Machinima Recs: We play a bloody awesome game don’t we?

WOW Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Has a lot of screenshots but something about this vid just conveyed a taste of the crazy community that is wow.

In the Sun

BE males are the new pretty boys on the block aren’t they? lol – interesting use of drawn background.


& for something completly different we have a funny vid (Chinese but with good subs and some dubs)

Top 3 WoW Movies

Meet the Taurens (aka when Harry met a cow)

Doras the salaryman


… the coin joke made me laugh indeed


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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4 Responses to Machinima Recs: We play a bloody awesome game don’t we?

  1. Brajana says:

    Oh great, now I’m going to have that Daft Punk song in my head all day! Sheesh. 🙂 Thanks for the videos!

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    Mwahahahaha – my flu drugs have made me evil .

  3. Dave says:

    Awww it says the vids arent available anymore.

  4. Lactic Acid says:

    heh – for some reason that happens a fair bit – page refresh will usually fix it – and as backup the titles are links over to youtube :).

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