RL Gossip – wow/war related:

Oh yeah the WoW vs WAR saga continues in my everyday life. I got into a mild argument with the Freaky Gibbon over whether WAR was a girly game.

See he’s a fan-boy of the genre …

(Technically you could say I am too because I was into painting (still am) the little fantasy figures and have played the strategy game it’s all sorta based off, eh and experienced associated Warhammer culture such as seeing ‘blood-bowl’ played live and an actual college student used as the ‘football’ (hmmm actually if I remember rightly you could consider this my introduction to the WARverse … thank-god for beer), so anyway I was kinda a child of Chaos as they had the best monster models for the most part and by the rules of chaos I could get away with chopping elvish monsters to pieces and grafting them to my chaos constructions, woot. )

Anyway as a fan-boy Freaky Gibbon is hugely excited about the upcoming WAR online release and he wants everyone to play, kinda like back when I tried to get him to play WoW and he declared it evil and for the social maladjusted, or waaay back when I tried to get him to play Runescape and he declared it a waste of time and money (aye the shame I am someone to paid to see the ‘members’ side of that game, it was curiosity that did me in), and then he started playing & PAYING for it AFTER everyone had moved onto wow … it’s enough to make me feel vaguely insulted … I mean do I smell?
Well I suppose I don’t smell because we are all in the same WAR guild. Bah.

Okay so wanting everyone to join he starts working on selling the idea to a WoW-playing friend I work with… hmmm let’s call her the Lass in Pink (she likes hunters too, but plays Alliance side on an Oceanic PVE server where I only have a druid alt that has been ‘Living’ in the Thunderbuff pond for more than 8 months due to me not really liking the server – she does have a baby alt in our Twisting Nether guild)… anyway he’s hitting the Lass in Pink up to sign on for WAR.

She reflects the offer with a line about liking WoW because it’s cartoony, and how she likes that because she finds it ‘Cute’ (capital letter included), oh yeah and WAR online doesn’t really look girly enough for her and so on.

And then he says it … he says WAR is cute and ‘girly’ O_o & in comparison to WoW o_O (which he has never played only watched a flatmate play.)

So I say outright “um… No. No it isn’t.”

Oh Cum’on WAR cute and girly in comparison to WoW? That’s like everything WAR is trying not to be IMPO.

In WAR you start in a war torn starting area, as opposed to WoW where it’s usually your peaceful home village or quiet rookie recruitment camp. I mean look – on the WAR Chaos side there were no flowers in any of my starting areas… there were these shiny flesh trees and prisoner pits and epic oceans, but no green peaceful plains and flowers – heck even Horde Forsaken get flowers in their fields. Oh sure, and while there are female characters to play in on the WAR Chaos side – they are either straight from the centerfold of playboy (an 80’s edition, in classic WAR scantily clad big-hair style), or these beaten chaos fanatics… greenskins don’t get girl class because they don’t have gender and in the whole game there’s no female tank class currently. O_O Chaos is the side our guilds committed to by the by.

The Freaky Gibbon brings up the white lion class (oh yay the side where she will have no friends to guild with because everyone we know just about, is Chaos side.) White Lions eh? Well while you do get to make a pretty blonde character … you still zone into an active war zone, you still have the option to disfigure your face with scars and missing eyes o_O … what’s cute about that? Sure you have a pet cat (and they are one of the most popular and varied texture-skins in WoW for a reason), but there is a heck of a lot less ‘nurture’ involved in pet care in WAR – I didn’t have cook for my pet, or feed it, or stable it, or keep it happy, I didn’t get to choose it or name it. In my opinion this makes it a fair bit less girly – although I did get to ‘raise’ it (appearance changes with level.) While you can ‘dye’ your outfits at vendors you can’t go out and make silly dress hats ‘just to look cute’

Eh I think WAR online has a lot to offer as far as MMO game play goes and I am enjoying how different it is from WoW, but WAR is not going to win any ‘cuter’ then or ‘girly’ then awards against wow O_O I don’t even think it wants to. And that’s what I said… also said that it looked like a good MMO all the same, and I was looking forward to things like guild exp, public quests and all the wonderful PVP.

Freaky Gibbon appears to be at least mildly pissed at me for saying that WoW is better than WAR.

(Which strangely wasn’t really what I was saying but oh well – I shoulda just smothered him with a pillow or something way back when he started playing Runescape after previously calling me a social reject for doing so, but then refusing to even look at WoW … while calling me a social reject for deciding to play a paid subscription MMO… hindsight’s a bitch)


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to RL Gossip – wow/war related:

  1. Awlbiste says:

    Have to say that one of the big pluses to WoW is being able to choose a female for every class/race combination.

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    Mmmm the dark elf area in WAR was a little complicated because there were no tank classes for Public quests – had to employ zerg tactics. But almost every toon was a female.

    Then you head to greenskins and they can only … well be genderless but appearing male.

    Finally I check out the chaos chosen and its like 80% male toons flying by o_O was interesting.

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