The PVP PET of the Hunter playground – could it really be the crab?

I mean crabs? Now honestly did you ever think you would see the day?

You know I look around in BGs (who else loves the new enter battleground from anywhere option? I tested it while flying and I returned safely back onto my mount… no sudden drops of doom or anything… well yet – you never know) and the dominant pet type I’m seeing out there, outside of BM exotics are the tenacity pets. Crabs are pretty damn popular as web recommendations, probably due to the pin ability and the fact that not being exotic means you can mix them up with any spec.

I hear it’s because of the tenacity ability ‘Roar of Sacrifice’ which is a love-love move for hunter PVP. I mean who wouldn’t want the ability to force the pet to take the damage on your behalf… especially when the enemy generally comes gunning straight for you and not the pet. Tell me now that you can summon your pet anywhere, you don’t have an ammo pouch and you can like use a pet for a sacrifice …does anyone else feel kinda, you know? “WARLOCK”…bwahahahaha – in my day (cause I am so past my useby now :p snort) being warlock was like being auto-OP.

I am really certain the tenacity PVP popularity is due 90% to the whole roar of sacrifice business, and maybe 10% to pet survivability,  because they patched that Roar of Sacrifice into the cunning tree. I mean remember how we were all theorising that the Cunning pets would potentially be the best pets for PVP? Well they have had to give them the roar to make them appealing on that level. I do have a spider tucked away in the stables that I am planning to test in a IMHO comparision.

Anyway my beloved diseased bear ‘Frank the Tank’ has been stabled for a crab I’ve decided to call Knutcracker – for a number of low-browed, yet obvious reasons. (Ah but it’s also a horde-red crab and thus kinda Christmassy like the ballet as well. Not named Ghostcrawler despite temptation, figured I would cop some uber gankage on a PVP server with a pet named Ghostcrawler.) I figure I can play around with the intervention, roar of sacrifice PVP macro thingy while using him to thunderstomp my dailies into the ground. I’m finding that tenacity is a beautiful tree of tanky-aggro holding, really good if you happen to be any spec other then BM.

/salute BigRedRhino who obviously worked this out months and months ahead of me.

And to be honest the crabs pretty survivable when I’m running BGs as a beastmaster – what with the glyph of mending (+40% pet heal roughly), blood of the rhino (+40% pet heal) and Spirit bond (2% heath regen every 5 seconds + 10% pet heal). Frankly I have no idea how much of this stacks but my mend pet ticks for 2000+ at the moment. So even as a level 75 crab he has been clacking through the BGs pretty happily… not like the cat at all.

Oh yeah sure, my mend pet is now an aggro machine in PVE but that’s what improved growl, thunder stomp, taunt and feign death are for right? This crab does PVE just dandy when it has too – respecs are so cheap I just redo his abilities.

So anyway, make way for the crab-tank! Knutcracker – a sub-level tenacity pet that is going to walk through your DK AOE and rip you nuts off while you try to chase me around my frost trap drop till your death grip procs outa cooldown. Next time I’m testing the bird with the disarm *grin* ever seen a DK without a sword?… it kinda makes you want to cry… like weep with joy.

…times up again – the pub is calling me… pub is always calling on a Friday afternoon.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to The PVP PET of the Hunter playground – could it really be the crab?

  1. ihlos says:

    =) I just love tenacity pets so much I use them for pvp because i have to. I only have one non tenacity pets for raid dps so my options are limited! =)

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    lol – they seem to do the distance in just about any situation – I’m really liking them.

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