Ulduar – Change is as good as a holiday?

Ulduar – with Subtitles

Oh how many ways can I recommend this? Remember ‘Ni Hao – a gold farmers story‘ with Nyhm and Summergale? Well Summergale sings in this -woot I was so addicted to her voice and her toon avatar of choice is a troll (sweetness.) And and remember ‘Big Blue Dress by Cranius? Well he is the other half of the duo! Even better the song is rather interesting, the lyrics rather relevant and you can muse about the whole PVE player hanging with a PVP player type thing eh, lotsa food for thought.


Actually I kinda relate more to the scruffy scrubby PVP half of this duo as since Rash-of-the-Itch-King came out I have done little more than level to 80 and fluff about in Wintergrasp on and off.

Oh I did the Nexus because it was generally given that it was the place to start with Wrath instances, and I flew around on a drake in the Oculus because they told me it was the most novel WoW instance to date (bah I kept getting lost with all the levels and the cutting across areas through the air… honestly I would probably rather hit myself with a brick then do it again… which is sad because ‘The Warlock’ will oneday return to the pixelscapes of warcraft and she will say “but I wanna do the dragon instance!” …shudder), oh and I did heroic Gundrak to get the elder dude for the holiday achievement… and of course I totally forgot to actually talk to the sod while I was in there, then even forgot to go back later when I still could have… la-sigh.

That’s it really. After that I had a wow burn out and started rolling baby druids and playing them to level 30+… I have like five of them.

Anyways the biggest, bestest, most interesting change patchwise for me would be the dual speccing.

DUAL SPECS (oh yeah):

I’ve been hanging out for that since the rumors started up a couple of patches back – happily I am not in a raid guild so I won’t be required to do things I don’t want to do, like bash my face into bosses, or heal when I wanna be a DPS junkie – its all win win for me. Eh being a hunter my only real role is DPS anywhich way you look at it.

So woot for dual specs, no more levelling 3 of the one class to obsessively dedicate my self to all branches of the hunter/druid/shaman talent system… cough… now I’ll have to come up with some other excuse.

And frankly – if you find yourself shelling out the $1000 in gold and extra glyph monies for the dual spec option for a toon, well then I have to say you can pretty much state that that character is one of your mains. The first thing I did after all the inevitable server rolling restarts was log Fessran (my original green orc hunter) and acquire my dual spec. Next it was the Troll shaman. Now I just gotta decide if I care enough about my dead-girl-priest, my DK or my baby Tauren druid to be bothered to do the same for them … I mean really that’s an extra 3000, I could just buy some more mounts for my orc hunter lol.

But I really don’t feel that any of my alliance toons really needs a dual spec – although maybe I should line my NElf hunter and a lowbie alliance druid up with one just for research purposes. (Ha – and you know what is paying for all this excess in spending? The glyph market! Isn’t it a sweet sweet cycle?)

So what did I chose to do with my hunter? Which road of bi-polar personality did I take?

To be honest I completely neglected doing that which I should have done, and did not in fact sit down and create a solid PVE/PVP spec set up. Instead I indulged myself. I kept a basic SV PVE spec because survival is really damn interesting and now I may be able to get out of the whole trap dancing in instances (strangeness indeed if you attempt to combine it with sniper training … kinda challenging and makes me feel like I am made of FAIL :p) by using the brand spanking new ‘Black Arrow’ – hmm I think that’s how it is all supposed to work in any case. Besides black arrow does shadow damage and with call stabled pet I feel practically WARLOCK now… cackle.

And my second Spec?

Beastmaster of course… mainly because I have this dang rhino stuck in my stable due to lack of foresight months back. Well that and to be honest I play hunter because I love the pet collecting. Being a beastmaster will allow me to obtain and use at least one exotic pet which will be mighty pleasant. Beastmaster is also a very good solo farm spec, less danger of pulling off your pet due to crits, plenty of pet stamina… the famous flashing the big red.

I will admit to now having a sorta sloppy PVE spec because I took a few PVP type skills on the survival spec (like scatter shot to the face) and changed a few glyphs. I miss the old days of gulching as a survival hunter, I wanna cast Disengage lots… well you know what I mean. I’m finding SV in BGs challenging, and of course anything that can keep me focused on my main and not herbing as a level 20 on alliance servers is probably welcome.

So yeah total self indulgence. I have ended up with a yummy slap happy BM solo & exploration spec which only does me good and heee-heee a half arsed dps almost-wants-to-be-pvp survival spec.

Issues with the dual spec:

  • Haste – SV really needs this for the shot rotation while BM really doesn’t because its inbuilt
  • Agility – SV really needs this for crits while frankly BM probably still loves attack power
  • Armor penetration – well I neglected it for it was kinda crap in wrath, now rumors (like patch adjustments increasing the dang thing for everyone) are indicating that armor penetration may be the next big thing (you know like since resilience in the BGs… hmm throw in a wasp and it could even be nifty). I’m not specced or equipped for it at the moment and at some point it I wish to engage myself in useful activities (rather than pretending I’m a guildless bum) I should probably look into it.
  • Pets need more thought – tenacity really is the best for an aggro happy SV hunter… not a ferocity wolf and really what kinda specialized beastmaster would I be if I didn’t bleeding well go out and tame an exotic … nope I got rid of the rhino first opportunity so I really don’t have one that is level 80 yet.
  • Macros … I need two differnt sets for shot roatation and combos now
  • Interface – there are not enough bars, not enough! I guess the bartender addon will have to come back
  • And and stuff… ahh booger work (and work related procrastination) has finished… I shall type more at a later date the pool is calling me.

About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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