Feeling like a wally – A Lion Seal's WRATHful wrath

While leveling in the WotLK expansion I worked my way through the starting zones pretty systematically (both Howling Fjord and the Boring Tundra) and went onto the appropriate step-up zones saving all my group quests to complete at a later date (cept those that were conveniently completed via the method of taking other players up on their group requests if I happened to have the quest and be in the area… see lazy-antisocial-hunter focus on exploration and leveling and not group or ask for help.)

I came back to these zones when these quests turned green to attempt to solo em and for the most part this was a pretty dandy strategy – cept after a few zones I ended up with a quest log full of group quests I was having trouble doing alone (either due to bad gear or pet squishiness, the wolf being the only pet that stayed anywhere near my actual level.)

So at some point I wibble until The Warlock and The Shaman (That’s just Pally-boy on his new fav toon) agree to run around with me for an hour or so and wipe each and every one of these group quests off my list. Which was in fact a heap of fun, but since it was all done late at night and I was kinda tired from the runaround it did lead to a personally embarrassing event due to the following quest:

Zone: Zul’Drak
Quest: Wanted: Ragemane’s Flipper

[screenshot coming]

Honestly we didn’t expect that The Warlock would drop back into the water after the cow respawned from the first kill to ‘help’ the Shaman and me as we paddled for the shore. (I would have expected her to fly around my head and laugh at me.)

I probably shouldn’t have headed back to help take the heat off her after she asked where we all were and why we had run off.. and called me a cowardly hunter :p

I REALLY didn’t expect to see the sod follow us up onto the beach.

(No really, I was all like OMG there is a giant sea cow coming out of the ocean, didn’t we outrun that two minutes ago? … personally I reckon the Warlock is a bit DOT happy, things seem more than willing to chase her for miles and miles and miles.)

So after it sat on the warlock and squished her to death it looked at me.

And I was in the ZONE baby.
I went with my gut reactions.
I turned left and bravely fled along the hill at the top of the beach.

(See there’s water behind me and marching mobs scattered all around ahead of me, sideways really looked like the best option… it was a GIANT sea-cow, you ever gotten a face full of one of them on land? anyone would have turned tail and ran, no really.)

It followed.
I hit a dead end.
I turn right.
I attempt CC the giant incoming hunk-of-wrinkled-brown-walrus-meat-son-of-a-@$^%#% and my CCs all fail.
So I flee back the way I came with a giant sea cow humping along after me.

I finally remember that I once had a pet and whistle it in to slow the cow down.
Pet beats on cow, which eventually beats back.
Finally feign death is ready to use. So I chuck a faint (probably around where the Warlock’s body fell actually) as my pet savages the sea cow.
The pet is way too low level to handle the beast for long and it too gets flattened to death.

But it doesn’t matter because I feigned right?
WRONG – on comes the giant cow right at me 😦

Up I jump and continue harrying off in the other direction.
I hit a dead end (too many mobs ahead or another wall or something, in any case for some reason that direction equals certain doom.)
Standing still equals certain doom.
Certain doom must be avoided at all costs.
So again I spin around and flee back the way I came.

The pet’s phoenix ability isn’t quite ready for use, so there is no stopping yet because sadly the cow beast is harder than me.

I start to hear snickering over the damn headphones.

As I run by the warlocks corpse the fourth time I hear full on laughter start up.

The phoenix pops and I use it to get my pet buddy back up and send him at the giant sea cow to slow it down, unfortunately sea cow doesn’t seem too interested in the pet and even when it is, I out distance them enough to force a pet despawn but this is apparently not far enough to lose cow-aggro. (Lag? I dunno.)

I musta run back and forwards at least 5 times … that’s 10 times past the warlock’s corpse.

By now the warlock is howling with laughter and attempting to explain to the Shaman over our chat channel what’s happening.

She was pretty incoherent actually.
Apparently she didn’t corpse release and stuck around to watch me be eaten.
Apparently I look really funny running away from a giant monster sea-cow.
She can go die in a fire o_O
A hell fire -_-


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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