Fessran’s pet lizard Thing gives you a sly look.

Okay as a hunter you have probably already heard of the pet emote addon.

Below are some of the variations I have made to what my stable of pets will emote at random intervals.

You can make these changes yourself very simply by opening the “localization LUA file” (in the pet emote addon folder) with notepad scrolling down to the English section and changing what is already there – being very very careful not to delete any of the little symbols because that will break the code – and saving it again.

Why do this? – well because it adds flavour to your game play.

Every time I see ‘wrath rubs up against you’ as a random emote from my pet I actually like him a little more, having real cats I get a kinda lion mane-rub fantasy flash … (I know I know – that’s weird, but still … cool.) And I admit that I really rather disliked my scorpid until it started blowing snot bubbles and doing floozy dances for me 🙂

So first up we have The Warp. And that is a good example of the other part of the pet emote addon that allows you to change how a beasties family name is displayed, for example I changed the family from warpstalker to ‘lizard’ using the addon’s in game customization – which amuses many a toon I party with because the warps name is ‘Thing’ (after some kids book about a crazy little pet dinosaur) anyway as a result what they see on their screens when the addon be working is ‘fessran’s pet lizard Thing’ before every emote, and a more apt description of the bizarre and gruesome warp I cannot think of.

Okay the emote has 3 levels of random emote to express whether a pet is unhappy, content or happy – which is rather awesome. You will probably want the most emotes in the third level if you like keeping your pet full and happy because those emotes are the ones you will be seeing all the time, and I do mean all the time – but they are not disruptive and as far as I can tell they don’t seem to irritate other toons.

The addon also allows you to do quick custom pet emotes by simply typing /pet – just like you usually type /em or /me and add some gibberish to the em … errr end :p

[EDIT: been getting lotsa hits (cheers to Mania & WoW Insider), so for the record you can get a detailed guide on changing the file over at BRK – he has screenshots… screeeeeeeenshots. There is also the development website of the pet-emote addon where you can get a more current download version than what you will find at Curse.com and some use instructions, so if you would like to test the flash new pet emote head over to Ammunition Company (Thank-you Jorna for the link point to your brilliant addon 🙂 ) – Happy Hunting people.]

Warp Stalker
[1] =
hisses hungrily
clambers around anxiously
snaps an insect out of the air

[2] =
waits patiently for some food.
stretches her throat upwards while searching for something to eat.
looks for water.
shakes her spines impatiently.

[3] =
grins vacantly.
cranes her neck with pleasure.
gives you a sly look.
rolls her tounge out and licks an eyeball.
flicks her tounge around her muzzle.
tosses her horns.
sniffs at the breeze.
lashes her tail-fin.
rolls one eye back to stare at you.
bares a japing maw of needle sharp fangs.
licks a scale on her flank.
stands motionless with jaws hanging open.

[1] =
snatches around at the air with its pinchers. Hunger!
hisses and chatters angrily.

[2] =
scurries around anxiously.
chatters with its pinchers half-heartedly.
looks unimpressed.

[3] =
waves its pinchers in the air like a cheap floozy.
scurries around excitedly.
blows a snot bubble.
gives you a weird look.
makes a zoom-zoom noise… freak.
burbles happily.
does the happy dance.

Cat (biggest selection because it is my most used pet currently)
[1] =
is going to rip Fessran’s face off if the kibble is not served shortly.
roars hungrily.
eyeballs the local wildlife.
is giving you the ‘starved kitten’ look.
looks at you… hungry.
chews some grass and looks miserable.

[2] =
flexes his claws and growls hungrily.
rumbles unhappily.
looks unsatisfied.
claws at her boots…
looks around hungry.
lashes his tail.
looks agitated and mean.

[3] =
huffs happily.
coughs up a hairball… hrrruk!
rubs up against you.
shakes his mane.
shakes his jowls, sending spittle flying in all directions.
licks a paw.
grooms quietly.
is ready and willing to eviscerate.
starts an extensive catlick.
glances around.
blows a snot bubble.
flicks an ear.
prowls back and forth.
scents the air.
twitches his whiskers.
pounces on a beetle.
flicks his tail.
slinks into the shadows.
bares his fangs.
has a stretch and yawns contentedly.
chews on her cloak.
rolls his shoulder blades and stretches.

Currently I have to put together a selection for the carrion bird (now there’s a ‘procrastinate-at-work’ task if ever I have heard of one.)

Pet-Emote Testimonials:

EDIT: A new guide (with a video woooot)

EDIT Check out Petopia forums for news about PetEmote 2010: http://forums.wow-petopia.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4212&start=0

EDIT: Efindel & ethancentaurai’s Updated PetEmote addon on Curseforge (FEB 2013): http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/petemote/files/10-v1-8-3/


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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8 Responses to Fessran’s pet lizard Thing gives you a sly look.

  1. Redhawke says:

    Absolutely the thing I was looking for! Now for your cat, how about:
    “yawns contentedly. Night Elves are so tasty!

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    hee I used to have a feed macro that was something like: Fessran feeds Wrath a hunk of … something red and drippy.

    It kept the mystery and the romance alive and drippy 🙂

  3. Faeldray says:

    Those are awesome! I keep forgetting to customize my own. 😛

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  5. Smashogre says:

    Love my pet emote and all I’ve done with it. My cat has quite a few fun ones, mostly aimed at entertaining the Horde in PVP.

    “Dagnabit spits out a dwarf bone. The priests are the juiciest”
    “Dagnabit wonders when Smashogre will feed her another gnome”
    *Dagnabit spots a Rogue. Look at it walk around all funny like!”
    “Dagnabit wants a Mage. Mage, the other white meat!
    “Dagnabit looks for a place to lift his leg….AH, there’s a Restro Druid!”

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  7. Jorna says:

    The latest version is PetEmote 1.51, also bringing a PetEmote Editor for Windows users, which makes creating custom emotes much easier. The version presented here seems to be 1.4 where editing emotes was of course easier but not as powerful.

  8. ChainTrap says:

    Sometimes, the wonderful WoW blogosphere reminds me of how much of a n00b I am. I had always thought that pet emote required a macro or the like to pop out the emotes, but it’s random, you say? Oh my! I gotta get me some random pet emote action.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    *hurries off to download pet emote*

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