There was once a jolly piss-up…

Hmmm so despite the snot and fever I had to login and stick my nose into Brewfest – least a little, just wouldn’t be Australian of me to ignore it completely.

So I wandered around in my medicated haze looking at brews, doing some of the basic quests and the like … and then standing around the beer tents mostly afk while beating my RL cat off some of the local wildlife that he thought it would be a riot to release under my computer table, and that’s where this kinda becomes a post more about dueling and less about jolly piss-ups.

I come back to a screen full of annoying duel invite, I scroll up my chat text to see if I had missed any conversation, but nadda, natch, zip … nothing there – it’s another of those outa the blue duel spams that usually has you wondering who the fuck threw it at you. Cept in this case it was obviously the rogue bouncing around my character … bounce bounce (bah – the rogues in instances have been so smooth, cool and professional lately, I was beginning to disbelieve in the bouncy-rogue-bouncer sterotype, guess the festival was boring him.)

Hmmm and I have to say while I like the dueling circle that gathers at the gates of Orgrimmar, like admiring them and even sometimes joining in. I absolutely can’t stand having duel invitations flung at me with no verbal leadup when I am busy doing something I want to do … it just irritates the piss out of me for some reason. So this guy wasn’t over at the big duel circle – he was just solo bothering festival patrons at the tents.

So of course I decline.

Get a duel invite.
I decline.
Get a duel invite.
I decline.
Get a duel invite.

*Ahh* I think *to hell with this, lets just get the boring bloody duel over with, he can beat on me and then bugger off to stroke his epeen on someone else.*

Accept Duel – go about it half-assed which is somewhat unlike me but eh. Ya know how that’s like when a hunter is being half assed: I still had the pet on defensive, growl was still up on auto-cast, I used the ice trap and not the snakes, I happily blew BW fairly early … I was really really bored, just another shadowstep rogue trying to lock me down from behind – wing clips and flares wing clips and flares. Hmmm so it must have lasted a couple mins at least, because the rogue tangled with my orcish backside and restealthed 2-3 times.

Then the iron dwarves turn up in their epic metal mole monster rocket thing that looks like it’s from some from some 80’s cartoon villain’s workshop :p – and after a bit of confusion and a few pokes weeeeeeeee I go flying sooo damn high I am shot completely out of the festival grounds and for a moment I thought I had been shot so far from the duel flag that I was going to lose as a runner. The landing hurts, bye bye some more of my health bar. I dust myself off, I take ten seconds to feel surprised that I am still in a duel… I notice the pet is in combat, I consider using a bandage but decide it probably wouldn’t be fair and eh I am still at almost half health really (take another five seconds to feel surprised I am not missing more health … maybe the rogue was trying to draw the process out.)

Feeling suddenly interested I switch off growl, slap the pet on aggressive, tap my better ammo into my quiver and hoof it back to the tents. Pop the rogue with a mark (yep slacker I was I hadn’t even kept him marked up), a sting and a concussive, I dodge another iron dwarf machine, watch the rogue fail to dodge … and really pets are rather awesome aren’t they? I swear the cat at one point there was attempting to run up the side of the machine after the airborne rogue.

Poor rogue has no hope at this point – he seems to have been thrown into total confusion by the iron dwarves… and he can’t ditch the cat which is like a heat seeking missile … hmm and apparently I can aimed-arcane-multi shot combo through the corner of a tent.

Picture me giggling my head off – I rather love surprising things … even if they get me killed.

(I was having these total flashbacks to fighting the great Gahz’rilla in Zul’Farrak. There was this one time – in ZF – where Gahz’rilla knocked me airborne and I landed neat as you please on the gates above him where I continued to DPS away happily – waving to my amazed party after the fight was so worth the pain of getting down.)

Anyway the rogue lost – mostly because that kinda terrain is perfect for a distance damage dealer… and that kinda situation (the unexpected) was perfect for me, suddenly I was interested and thus clicking the right keys, instead of just vaguely flaring, trapping and clipping when he made contact which is all I really had been doing before (just had no blood lust before.)

I am all like: “Woot, good duel. Iron Dwarves are brilliant – I was like knocked to Timbuktu!”

The rogue then decides to follow me around complaining of unfairness of how he had been knocked around by dwarves and started going on about how he wanted a rematch. And at first I thought “Fair enough, can’t be much fun losing to someone who was playing like a dozy cow for the first half of the match” … then I clicked on him and actually looked at his portrait – buffed out the ears: food buff, druid buff, potion buff o_O

*Stuff it* I thought, remembering how I had avoided bandaging up outa some misguided sense of honour *I have a ram to ride around Orgrimmar, farewell rogue guy I don’t even know*

I reckon Arena should be more ‘active’ in that style – just think bit of weather, few scene events (a few wild tigers), it would make arena a lot more dynamic, add that bit of chance, that extra risk, and more fun for your dollar.

Hmmm or maybe they could create some dynamic ‘duel grounds’ that would be awesome.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to There was once a jolly piss-up…

  1. ihlos says:

    I totally know about duel spamming. Really anything spammed without verbal contact is annoying, but duel spam is the worst. When I click decline, that means “i dont want to duel you” not “hey keep trying and maybe you’ll change my mind!”

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    Mmmm too true – my problem is that for the most part I only really get interested in dueling people I know.

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