The spirit of mild guilt … but not enough to stop me

Firstly apologies to the peoples that drop by this blog because I’m usually a regular poster – fraid I’ve been pretty sick (only the flu but oh what a flu … never never skipping my annual flu shot again o_O), planning to reply to comments tomorrow *greenhunter waves madly at everyone who took time out to comment and hasn’t heard a peep outa her*

Secondly: ahh Blizzard how I love thee and the little things you do to spice up the WoWverse for all the regular joes. Yup I be speaking of the Spirit of Competition rewards for doing battlegrounds. I didn’t really go all out but I did pick up a dragon buddy for three of my characters on Twisting Nether (although the Shammy may never use hers because the robot chicken from the rotten escort quests is pretty much a permanent fixture for that character – a real badge of perseverance that chicken – each quest done at the appropriate level if you can believe it… oh the horror, oh the ganking from alliance hunters.)

As an interesting (and possibly controversial) side note the pally is currently homeless, and thus netless with no wow, in Korea and as a favour (the bloke is like my brother) I ran some battlegrounds for him to collect a tabard and medallion for his ‘pretty boy’ toon. Aye aye that would be the actual paladin toon itself.

I have exactly two paladins myself – one is an Alliance character rolled well before the BC release. She only ever reached level 15 and I could never summon any interest in her to be truthful (I find all classes have a point where they become fascinating and I just didn’t reach it with this lass.) Funny enough the Alliance server I was on was true to stereotype and the Goldshire area was a rather raunchy starting zone – I zoned into a loud and visual /yell roleplay of a naked lass being pursued by a dirty old man … I believe they kept it up for my full first five levels and then I ran into them down at the Goldshire inn o_O in anycase this pally character of mine developed an unnatural love for ‘large hammers’ and that pretty much sums up her background :p … heh environmental influence, nature vs nurture at its finest (randy holy class lol.)

My other pally is indeed Twisting Nether horde and is a level 20 blood elf (woot no rainbow chicken of doom mount for that elf.) But as you can see that’s hardly any experience with the paladin class … just enough to know about auras and blessings and hammers etc.

So you could say that this BG experience of mine was somewhat like being an ebay character (controversial indeed.)

The keybindings were all in the wrong place. I love using the Q W R T G etc keys around my strafe/forward/back movement keys for the most important actions. The strafe keys were actually left/right o_O oh the horror and the list goes on. Due to this setup I was forced to be a ‘clicker’ which is slow if you are not absolutely sure of where everything is (let alone WHAT everything is), and my fingers kept seeking out the bindings I spent so long learning instinctively when I abandoned keyboard turning and adopted mouse movement + keybound attacks. There were no macros for the pally on my box, there were no paladin addons to make things easier. T_T

The other big issue was that he’s a Proc Pally – our tank boy … I really don’t think they do damage err or heals… much. Lol there I was charging into battle and I felt like I was patting the naughty alliance – mind you with supportive heals I could rather take the damage.

I was like a level 2 Kobold with a sharpened stick (D&D reference.)

However I do stand by my previous statement … you want to learn something fast, a new setup or a spec you are not accustomed to playing then take on it onto the battlegrounds. You really do have a faster learning curve. (Hee I even tanked Belinda (AV) for half the fight till another tank stepped in with more skill at generating aggro, in fact I started the fight – it was awesome.)

Interesting enough I wasn’t the worst horde toon out, not by a long shot o_O I think a lot of types playing were people who don’t usually do battlegrounds as there was a remarkable lack of communication and a lot of bad tactics flying around (that has to be the most battleground games I’ve lost in a while horde side.)

I mean check out the screen shots of the very first game I played (and I admit I got stuck on a building or object more than once due to the movement issue – so you can guess just how bad I was *blush*)

Number six horde on the damage charts O_O … and I was a kobold with a stick – oh my poor horde.

Mr number five horde on the heal chart, pretty certain I only healed myself. Also a bit of a shock to my system but the pally cleanse spell looks just like a priest renew so I kinda kept popping it rather than flash of light.

So crazy came third on HK. I even got stuck on a flag at one point with everone battling around me in this huge mill – but then halfway through the game I discovered the button to drop that burst damage pally’s have … err this pally has o_O so that probably accounts for it.

So you can see why I was so grateful the battlegrounds have been like cages of unorganised monkeys going at it this week, as I fit right in… still feel kinda guilty though for being practically ebay … but at least I had a sound knowledge of the BGs ^_^.

In anycase it was a blast.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to The spirit of mild guilt … but not enough to stop me

  1. noobhater says:


  2. Lactic Acid says:

    aye pally noob stuck on a flag pole glad you understood the meat of the post :p

    – still got 8 dragons that weekend though, not bad for someone struggling with someone elses fucked up idea of key bindings 🙂

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