Hunter stirrup-pants


I logged onto my night elf hunter the other day… the one that has been sitting on 50 for more than a year. Yeah that one linked over on the right somewhere called ‘Edanvant’. Previously of Barthilas now of Gundrak (Oceanic)… the most under populated server I’ve ever been on.

Wandered around Un’Goro a bit till I ran outa bullets.

Engineer hunter – if I remember rightly I was planning to do this hunter the ‘right’ way and she took engineering to make guns and deal with all the ammo issues I had, bit of an experiment to see if engineering was better for hunter than leatherworking, and I must admit about all I remember from this toon is that happy feeling I had in an instance when I could simply combine some cloth or ore with some power and turn two stacks of materials into a quiver full of ammo. Not sure that’s going to be that special now ammo stacks in lots of 1000 (does anyone else feel stressed working out just how much ammo they should carry around? I’m still carrying a 16 slot bag of bullets, the only difference is the stacks are all 1000 and as they run down the empty bag slots fill up with questing trash.)

Hearthed out of Un’Goro to get more bullets after some dinosaur stomped on my face – I keep forgetting I am not an awesome level 80 Orc huntress which keeps getting me in the deep end, you know, I go about making stupid mistakes like /saluting the creepy undead dude on the epic undead mount and he eats my brain for my presumption, oh and I always be forgetting NElfs now have this super cheesy aggro drop called “shadowmeld” (omg it actually does something useful now – that trick hasn’t been really useful since the marksman sniper epidemic of 05… or whenever the heck that was.) Anyway I had to hearth and I found myself in IronForge @_@ *horror I thought, should have checked that, now I gotta leg it all the way back to Un’Goro*

Disinclined to trek across half of Azeroth I figured I would you know go poke the AH a bit… so I have a look at my gear.


No really O. M. G.

I’m wearing +strength and +defense gear.

Kill me – That little hunter has been armory linked on my blog for what a year now? And she’s been sitting around in +strength gear? *blush.

It’s like I had a senile episode I can’t even remember and thought I was a Warrior (now that would be amusing to RP on an RP server… but I don’t think anyone would instance with me.)

So I had a loud verbal break down in front of the computer and The Warlock (who is currently living with me because it was winter over in Korea… well it’s summer there now but when she moved in it was the horrid winter season over there), anyway the Warlock wanders past and states:

“… I I remember you saying you thought it was pretty even though the stats were bad, so you put it on. You did that a lot back then.”

Head/desk… sigh some of us shouldn’t be allowed near NElfs we get a bit… bimbo’y (that’s a word right?)

EDIT: The Pally comforted me … he said he thought I was testing out the melee hunter thing in battlegrounds way back… since the Pallys never actually played a hunter past hmmm 15? The fact he knows the term ‘melee hunter’ is kinda surprising and means he could be onto something. I did have a nice big two handed weapon … but then hunters always do… for the life of me I wish I could remember what the heck that +strength gear was all about O-O, its kinda like seeing a photo of yourself in last decades fashions… you know stirrup-pants or something.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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4 Responses to Hunter stirrup-pants

  1. Negathle says:

    Supposedly the massive amounts of ammo mean we don’t have to buy so often… unless you are like me, and can’t stand empty slots, even if they are just the unofficial ammo-designated slots in your last bag now. I keep around 12k bullets on me now, just because my OCD can’t take not keeping my ammo stocked.

  2. Tzia says:

    Hehe. Welcome back to the posting universe. And oh boy is that ever ringing true. You’ll get the little hunter straightened out though.

  3. Lactic Acid says:

    Heyya 🙂 – so many of my fav blogs have ceased posting, hopefully I can get some blogging momentum back myself.

    Poor little neglected baby hunter, everytime I log it I wander back over to my main beacuse I miss my uber hunter talents *grin*

  4. Lactic Acid says:

    @_@ I ran out the other day on one of my baby hunters because I no longer have a bag that counts down my ammo – reckon I’m going to have to keep it linked on the tool bar to track it.

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