Like all other hunters I have a somewhat new 'Pet Lineup' in the works

Damn we need those extra stable slots for trial and error with the choices available now. What you see below is just another personal take on the pets out now… had to babble somewhere about my stable adventures.

[NB: All links on pet species names will bump you over to Petopia the most detailed pet database us hunters have available on the web.]

My preferences for the position of pet tank

Well a preferred tank pet would of course be one from the tenacity family. Beyond that you are simply considering the extra skills the little sod has, most people will be aiming for something that can ‘area aggro’ or aggro multiple mobs because you don’t want the blasted adds charging toward you after you have popped mend pet (no doubt buffed with its 40% more effectiveness due to pet speccing if you be a smart cookie.)

Non-Exotic, in order of recommendation:

  • Gorilla – Special ability is still ‘Thunderstomp’ hits everything around it, ability is on a 10sec cooldown.
  • Crocolisk– Special ability is ‘Bad Attitude’ which will damage any target that hits the croc for 45sec’s. However it is on a 2min cooldown.
  • Bear – Bear’s special ability is ‘Swipe’ – this will hit three guys every 5secs. So you can handle two extra mobs.


  • Worm– Has an acid spit ability, stacks up to five times, lasts 30 sec’s (not an area effect.)
  • Rhino – Has the knockback ability with a 1min cooldown (also not an area effect… may be darn popular in PVP though.) Actually I predict rhinos will be darn popular all round, what with the size, the tick birds, and BRK showing his off around the internet for the last month or so.

I’ll probably be going with the bear (farewell my warp lizard, we were good together.) Aye it’s not super special, mainly I just like bears eh. I’ve been waiting to pick one up for a long time. It’s BBB’s whole ‘I tank with my face thing’ – I so gotta have a bear in the stable! The bear is real easy to feed, and there are a lot available at reasonable levels in various colours; with more coming in the expansion if you would rather wait then grind one up 5 levels to 70.

In any case meet ‘Frank the Tank’

He needs five levels… and some first aid, but the guildies are going to love him anyway.


I would like a rhino myself if I ever get exotic in my spec when wrath comes out, simply because … like everyone else I am a rhino fan and I have fantasies about knocking alliance off towers in AV, cliffs in EotS, off the LM hill in AB – bwahahahahaha O_O.


My preferences for the position of pet DPS

DPS pets should be chosen from the ferocity pool (although I reckon there is some weird cross over with the bizarre cunning branch of the family.) Frankly they are all fairly viable now, the ones coming out on the top of the DPS tree are the exotics… because they get that tiny extra thing (more than skins), so popular pets for DPS are currently looking something like the following.


  • Devilsaurs– a monstrous bite that hurts the enemy and increases the pets own damage by 3%… it can stack three times, it has only a 10sec cooldown.
  • Core Hounds – has lava breath that does fire damage and reduces the targets speed by 50% (PVP popular, that’s been obvious in the battlegrounds)


The new pets seem popular for their novelty and it seems the wasp can dish out some good damage as well. Raptors & Cats have an extra damage ability and are still viable DPS.

  • Wasps– Sting ability on a 6sec cooldown. The sting inflicts nature damage, decreases armor and prevents stealth or invisibility from being used.
  • Moths– They have a dust ability that increases the pets attack power by 10% and heals it. Unfortunate 1min cooldown.

Me I am currently sticking with the lion I have in the stables, due to the shifting of particular pet families to the ferocity tree I will have to release the carrion bird and I won’t be retrieving the old faithful wolf. I do perhaps have my eye on a wasp (and I will be testing a hyena in pvp… but he will probably get slammed by the spider I am comparing him to.)

Really the Cunning branch has quiet a few contenders that would be useful in instances as well.


PETS for PVP (possibly best taken from the cunning branch)

Oh wow it’s a whole world of mix and match – common sense says try the beasties in the Cunning tree … they can even eat corpses which would save on kibble after rezzing, so I am starting the testing process with a spider for the web ability and a ferocity hyena for comparison purposes – hamstring slowing ability.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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3 Responses to Like all other hunters I have a somewhat new 'Pet Lineup' in the works

  1. Fikkle says:

    Hey, was reading over your pets and had a comment about the pvp ones. At first, I was dead set on getting me a Hyena to do some good ole kitin’. Unfortunately, when I started to look at some of the changes that had been made to other classes, I realized that alot of the classes that it would’ve been useful against are now getting some way to remove movement impairing effects. Add to that the fact that its on a one minute cool down and it suddenly didn’t seem as awesome to me anymore.

    My suggestions are: Exotic – Core Hound (v casters) and Bird of Prey (v melee). The Core Hound’s Fire Breath is excellent for dealing with casters and the Bird of Prey’s snatch could be invaluable in grabbing that great big two handed weapon out of a warrior’s main hand, giving you time to get away while he’s mashing buttons, yelling ‘WTF?’ at his screen.

    Just a thought.

    — Fikkle

  2. Fikkle says:

    Oops, forgot to throw Rhino in under exotic, for Rhino bowling on bridges and forgot to put non-exotic in front of Bird of Prey as they are obviously not exotic… So pretend those are in there.

  3. Lactic Acid says:

    Aye battlegrounds are full of Core Hounds and Chimaera (and devilsaurs) so they must be good for PVP – my problem is I didn’t plug enough points into BM for exotic pets.

    But the bird of prey sounds grand – cunning pets are really growing on me, they can eat corpses in combat… that spider has only eaten a single item of actual food outa my bags since I got it.

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