So fast and furious update on the life and times of ME

Since my last blog post I have in the RL:

Completed workplace goal setting (that’s like a little bureaucratic paper-trail from hell, you have your performance indicators assessed from the year past and set noble sounding, yet secretly realistic (or even already achieved goals), for the year coming. See that way they can’t fire you as easily because you are like half way awesome before the years even started. Actually it’s all kinda like a giant workplace New Year’s resolution but without the alcohol and twice the hangover angst.

Been house hunting, currently in my town owning cats appears to be the equivalent of a social STD when it comes to flatting. I would have been better presenting myself as a homeless hobo with a drug problem and no teeth (mmm I could have had fun dressing down for that)… sigh.

Had Christmas. My parents had a shovel war over a pile of dirt – imagine the whole cinematic light saber spectacular… only with two over 50yr olds in their pajamas, armed with shovels, yelling “It’s my dirt” “But I said I’d move it… HONEY” “well you didn’t so I am… DARLING” “Well I’m moving it now… SWEETHEART” at the top of their lungs at around 6.30 in the morning. My sister had, hmmm two to three, dramas over her baby pet cockatiel (which is a boyfriend substitute due to relationship angst) where it escaped (due to the help of one of the family cats), was caught (with a net sticky taped to a fishing rod), and escaped again amidst the screaming and crying of a hysterical female playing the blame game. I would like to point out that I spent Boxing Day acting as an anchor on one end of a trampoline at a bird aviary as my crazy father stood on the other end attempting to net the cheeky little bastard out of the air.
An anchor.
In my pajamas.
In a public place.
Oh the indignity.

New Years was better, as it is a brilliant excuse to pack bags back to friends and the like. Of course I started moving house around this point so I was basically a mud covered (don’t ask) exhausted wreck come the time to consume copious amounts of alcohol. Needless to say I sung some songs that should never have left the college environment and may never live it down.

More moving the following week. (Had to get a place in the town over from where I work… dang cat STD.) And well now I am back at work so blog posts are up and running again (just got to catch up on my blog reading at some point.)

Since my last blog post I have in the online:

  • Made level 80 on my hunter main.
  • Purchased my winter fly.
  • Created a real basic set of Leatherworked gear (chose the swift arrow set for the nice resilience.)
  • Nagged The Pally (should start calling him the shammy really since that’s all he’s been playing lately)to engineer me a nice gun and some better ammo in exchange for some purple pants he wanted.
  • Picked up a couple of basic swords with hit.
  • Messed around with no real purpose in the northrend area (really need to go grind the important reps.)
  • Enjoyed all the new cooking features, quests etc.
  • Played with the holiday achievements.
  • Leveled two pets to 80. I found I could only keep 1 pet at the same level as me due to the huge quest exp rewards and the like – so my two main beasts at the moment are Frank the tank (bear) and Tiptap the hellhound (wolf). The wolf has been decent for PVP what with the fast rez and heal the ferocity pets get, also he is made of cute. I hear tenacity pets are the next big PVP pet due to how you can use ‘roar of sacrifice’ to keep yourself alive.
  • Admired the account bound gear at wintergrasp… oh yeah it’s gunna take a while to get it but it seems awesome for an altaholic… cept for the whole “have to play my main as a grind to get it” part – should keep me entertained for a year or so.)

  • Made some gear for my lvl 70 shammy
  • Played priest to 50

Hmm and then I started moonlighting as a druid on an oceanic alliance server with some other friends – made it to level 33 and discovered that inscription rakes in the cash for lowbies. Mildly addicted to the auction house again. Making virtual money is a heck of a lot of fun if you have no virtual money.

Yeah so been busy really.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to So fast and furious update on the life and times of ME

  1. Dradis says:

    Glad to see you back in the blogospehere!

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    Heyya Dradis 🙂 thankyee for the welcome-back *grin*

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