Spend it for Australia!


So I got my stimulus package from the Australian government today. Sounds dirty doesn’t it – there have been dozens of ribald jokes about that line.

Hmmm so I had a crazy idea.

I feel like playing wow with my family and my siblings birthdays are coming up (I have 1 brother who lives in the UK (England at the moment) and a sister who lives in Australia but the state over – yeah that’s right she went off and became a Queenslander O_o ), so anyway I thought hey I could buy them a wow subscription (refer a friend them even), they are both in their 20’s and have a history of occasionally slapping a console or PC game into the hobby agenda… it’s not a COMPLETELY impossible idea.

Okay so my sister loves first person shooters and flight games, okay so they are both spindrifts to cater to their lifestyle habits – one travels the other is bucking for a mortgage, they are both whores to fashion. It could still be done I have the VISION of a united toon-family front.

There are a few issues with getting people on WoW:

One – they gotta be willing to try an online game that frankly has a shady reputation for making you fat, wreaking your social life and turning you into the ultimate uncool nerd gamer (if ya lucky they may be so removed from the gaming scene they will not have heard these stereotypes eh.)

Two – they need to get the practically week long patch download to update the game – if they have a low download quota or bandwidth (something that doesn’t really effect wow playing) this can totally suck. I’ve occasionally been able to move my already downloaded patches to another box… but this doesn’t always work (not sure what makes the transfer a winner or a loser.)

Three – they have to be up for shelling out 20+ a month in subscription fees or you need to teach them about game cards.

Four – you need to install and explain Vent (maybe skype too), headphones and maybe even video cameras for better communication.

Five: The Big One – they need a computer system that is wow capable. And it occurs to me that buying someone a computer is kinda like going out and trying to find underwear for them.

No really, I know it’s the nerd in me speaking, but let’s for example examine what I know my brothers habits.

He likes fashion, he is practically a yuppie and he travels all the time which means what he would probably want most out of a computer is style and portability. So we are looking at either a MAC laptop or the expensive stuff that is brand named like SONY or something. It’s probably going to need wireless and a HDD with mega storage capacity because he’ll probably be more into music and pictures than the net world.

So I look up the mac website and see what they have in the way of laptops: http://www.mymac.com.au/macbook.html

Cheapest would probably be around $2000 Australian straight from the supplier and a little out of date…sigh. It has an integrated graphics card… shudder. Happily (I love the WoW community) there are numerous reviews on how a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M runs with Warcraft /salute the RunningClam (or even with Warhammer – which frankly made my desktop beast need two new fans.)

 My sister would be a whole other story – she has just mortgaged herself up to the eyeballs, and is in the middle of starting a psychology thesis while holding down her fulltime job (perfect candidate for the procrastination monster that is WoW really.) She would be better fitted with a desktop system, or an office type laptop suited to meshing with the home system she already has. No need for it to be brand named, certain not allowed to be Mac because that would involve a learning curve before she could use it. In fact I could probably let her take care of the computer part of the setup and just worry about the game… maybe a portable harddrive would solve this one.

Of course its such a ‘chick’ thing to do – spend more than they gave me and consider it savings eh.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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