Oh god is that lint on my armor?

Or maybe I should title this “Come see the casual hunter type examine her crappy blues and sloppy talent spec with all the earnest seriousness of a geekish wow fanatic who is currently sort of more interested in her level 25 druid, inscription and the auction house” … nah too long  O_o .

Great Truth: Gear really does affect everything about your play style in WoW (well at least to some extent.)

My gear could use a serious overhaul, even just by looking at my talent spec you can tell I have a pretty poor gear set up at the moment (frankly even looking over what I have it is obvious I have made some half hearted motions in the right directions but haven’t done any earnest hard yards.) I suppose this has occurred due to two main factors – I rush levelled without doing any normal instances or rep grinds to attempt to keep up with my fellow guildies, and I’ve actually spent very little game time doing anything relevant when logged onto my hunter toon (when I even log my hunter toon… sigh.)

How has sub-par gear impacted on my talent spec?

Hit Caps & Focused Aim
Well even after crafting myself a suitable basic wrath outfit I had to place 3 points in Focused Aim – and I am still not hit capped by about 58-91 hit. So why is Focused Aim something I probably don’t really want? Well first off that’s 3% miss for a pet, which many a hunter will probably frown at me for (doesn’t matter what our spec, a hunter really is designed to be half pet, even if said pet does doodle all damage.)

Most importantly those 3 points would have been far happier put to work by say, maxing Improved Stings, or slapping a few points over in Improved Aspect of the Hawk.

[Reading up on hit caps: For a straight forward hunter hit guide check out Drotara’s post (which discusses the 8% vs 9% cap business). Chain Trap takes into account things like being a Draenai hunter. And there is always the Elitist Jerks forum to go to for more info.]

Haste Stats, Steady Shot & Improved Aspect of the Hawk
This leads straight into the issue of me now no longer being a beastmaster and totally not having any haste stats on my gear. The beast master laughs at haste gear ha-ha, but a marksman or survivalist usually needs the stat to make our damn steady shot hit the global cooldown speed, which in turn refines our shot rotation for max DPS. (Break for small wibble – my Steady Shot is soo slow, my Revive Pet is soo slow … okay QQ over.)

My Haste is oh 98 at the moment… thats like 2.99% all up according to my tooltip. It comes from my quiver (1.15%), my cloak and this silly green trinket I have equipped, and I have to admit the tiny bit from the cloak is a complete accident; I made the cloak for the agility and AP and never even registered that itty-bitty haste.

Happily haste is only a so-so stat for the SV hunter and steady shot (the only damn shot affected outside of auto) is not so hot these days, so I suppose I can just bless my lucky stars that I don’t really need to collect 522.7 haste or whatever despite my absolute lack of points in Improved Aspect of the Hawk.

All I really need to do is get steady shot down to a 1.5 second cast so it ties in with my GCD and allows me to get off as many happy little explosive shots in a shot rotation as I can. When my hit is capped I guess I would like 1-2 points in Improved Aspect of the Hawk so I can combine it with a hawk glyph and worry even less about haste … bah.

Eh, in the meantime I plugged a point in Aimed Shot (which I really can’t seem to live without anyway, and well SV hunters don’t really get to touch arcane shot so it lets me mix things up) and am using it in my shot rotation for some extra DPS. It makes it my shot rotation kind of sloppy for PVE but a bit shinier for PVP, what with the amount of running around I do.

Crit, Agility and Expose Weakness
My Crit is only 23.78% which is damn sad because I was a slovenly beast master and AP was, well… an okay stat for me, despite it not buffing the pet as much and not scaling as well with raid buffs. Crit however is one of my most important survival stats so it will all have to go back to agility (the hunter basic) where possible wherever I can gear it. Let’s see, talents I have that proc with crit are: Go for the throat (pet), Expose Weakness, Thrill of the hunt, Hunting party (1 point for a piddly amount of mana return for others) and SV is meant to have a high crit to get the best out of Mortal shots.

If my crit was actually over 40% I would only have had to put 2 points into Expose Weakness, as it was I had to shove in 3 points and waste a whole talent point – oh well.

So yeah really this is probably just a result of stacking AP type gems and enchants, as well as having only blue gear – I think I need to aim for a general gear, enchant and gem upgrade eh. Ahh what the heck am I blathering on about? damn I need gear with gem slots first off.

[Reading up on gearing up: Check out Lassirra’s Faction items post / Gear from the Frozen North from LessQQ / BRK’s heroic gear list / Upgrades for antisocial hunters from Brajana to start with.]

Armor Penetration
Cough… yeah… well … I don’t wanna talk about it *small sulk* “here waspy waspy wasp”

Hmmm… well this respec is actually providing some food for thought – woot


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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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