Big Bear did the work: Getting started with the new PetEmote addon

Okay I’ve been avoiding the associated learning curve that comes with installing & using the newest version of PetEmote. Like an old fogy (channeling my gran no doubt) I’ve been resisting change, comfortable with the existing personalities of my pets… not quite ready for them to become more dynamic.

This despite how awesome the upgraded version looked when I gave it a brief test – Jorna has put a lot of work into refining the program. I reverted back to the old version by copying the old addon folder (which I had safely stashed on me desktop) back into the wow directory when I realized it was going to take me more than two or three minutes to work out how to get the new version working silky smooth and just how I wanted it. I have the attention span of a goldfish some days. A spacey goldfish. [EDIT: See bottom of the post for an inelegant explaination of the goldfish thing.]

Seems like I was actually waiting for someone else to do the hard yards and then post about it… with pictures. (Gee I am such a slacker outside of my place of employment.) Big Bear Butt has given the hunter community a brilliant starter post (trials and tribulations) about how he got his version up and running custom emotes, its actually fairly straight forward when he describes it – Thankyee BBB /salute.

And so now I have some addon editing plans for this afternoon. mmmm and consider me coasting for posts on more complicated editing (with pictures), lazy sod I am… or maybe I’ll write one up if I get my act together.

EDIT: That goldfish thing

So urban legend has it that a goldfish only has a 3-5 second memory span. Which of course at some point sparked the household joke “So I guess the little plastic castle is a surprise every time” (which has actually made it into someones lyrics … I’ll add when I find.)

Little Plastic Castle, by Ani Difranco

In anycase back in college, even before ‘Finding Nemo’ and the delightful Dory, an alcohol inspired semi-philosophic discussion degenerated into a half roomful of people running in circles like nutters exclaiming “Oooh look a castle!” every five seconds… oh yeah sadly hyperactive immature dorks we were indeed.

Anyway, given any opportunity over the following four years of education the line “Oh look a castle” was enthusiastically employed and I happened to cop it a fair bit … being prone to spacing out, and the metaphor (memory of a fish, attention span of a goldfish) just kinda stuck with me.


EDIT Check out Petopia forums for news about PetEmote 2010:

EDIT Check out the Three Hammers for update on PetEmote 2010:

EDIT: Efindel & ethancentaurai’s Updated PetEmote addon on Curseforge (FEB 2013):


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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8 Responses to Big Bear did the work: Getting started with the new PetEmote addon

  1. Cynra says:

    I love adding in those little personal characteristics to my pets. For example, the kal’dorei huntress has a cantankerous and aged strigid owl as a pet. So rather than chirp at people like the original emote says, he glares dolefully at people, cocks his head, eyes his surroundings irately, and will sometimes turn to try and nip his hunter — which typically results in a quick bonk on the beak. And you don’t want to see him hungry. Ever. I think it’s good incentive to keep the wretched creature fed.

    Mods like this are just like candy to roleplayers, aren’t they? So gleeful!

    I haven’t downloaded any of the more recent versions, so thanks for the heads up. I’ll need to look into that sometime this afternoon; I want to be ready for my raid tomorrow!

  2. ihlos says:

    This pet emote seems awesome, although the site is in german. Is this the learning curve you are talking about o.O

  3. No, the learning curve would be that there are no instructions on how to actually customize the addon, still.

    Right now, I am finding that the emotes I add are still getting rolled into previous addons, despite what the addon instructions itself indicate are the uses of the quoted words.

    It’s looking like there is a seperate file, besides the .lua, that may have considtions for use, because the emote editor allows you to set frequency of emote appearance, but there are no tags for that type of setting in the .lua.

  4. ihlos says:

    Ah, cool, sounds awesome, but i’ve got my own projects to work on. I’ll let you geniuses work it out, and then i’ll reap the benefit later. =)

  5. Lactic Acid says:

    Oh yeah – and not only RP candy – these mods simply make my pet so much more of a presence, than just an add. 🙂

    Mmmm it is pretty much like Bear said, there are not many guides floating around for the use of the new interface. There is (I think) only the following tutorial:

    Jorna’s english-german workarounds are usually available 🙂 so mostly it’s the “oh looky a shiny new software” learning curve that I face… and corresponding lack of time (I never have much time these days.)

  6. Lactic Acid says:

    Mind you that whole ‘condition’ aspect of the mod is the concept that excites me – it means emotes for particular types of targets, friendly-unfriendly, male-female 🙂 woot.

    Time to write some emotes to harass guildies, hope I can get it to work.

  7. Darkling Thrush says:

    Is anyone still using this addon? I only started playing this year, and would love to give my pet (Silverclaw, tamed as Sian Rottam) more of a presence in chat. But the addon only gives me error messages at the moment. Is there a way to still get it working?

  8. Lactic Acid says:

    I tested it just before I put the game down – it works really well but for a couple of things:

    1) you need to install notepad++ (which is free yay) which allows the files to open and operate in the editor properly and stops it from crashing.

    2) you need to turn it off before battlegrounds because the cross server names if you use %t in your emotes seem to upset it (actually to be honest I’m not sure what was causing the LAU errors … but it only happened when pet was targeting cross server toons)

    It remains an excellent app if you have the time to play around with it to get it customised just so.

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