Surviving Battlegrounds as a small fish surrounded by slavering resilience geared level 70 sharks

So basically I took my little level 63 shammy (original main on twisting nether till I caved and rolled another hunter) into the battlegrounds this weekend and I was horrified to realize that I had slipped the 60s bracket and was now playing with all the big boys. So what does one do in BGs when one crumples like wet cardboard every time one comes up against any kind of opposition?

Well the first step is to realize that you really need to fight with a group, because the group is going to be your confusing meat shield. You need a solid group of no less than five toons to help hide your under seasoned body. If you pick a group that has a healer with it you will probably live longer (although frankly heals in a BG are more of a bonus then a given.) So decide if you are going with the Offence or sticking with the Defence, then stick to your group like glue. Really do use them as a meat shield – you are going to be the guy that either stands fairly well behind them dealing ranged damage/heals or you are going to be the guy that stands back and lets the group engage the enemy so you can pick the back of your unsuspecting melee target (Useful PVE skill that.) The main name of the game is RANGE –attempt to keep distance from the enemy, ranged damage/heals if you have them are your friend. In fact anything that keeps you at the back of the crowd is your friend (except perhaps shaman chain heal which just screams *kill the healers – oh look there she is at the end of the great green booger*).

The second thing will be to realize that you may actually be standing out like a sore thumb back there – keep your eyes out for rogues and druids and the other types that circle scrums looking for the weak to pick off.

Now take 5mins out and think of how you can contribute. This is the time to think about all the spells and things you can do which have very little to do with damage. So a basic list of some things a low level toon can contribute:

Can you buff anyone? – All buffs are greatly appreciated because unless you are with a premade they too are more of a BG bonus than a BG right. Buff whenever you have the opportunity because it will make other toons in ‘the group’ fond of you. (They don’t see the meat shield – bwhahahaha) If they like you they may toss a heal or /assist your way.

Can you heal? – This ones a biggy. Any healing at all is appreciated in a BG (including bandages), no group is really going to foul mouth an under levelled toon that is actually attempting to heal. Even if its not what you are specced for, if you can heal go at it, it’s a good hobby for the little fishy.

Can you type a call out? – All toons have a voice & you can use yours to yell incomings and aid communication about troop movement. Stick to useful info and avoid telling people how to play though as you don’t want to attract a ‘hey man you’re not even 70!’ bitch fest.

Can you interrupt? – meh since you are unlikely to be able to be a force of mass destruction it’s time to make like Bin Laden and be a force of total annoyance. Interrupt flag taps (heals and casting if you can), then run away when they look at you, circle round and interrupt their flag tap again. This can actually be rather relaxing because the aim is to put all your frustration on another player … death be damned… just annoy the crap out of an enemy player and foil whatever their original goal was 🙂

Can you see something that needs doing? – Take the jobs other people may avoid, since in this pond you are not a big damage dealer or an uber healer you are now the guy who has the time to mind a flag, watch a choke and play the D.

Can you love your CC? – It will be resisted sometimes but CC is probably going to help your group more than piddly damage. Screams and sheeps and traps and totems and flares and banishes. CC what you can whenever you can even if you just fear some hunter pet off another player. (Aye I know your usual form of CC is probably to simply bash it to death, but being a little fish is a chance to get creative.)

Do you have any utility abilities that can help out? – Like bombs, or stealth, or the ability to float, or mana your group up should they happen to be anywhere near you. Working these kinda things into your game play makes BGs a lot more fun, and it can make you unpredictable – being unpredictable will help you live longer.

Are there any BG objectives you can help achieve? – This is a normal consideration, remember the actual goals of the BG and look for opportunities to help meet them: help a flag carrier, defend a node, tap flags if everyone is fighting away from them, cash in AV quests etc etc.

AV Specific:
Well AV is actually really friendly to the small fish.
The groups are huge so the odd under 70 doesn’t stand out and you are not going to get bad mouthed as soon as you step foot in the cave. Both the defence and offence require a significant chunk of toon bodies that you can happily hide in. There are a number of relevant quests you can complete for rep and still feel like you are contributing (everyone gets rep and buffs etc from your cash ins), in fact you can even run around on clean up duty collecting pieces of corpses to cash in back at the base.
A stealthy type can make a solo journey to take a mine or a tower (if you whisper another lvl 70 stealth toon for assistance you can even rustle up that ever required ‘meat shield’ again.) There is always GY guarding further back from the main defence or offence – someone has ta do it.

Important goals to keep in mind:
Do not die so often you are a burden to your team when it comes to lowering the reinforcements. If you picked Offense and you are dying consistently it is time for you to pack your bags and move further back on the map.

AB Specific:
AB can be fairly friendly to the lower level player. I find it’s wise to either stick to the main body of toons or to stick with a really well geared melee type. (The usual oh hey he has Glad gear – be my friend shenanigans.) I usually end up with unpleasant guard duties, but this happens at even 70 because someone’s gotta go it.

WSG Specific:
Probably the worst BG for the under levelled because everyone notices… on the other hand, a lot of 70s don’t play WSG so maybe you will fit right in. I however, find it is the BG most likely to bitch-blame losses on the percentage of under levelled toons.
Buffs are less likely to happen in WSG – so if you can, buff away whenever you are near party members as it really stands out and party members will notice and appreciate it.
As a hunter – setting yourself up to hamper and defend can be a good way to go (depending on your team. I mean if everyone is turtling it’s not so good an idea.) There are some great places to stand in WSG if you can deal ranged damage because map movements are pretty predictable; toons will be going Graveyard (gy), Ramp or Tunnel (tun) and moving from one end of the map to the other. You can easily set yourself up in a hard to reach place and deal damage on the masses below. (I have even seen lvl 70 warlocks and mages plant themselves on this one stump in midfield to do just that.)


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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4 Responses to Surviving Battlegrounds as a small fish surrounded by slavering resilience geared level 70 sharks

  1. Larísa says:

    I’m a full epic lvl 70 but I’m more like a lvl 63 when I come to a BG, so I loved this post! It gave me some ideas about what I could concentrate on doing, trying to be of some use at all in BG and not just running around, completely lost and confused.

  2. gnomeaggedon says:

    Yeah great post.. whether for under geared/leveled or under-performing.. these tips cross all boundaries

  3. Garumoo says:

    As a hunter in WSG, you can also Track Humanoids and call out which way they are incoming: tunnel or ramp. Set up a couple of macro buttons, and ping the map for good measure.

    If you have a pet with Prowl you can also park it in the tunnel and then hide in that little room with a view – not only do you surprise inc tunnel stealthers (de-stealthing them), but if the flag grabber comes the other way then a strategic Intimidate does wonders.

    Also, don’t forget Aspect of the Beast!

  4. Lactic Acid says:

    Yep indeed – aspect of the beast is my best friend in WSG – I once popped it, dismissed my pet and used /lie to hide with the flag in a bush for a good 10mins 🙂 great times.

    Thanks guys – I rather enjoy talking about BGs.

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