It has been so long since my last post… that it took me 3mins to find the 'New Post' button @_@ crazy



Sorta – walked 10kms in RL for charity the ‘other’ yesterday in rainy winter’ish weather… you know just think muddy rain slicked dirt roads, up and down mountainous goat tracks @_@. On the up side they did feed me damper and honey, and the damper was made on a real fire (god knows how they got that going in that weather) and rocked socks – those rotary guys are epic outdoor bakers apparently.

So where have I been the last few month?

Well mostly busy RL side:
I graduated my Masters degree (got a High Distinction in that last assignment), just waiting for them to mail me the paper. Currently dealing with Performance Reviews again at work (yuck I hate this time of year.) Been hitting the gym hard core, mostly due to the stress… and this desire to have “buns-of-steel” as the saying goes in my social circle. There has also been excessive amounts of socialization and drinking.
I’ve started the nerdy hobbie of RP all over again and have been rolling character sheets for various games (including the ever so uber-nerd RP called LARP… that’s live action – kinda like drama and table top combined… but they let be wear crazy clothes ^_^)
I fell in with a crowd that likes tea, and I have been having Mad tea parties.
There have also been many books.
Yeah and I lived through one family reunion up in Sydney where my sister called my brother a ‘fag-hag’ and he called her a ‘hoochie’ and everything went to the Shite-house. Did get to see an awesome musical though so it all evened out.

Well apparently I’m not really interested in endgame at the moment… or even northrend – which is odd because northrend has oodles to offer. Most my guild is off elsewhere these days so it’s just me online, all alone. It is awfully tempting to dump my most awesome guild title (see the guild label ‘Booty Dock Saints’ still makes me smile) and try to find a little lowbie guid to hang with because wow is just too lonely these days for someone like me who is a social sort… especially in the lowbie zones where I have been hanging.

*chirp chirp*

I mean the most exciting online conversation I have managed to have the last week or so was in Booty-bay, where, after I watched a fellow hordie actually teabag my quest giver (an NPC! Who tea-bags an NPC? It doesn’t even care that you are parking your butt on its corpse) which he had just killed seconds before my hand in and I was all sitting down to wait for a respawn, he and I talked about how he was going to have Booty-bay on lockdown for the week for the rep…
… oh wait
… that was him talking mostly.

/snap. Yep there’s my problem all round – I just don’t have a lot to say these days.

Hmmm cept I really like druids. Still. More now that I am a pretty-skinned tauren druid, and no longer look like a lion with an angry baboon butt for a face when I play horde side O_o

Been playing the old battlegrounds a lot as a lowbie, and buying gear which I shall no doubt speedily out level…especially with the rate I seem to power though the zones these days feeding off the new steroid-exp, but eh – it reminds me of the good old days. I am loving the time limit on WSG – hell that was needed.  Funny story that goes to show some toons are obviously new to the battleground game, hard as that is to imagine. The last battleground I watched three toons each grab the flag then attempt to mount and lose the flag … only for the next little toon to step up, grab the flag… attempt to mount and then lose the flag. Yup it was a classic stooges scene.

 Mind you, as ever entering battlegrounds on the low end of the level bracket, (you know the shallow end of the dream pool where people not only tea bag on your corpse, they are easily able to yo-yo you around the game map for their own entertainment and THEN three shot you in the back and tea bag on your corpse… sigh) has been teaching me to play the class better.

It did take me oh about two days to get all my alts on all the servers I play on mounted… that was kinda zen-cool as they all trotted, stomped and loped around the screen at a much-desired faster pace. Although some little corner of my head had a little sob for my first toon which scrimped and saved and struggled for the 50 gold of the “first ever mount” purchase… while all these little alts get pocket change from my DK’s and what not to strut around on their fancy steeds. O_O



About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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3 Responses to It has been so long since my last post… that it took me 3mins to find the 'New Post' button @_@ crazy

  1. David says:

    Good to see you’re still around! Thanks for the update!

  2. Faeldray says:

    Welcome back!

    And congrats on the Masters degree ^_^

  3. Lactic Acid says:

    cheers guys – I shall try to post more regular like (content may take a while to become more than inane though 🙂 )

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