Trapping idiosyncrasies of my Marksman career

Or why I feel like a big hammy ham when trapping in instances :p

I’m sure you have all met one in some dungeon or another – the efficient hunter who traps with masterful energy efficient moves.

Or if you never have, you can always go watch Pike’s rather awesome Trapathon vid (now with nifty Ice Trap guide). Every hunter has to enjoy the huntery cheekiness Pike displays as she keeps some poor mob alternatively running desperately after her and then on ice for an extended period of time while wiping out its neighbouring population of fellow mobs.

Anyway back to ‘Agent Efficient & Cool Trapper’

… I am not that hunter. I reckon it’s because with The Pally as tank I don’t get to do it all that often. This is how trapping would go for me (back when I was a MM spec and I could actually rip aggro from paladin burst damage when needed.)

1/ When allowed to set up for a pull:

Lay trap while the rest of me mates are gabbering on. Advantages here be that you have your trap cool-down all ready for chain trapping… disadvantages be that five times outa ten The (damn) Pally would mark up a target on the other side of the (damn) corridor or room for me so I would have to set my trap all over again and make the group wait for at least half my trap cool-down to disappear. I dislike making the group wait because we really do spend a lot of time babbling between pulls …our instance runs usually in no way deserve the word ‘speed’ associated with them.

Stand in front of The Pally to pull, while he hangs out just behind me but far enough away from my trap not to reduce me to a sniveling wreak by breaking it, this way The Pally is all set to burst damage everything that will shortly be gunning for my green orcish butt.

Pull with a shot. I have a beaut distracting shot pull macro … that I almost never use, at least not on its own (unless firing at the trap because the trees decided to go heal next to it … la sigh) – light set up pulls go distracting + arcane shot at least. As a MM it was often a caster I was set to trap – thus having the trap down the front … because really silencing shot needs to be more OP and last a heck of a lot longer (bwahahahah oh I would love THAT for PVP.)

Here comes the hammy part – I turn tail and literally pissbolt back past the pally and then the rest of the party…yup in a totally over the top manner. No really – I am often tempted to yodel and yelp or something over the mic as I go… because it’s not like I run a short distance – as a MM spec I have more than decent range, and then my trappee is usually a caster so I want to stay out of casting range and have silencing shot ready to go to keep em running at me. So way way away I go. I must be hilarious to watch work.

2/ When The Pally gets trigger happy but I am still determined to claim my square target:

Eh I fire an aimed shot, arcane shot, distracting shot … and then if it still isn’t running at me a bloody multishot (by this point seriously there is little chance that’s going to pull the aggro of any other mob.) Bless the MM crit and its ability to overload the threat meter. To escape this mob will of course require a well timed feign death … by well timed I basically just mean running around like a chicken with traps until the Pally is close by with some burst damage ready. Ahhh tough tactics eh. I’m just lucky I still outgear most my group or they would notice how bad my actual DPS management is … well when I am being all MM trap person anyway.

So as you can see from the above description a smooth trapper I am not, rough, ready and over exaggerated actions that be me… but I guess I usually get the job done – heh just not with the kinda style that makes little hunters faint with fan-baby awe.

And these days as a Beast Master only setup pulls work for me … with my beast doing 50% of my damage there is no way I can out aggro The Pally easily… even aimed shot will often fail me.

Of course in PVP I’m a fair bit quieter with my traps, for example if you drop your trap while moving in some way you can eliminate that annoying crouch animation that gives away where your trap is … although any decent PVPer is going to realize you are probably standing on it (which is probably why I have contrary days where I like to put my trap in weird random spots … it’s like my small secret gambling problem – but it IS really funny when I catch a druid this way.)


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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