Burning ring of farming: Terokkar Forest

This was the farming circle that earned me most of the 5000 gold for epic fly before the isle of cash appeared on the waters of Azeroth’s ocean.

It’s perfect for a leatherworker, it’s perfect for someone who is still working on lower city rep (or even if you are past the feather handins because they can really sell for a nice buck or so), it’s perfect for collecting high quality meats (which become foods if your cookings up) – and you can even pull in some decent cloth and green drops. It is also a great zone for leveling an underdog pet to 70.

In anycase, a more precise list of mobs to target:

– full of feathers, cloth, coin and greens (also some low level potions), and as always the outlands vendor trash is nothing to sneeze at disdainfully either.

Dampscale Basilisks:
– Chunk o’ Basilisk (cooks up into +spell damage and +spirit food… great for casters always sells well so I guess a lot of mages decided to not bother with cooking because they have ‘conjured’ food … bwahahahah my profit.)

– Skins into knothide leather, crystal infused leather and Fel Scales (these are the big sellers), knot hide can be used to make cheapy LW patches so that’s a bonus as well.

Blackwind Warp Chasers:
– Deliver up warped flesh which you can cook into warp burgers for some +agility food … decent hunter food that.

– Skins down to knothide leather and fel hide (that’s four different types of leathers all up plus the usual scraps.)

Golden Darter:
– If you have your fishing skill up you can take breaks fishing the golden darter pools (or just the creek itself because they be in there too … along with a bunch of boring barbed gill trout which can be used as pet food should you have a beastie that tolerates fish.)


– The skinning daily ‘Gaining the advantage’ is just a hop over the walls into Shatt city and is super fast to complete on top of the farming.

– And occassionally you can pick up the fishing daily “Bait Bandits’ and scoop a blackfin darter.

As a higher level hunter you literally mow this zone down and there is not a lot of ganking even on a PVP server because most 70’s are grinding somewhere more appropriate (the horror of skettis in the old days and the isle of gank.) Having all the different mobs keeps me from becoming bored to death of farming (not that I plug an excessive amount of time into the circuit. )

..This is just a nice quite relaxing gind away from the Isle of Gank – which is still the cash cow capital of WoW.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to Burning ring of farming: Terokkar Forest

  1. ihlos says:

    I follow a similar route whenever i’m out farming and I need some burgers.

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    Oh yeah its a very good hunter path for filling up 🙂

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