My world was zombies

…and trick or treating – but it’s all over now. It was pretty good (for all my alts but not my main), but we’ve lost it till next year now. *hums a bit*

Did you know the ‘tooth pick’ makes a blood elf lasses nose shine more than their teeth?

Even bat-costumes had that special glow in the right-damn place O_O

So my flats kinda crowded, and then I got visitors (the other half of the guild) and this conversation about Blood elves ruining the hardcore’ness of the horde sprung up… O_O oh yeah it was just like we were sitting around in some in-game to-the-letter-RP guild meeting (our guild is no way hardcore RP so consider my socks shocked right off).

Even the ‘Lass in Pink’ agreed and added to this conversation and all her mains are complete Alliance Night Elves, on our server that translated to many cute little Blood elves.

To make it even funnier our guild is about 45% Blood elf … belonging to the peoples talking above because you know they love playing them and the awesome Blood elf starting area rather beats every other horde starting area to death.

Yet if we look at guild mains, we have:

  • Orc/Troll/Undead (me, myself and I)
  • Troll/Bloodelf/Orc (The Pally) – actually he has completely sunk himself into his original shaman character lately I may have to start calling him “that blue bitch – my shaman rival” … hey it’s a female toon, we are both blue, we both spec enhance it was bound to get competitive.
  • Forsaken/Orc (The Warlock),
  • Tauren/Blood elf (The Tree)
  • Orc (The PVP-Kid)
  • Bloodelf (The Lass in Pink)

The others in the guild from the local friendship circle are all lowbie Blood elf friends and don’t log in often enough these days to get a mention (aye that does indeed include the Crying Alliance Druid … and his ‘Perverted Human Pally Girlfriend’ *no really she has a macro for resurrections that involves rubber gloves.)

So I suppose the taking of Blood elf alts may just be a convenience thing for most members – The Pally is the only high level Blood elf in the guild.

In anycase it was a surreal case of coffee and cake conversation.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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3 Responses to My world was zombies

  1. Fikkle says:

    I would argue that the BElfs just make the rest of the Hordies look that much more Hardcore… I mean, they’re kinda like that annoying cousin everyone has. You put up with them because, well, you don’t have a choice, but ultimately you just pity them. But they do make you look totally awesome by comparison.

  2. batgrl says:

    Though I play more alliance on my home server, my horde main was an orc female only because someone in Barrens chat said “there are no orc females” and I was feeling contrary. And then the blood elf I made was at first solely to see that Napoleon Dynamite dance. Then I became really interested in the new starting quests and well, the leveling up started.

    I think the blood elves have turned out to fill the same place as gnomes for alliance – something to have a good time laughing at or honestly, to enjoy disliking. For a long time I made a game of my gnome hatred – and now that I’ve leveled one up that I play in the bg I have a lot of fun seeing people run over to kill me. Heck, I’d do the same thing if I were on my horde!

  3. Lactic Acid says:

    Hmmm I actually rather think of blood elves as kinda cat like – you know little and fluffy self-gratifying minions of evil that occasionally turn into claw blenders when frightened. Or maybe even foxy-like.

    The rest of the horde is kinda higher up the predator food chain.

    🙂 Gnomes secretly grew on me too, I have a little family of them on one alliance server.

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