So let’s talk about the LFG system, PUGing and SeX BaBy!

(well okay not about sex I just want attention :P)

Lately my little group… hmmm

[Pause for clarification: currently I am in a very little guild indeed… in fact we are more like a bank and 4 lvl 70 friends at the moment. With a legion of alts that needed to be kept somewhere we made this guild when the guild bank space was introduced to the game. Now the reason my main is sitting in it at the moment is a bit of a tale to tell: but basically the last guild I was in (and I believe I was with it for about a year) disbanded in a messy drawn-out emo-fit come the burning crusade.

I just logged in one day (and I admit I was a rather casual RP sort even back then prone to the occasional month long disappearance and reappearance) and they were all just gone, disbanded … either I was spelling his name wrong or the guild leader didn’t even exist anymore. And to be honest I breathed a huge sigh of relief (in fact I did a bit of a /dance out next to the Thrallmar mailbox – which in retrospection is a little childish but may cue readers into how depressing guild atmosphere had gotten.)

It was a case of the usual guild drama: They were a great bunch of guys really, but the guild leader wanted a popular high end raiding guild that could be very picky about how people applied and demand regular forum postings and have other strict rules etc … but the guild itself just didn’t have the pull value to be so strict. I mean I was conscripted at level 15 and I had to fill out a huge online application form and write an RP story, then I found out the guild only had around 10 people in it. Slowly one by one people would quit because there wasn’t any end game content being completed and the RP was once a week – the guild leader would hissy fit each time this happened in /guild.

It got so if you logged in you would have to listen to an hr of typed /whisper or /guild conversation on how no one helped, things were going downhill, how the guild website cost money and there needed to be more recruitment, how we weren’t allowed to speak to any blood elves come the expansion because RP wise they would ruin the horde and how his real life was getting him down. Every now and then he would threaten to guild disband and all the guildies would have to tell him no-no we really like our guild we are happy with the way things are etc etc placating talk and the like (thank god this was before in-game chat & they didn’t have vent.)

Basically it made wow depressing … errm I only play wow cause I think it is fun. Why play if every time I log in I get turned into an agony aunt because I am too ‘nice’ and wishy-washy to tell my guild leader to shut up and grow up? At this point in time I was thinking about… I dunno playing some console games or something instead – cheaper and well… fun, entertaining what wow used to be for me.

Instead I was set free.


Cough… okay on top of /dance I may have run in a circle for two minutes /saying Freeeeeeeee! Like a nutter.

End of the guild story is I was left with a mild guild phobia and just sort of rolled an alt and leveled with some friends to 70 for a while, declining all guild invites (including interesting “let’s start Kara groups”.) End of my sidetrack rant.]

So lately my little group has been having a lot of fun doing instances. We can all hang out as 70 together and that is rather novel (because it has for the last 6 months or so been lowbie alt groups, or cases of playing big daddy (*mommy even) to said friends. Now we have a nice four man set up with the positions of tank, healer and CC already covered. But the new guys in my group are not geared for heroics yet (I have a choice between doing heroics in my PVP gear or my rather blue +hit instance gear – I am rather ahead of the other guys because I have been 70 for longer and enjoy BG pvp at 70 in my spare time if nothing else), so basically we are almost a complete group who wants to run instances on normal.

But we still have a hard time finding even 1 extra dps. The looking for group system is usually bare, I try to drum up some action over LFG chat channel and often come up with zap. And I have to wonder aloud in my blog space, what’s going on?

  • Are we that far behind the wow community, Is this because everyone is raiding?
  • Do people with proper guilds only do weekend speed runs of heroics with pre-organised groups?
  • Is everyone ‘taking a break’ before the release of WotLicky?
  • Are the lower level guys all skipping instances in favour of power leveling and then doing arena PVP?
    I know one little mage buddy I met in the Arathi Highlands (we shot an invading gnome mage together when he was lvl 58 and I was a 70 passing through the area) who did this; he basically only did instances that would give him rep for the blue starter PVP set.
  • Is it simply that no one really uses LFG on my server?

Of course – there are other factors in play here; with more oceanic servers available for ‘Australians’ and other sorts that keep my time (Korean etc) drumming up a group in the ‘late’ hours of a US server is more difficult. And when we do get a toon, well usually it is someone who monitored LFG and then wants to log in an alt – so more people have multiple 70’s in the outlands. Then there are the dailies, when I wanted my epic fly mount all I did myself was dailies to rake in the cash.

These days I find that joining a ‘proper’ guild is becoming a tempting option – due to the promise of a body of pixilated bodies (say that 10 times fast :p) to market runs at so that I can get some regular PVE content. Interesting the oncoming expansion really does seem to have sparked new guild formations out in Shatt City.

Hmmm Shatt City – I should just get on /Trade next time and offer to do a naked female orc dance for anyone willing to come run with us :p kinda like “pimp your PUG”. One side-serve of RP cyber for the hire of your … great balls of fire? (cough… snort … bwahahhahahaaa)


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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4 Responses to So let’s talk about the LFG system, PUGing and SeX BaBy!

  1. Carol says:

    *sigh* on my server (Bladefist) no one bothers to use LFG – they just spam Trade with LFG & LFM. Endlessly. Even when someone points out it is the ‘trade’ channel. Even when people ask them not to spam, please.

    So now I run around with only Guild & General chats on, and LFG chat is useless for the whole server.

    Frustrating? Very.

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  3. gnomeaggedon says:

    I was going to write a comment… which quickly became a post in it’s own right… check it here:

  4. Lactic Acid says:

    TRADE channel is a conundrum for me – if you want something you have to go to trade channel these days … but most of what I want isn’t trade related and I hate posting on the trade channel unless it’s really about trade @_@.

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