that maybe I had run out of things to grind another would be added to my list.

Also Aion has one aspect that I truly despise (admittedly simply because it frustrates my inner child who is a selfish little beast.) It has invisible walls. Absolutely epic scenery… such as great flying sting rays in the skies and epic brontosaur-elephant-fungus things out in the lakes… but then when you attempt to go look at said awesomeness you run into the invisible walls of Doom (capital D necessary).

In one case (after spotting the lake monsters for the first time in a noob zone) I attempted to fly out and have a closer squiz
…only to hit the invisible walls…
…trying to see if there was perchance a way round them I overlooked my flight time limitations…
…and fell from the sky into the lake (like a bug sliding down a window pane of glass *sqeeeeeeeeeee – plop*)…
…only see the lake was a part of the invisible wall conspiracy and the water hurt me…
…sucking away my health like it was acid…
…no unauthorised swimming allowed here in Aion…
…so I flee towards the bank and the shallows…
…but it was just a little too far…
…and I die…
…from touching the water.

Lol yeah so not a sandbox environment, when I became more accustomed to my strange new land I found that you could actually solve some quests simply by wandering along the edges of the game maps invisible walls and seeing where openings in the “fences” were – these paths would usually lead me to juicy quest items like the missing heads from statues etc.

Funny thing about Aion is everything I had to kill seemed excessively cute, almost making me feel as mean as when I went around poisoning Fel Orcs (my distant relations in Warcraft) to obtain my Netherdrake. Like clubbing seals O_O. Also there were many romance related quests, it seemed like I was always touting flowers to this chick, letters to that preggers lass or giving dating advice to the cowardly – bizarre.

On an amusing side note I rolled a little female character of the Sprit Master class (pet addict that I am.) I was forced to ally with the forces of “good” because all my sucky friends always start on the side of rainbows and unicorns (most of these friends are male and deserved to be ribbed… for playing little alliance gnome girls… with pink pigtails… and then using their pigtails and cartoon baby blues (cough*boobs*cough) to be excessively cute) and I punched the random button in the appearance generator a bunch of times till I got something I could handle gazing at.

The hair looked a bit like cat ears which is probably what sold me.

So I tra-la-la off on questing duty until level 10, which is when you ascend and get your wings
Then I pop my shiny white wings and glide around a bit (daydreaming about the day I go back to WoW which is a better MMO, well one I am more attached to at least, and get my baby druid a flight form.)
I lean back from my computer and take a closer look at my toon and I realize something horrible.


Yup I accidently rolled a magical girl anime toon (well admitably not hard on Aion.. but still @_@) Didn’t help that right after this realization that a pair of boots and a tiara were my next loot drops.

Hmmm I took a break over on the side of evil… and noticed my evil clawed birdfeet happened to be shaped into spectacular high heels (sooo asian lol.) Look out world for if you give me PMS I shall kick you to death with my pointed girl-bird-feet of super-sharpness. These heels? Hell I was hatched like this!

Issued a challenge to the Pally… who actually managed to create a toon that was bloody fugly… looked something like robotnic out of sonic the hedgehog O_o I was impressed, I wish I had the foresight to screenshot it.

I probably should have just stuck with it, I was level 21 or something on a couple of different classes… it’s entirely possible that Aion could have rocked my world just around the corner… but the grind killed me. It even killed any desire I had to return to WoW, and I had just been getting reacquainted with my hunter/shaman/druid toons too.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to twitch…

  1. Sindora says:

    Nice post, did you go back to World of Warcraft?

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    Yup but it took the desperate need to avoid the reality of family gatherings for it to stick (looks like Christmas pushed a lot of my RL friends back to wow – so the online social scene is pretty happening in warcraft at the moment ) 🙂

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