Linkage – Orphans fouling up the PVP?

Great post by Critical QQ about the orphans in the BGs and the impact it has had on the regular players… but it sounds funnier over there ^_^

[EDIT: Oh and Nimrock from ‘For the Horde’ has a post about it all from the other side of the coin. Hee heee and theres an almost RP flavoured post by Windpaw over at ‘Shock and Paw’ on the topic that I enjoyed reading. Namthe of ‘The View From Down Here’ also has a post about his experiences doing the school of hard knocks achievements.]

Firstly a (I admit it’s half arsed) solution to the frustration for Critical QQ – Emotes.
No really. Amuse yourself with the following emote macros, put a PVP swing on things.

/emote ‘s orphan child wanders over to %t and knifes them in the back
/emote sends her orphan child out to frisk the corpses for booty
/emote patiently demonstrates the epic ‘teabag’ move to her Orcish Orphan
/emote just cast hunter’s mark on the alliance priest – time to send in the mana sucking blood elf oprhans!

Mind you it’s the last day today – better get in there and horde up those kiddies. I mean don’t underestimate how nasty an orphaned orc or blood elf child can be. For the Horde!

(NB: Keep in mind that excessive emotes can also drive other players up the wall – ahh I come from a RP server thus I’m excused for acts of insanity.)

Secondly we have my usual long drawn out rambling stream of conscience on the topics QQ’s post made me think about and yeah it’s not something I have ever thought a great deal about before, mainly because part of my battleground PVPer attitude is to take what I get in a group and work with it the best I can. I think it’s a pretty common attitude to pick up in the BGs for any BG-PVP addict; outside of the old school PVP twink guilds that is.

But when you do think about it a lot of players that are competent or awesome endgame raiders may actually flail around when thrust into a BG they have avoided playing for a long time. Mostly I just inspect their gear wistfully and then go find a druid or shaman buddy with PVP gear on to stand next to – so I’ve not paid that much attention to them myself.

I was always fascinated by old school endgame raiders who were so particular about their group makeups, you know the various synergies they organised for melee dps groups etc. Mmmm everyone in the guild raid with an assigned job of tank, heal, CC or DPS – everyone learning when they need to step up and slap something specific on a boss at an assigned point in the fight. Oh I know it’s not as organised as all that in reality, but the idealistic image I hold in my mind shines like some shiny shield of marching hordish doom. Cough… yeah I read too much Spartan/Roman influenced fiction *grin*.

In PVP there is a random job list and it is everyone’s business to get the tasks completed

Yup in PVP you have the assigned jobs – but no assigned class or group to complete the tasks. Especially if you pug the BGs and that’s far more common now that you get the cross server queue. While I miss getting to know people on my own server due to their own addiction to particular battlegrounds (it’s like a bleeding hole in my orc heart), I love the fact that I no longer have to crawl outa bed at 4-5am in the morning to catch a BG. Yes yes, I actually did this on a regular basis and it resulted in me spending a lot of my work day visualizing red name plates over people’s heads and jumping at shadows… no seriously I kept seeing gnome rogues… little dudes give me the heebie-jeebies because I think they are going to try and stunlock me from behind @_@.

So you have the jobs; take the tower, defend the tower till it burns, run the flag, kill the alliance general, break the gates, man the cannon, and so on. These jobs are a bit like a survival hunters shot rotation – based more on priorities with random unbalanced cooldowns.

And then you have your completely random lineup of players

I mean ever ended up in WSG with a group of players who have no healers? You get this weird feeling of doom because that also means no druids or shammys either and they make awesome flag runners. Oh how it hurts, but you work with it (or I’m finding these days you may just get a sudden absence of players as they all flee /afk) – and if you work with it you can sometimes… well actually do the thing. In one of these no-healers gulch matches I remember the flag was run by the most beefed up warrior I have ever met – surrounded by the rest of the group he just sort of walked through the alliance and when he went down another tauren warrior grabbed the flag and so on. We won that 3 to 2 – it was epic, but it did take a while. And of course if it takes too long you then get the BG whiners, you know them, they kinda go “blah blah let them win so we can just do another match” – usually people after the marks more than the honor and in my opinion it’s a bit of an indication they don’t BG because they like it but more for the gear or I suppose they could be burnt out, but man way to crap on everyone else’s good time.

The random lineup of players and the fact you may never have met these people before in your toon life means the jobs are also assigned randomly to:

  • anyone who know what to do
  • person closest to the glory point (flag tapping and the like)
  • person with the initiative to actually do it
  • person willing to sacrifice honor and glory for making sure the caps happen, the heals get thrown and the flag carrier gets clear by playing a supportive role

These aspects of BG PVP unite to create a comfortable chaos

So there you have it – a big sloppy group of random classes, specs, gear and abilities combined with another big sloppy family serving of tasks that need to get done to win the battleground – tasks that could fall off the priority list depending on the situation you are facing or the way the game is going.

There will be no raid leader to tell anyone what to do because if he pops up as a little general in raid chat half the team will throw the battleground to grind his face in the mud on raid chat and things will generate into a verbal mudslinging fest.

It’s this kind of random craziness that I really enjoy as a casual player – I mean I’m too casual to raid with the big raids because I can’t guarantee any set time that I will be online (I suppose I could crawl on after midnight consistently but who would want me at that hour… in that mental state?) I love the huge group action ^_^ I love finding out just how versatile my class can be when dealing with another class (and now disengage throws me all over the map it’s even more fun.) But the chaos, the QQ in the raid chat from the immature and undisciplined, the frustration of not achieving goals successfully 100% of the time because in PVP there is always a loser side – this is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Man one of the biggest changes I saw to the run of the mill BGs was the arena teams stepping into them for gear because suddenly you had small organised groups who knew how to work together thinking ahead of the game plan – like for example trotting up the horde farm in AB to tap the flag right at the start of the game so the hordies had no spawn point – you would know they were coming but you would have a hard time getting the ground support from a group that wasn’t aware of the tactic.

Possible disadvantages raiders suffer on the battleground

So the raider has no organised team, they get no organised leader. They will be lucky to get the buffs, tables and heals to which I’ma gunna assume they are accustomed to (three hot meals a day and a bed if you join a guild right?) The game plan will probably not be the same as it was the last time they played (the dynamics of a BG always change with the players – patches and class changes will make them change more.)

There is also the gear I guess… no resilience = a load of pain in PVP. And I guess a min-maxed raid character built to DPS the crap outa a boss may find themselves not lasting incredibly long against a PVP rouge or the area effects that now bring some true chaos to the playing field. (That’s the DKs mostly but area effects have gone through the roof since wrath was launched, I’m beginning to think you almost need a tenacity pet to save yourself on the mana for pet-heals and pet-rez’s.)

Mind you I ran around AV happily as a sub leveled shaman for months (I healed, I took advantage of keyboard turners, I had much fun), leading me to believe that the biggest disadvantage is coming into a BG not knowing the game map, the battleground rhythm and plain experience. Would be a bit like taking on a boss you had never fought before without having a raid leader or team members to talk you through it and realizing the dude you are standing near is a rude bastard who is gunna watch you die.

Some people hate PUGs as well as the BGs.

PVE to PVP Gear Divides

You know what I really (secret shame) miss?

The big divide between good PVP gear and good raid gear that existed for a while (can’t quite pinpoint it in the game timeline for you.)

But at one point there was PVP gear which, while crappy for PVE, was awesome to wear around while soloing on a PVP server. An endgame raider would try to gank you (like 1-2 shot you from behind) and you could shrug it off and then go to town on them. Yep I miss that feeling of “hey my armor is good enough to deal with your shit in the world map even though I don’t raid every friday to monday” – and really it didn’t feel that bad to get taken down by a bad-arsed gladiator types, because maybe they deserved to win a PVP match despite being ganking NE bastards… cough.

Of course now you can use your raid marks to buy PVP gear to get started in the arenas and its probably better than my scub gear so I gotta be all twitchy out questing again. Now don’t get the idea I grudge anyone any kinda gear – I’m more likely to admire your outfit then go green with envy… oh wait I’m already green  heh.

But it was nice while it lasted.


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