Ganking just aren't what it used to be for the up and coming toon…

A tale of other peoples pain:

Ya know I feel rather sorry for the up & comings on PVP servers because three or so years in and WoW just isn’t what it used to be when it comes to world PVP, and nope I’m not even talking about the epic zone wars and town raids. Its right down at the level of one on one in contested territory that things have changed, heck I can see why Blizzard now allows PVE to PVP transfers – it is really not such a big deal anymore when it comes to leveling issues.

So a couple of gank-tales from the NSW Labour day long weekend follow (and really everyone seems over their wow burnout, most my tiny friend guild is back online and active.)

At some point on the weekend The Warlock was on leveling her mini-Tank out in the forests of Ashenvale. She got druid-ganked and camped. In a fit of irritation she logs in her warlock toon (the 70 bomb) and goes out to indulge in some druid spanking. Upon relogging the mini-Tank she reports smugly over guild chat that the druid is now behaving itself around the baby character and must have put two and two together about the alt relationship.

Later in the day one of our baby-guildies (he has 70’s on many servers, just not ours – he be a PVP nut and in the middle of growing up to be a graphic designer. I think of him as a nice kid, and he is currently dating ‘The Lass in Pink’ who I work with. Hmmm let’s dub him: ‘The PVP-Kid’ or something…. I so got to make a ‘people I talk about behind their backs on this here blog’ page!)

Anyways The PVP-Kid, also in Ashenvale, playing a hunter, finds himself getting repeatedly ganked by some nightelf hunter more than twice his level… a nightelf that just won’t let up and thus The PVP-Kid puts out a guild complaint – so I offer to go do some bodyguard duty.

It was a bit harsh, I slap on ‘Aspect of the Beast’ and make a target macro for the NE’s name and ride into the zone… the guy turns out to be only level 47 or so. First death the poor sod rides straight into me as he’s crossing a bridge, three second death at the most – pretty sure he didn’t even know what hit him.

Anyways instead of camping the corpse which is not my style, I ride off to where The PVP-Kid is hanging out … I look around the area and suddenly feel a heck of a lot less guilty about that sudden kill. There is this other little dude running around with a mounted level 70 priest following him, I click on em both… and yep sure thing they are from the same guild, it’s another case of bodyguard duty… that damn elf must have been hardcore ganking.

The nightelf is feeling vengeful and takes to peeping down into the valley we are hanging out in. He don’t know I am in the area because I still have that wonderful ‘Aspect of the Beast’ up… anyway in my book that makes it a case of him looking for the lowbies, so he suffers two more sudden deaths before he decides to log or leave the area.

And in conclusion, I have to say these days a lot of lowbies are alts. They have well established guilds or 70’s to log in and thump gankers with… solo camping as an under 70 really can’t be much fun anymore ^_^.

Heh on another note: Out in Nagrand some Alliance guild tried to hog the elemental plateau (there were like eight) & gee-golly-wizz the horde really smacked back. After some heckling over the general channel by enthusiasts trying to rustle up support there turned up a horde raid of more than 14 toons which beat on the Alliance until the plateau was covered in bubble hearthing pallys (for some reason a lot of em were pallys), and turn-tail flyers. Horde certainly cleared the area. Pity we already had Halaa eh.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to Ganking just aren't what it used to be for the up and coming toon…

  1. Pike says:

    You know my boyfriend and I recently made alt characters on Twisting Nether… Alliance characters… >.>

    If you, in your many travels, ever seen two gnome mages in the same guild running around together, whose names both start with “V”, it would be so kind of you to refrain from the ganking ^_^;;

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    Welcome to the Twisting Nether – may you find far more RP than I managed to – heee.

    I am a squishy hearted individual … really can’t bring myself to gank outside of the occasional world-pvp battle involving large groups on both sides or dealing with the troublemakers.

    I will be sure to employ good old operation /hug if I do spot a duo of gnome mages though lol.

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