10 WoW Flashbacks wooo~wooo~ooo

Hmmm this is a Blog Azeroth topic I rather liked so I am rolling with it: 10 memorable wow moments (there have been some really good posts put out for this topic.)

1st character baby Night Elf Hunter PVE server – friends account:

1/ Falling off a NE tree building and dying and thinking *omg an RP game that doesn’t baby-sit you with railings shock* … then the whole ghost world experience – that was quite awesome the first time round.

2/ Falling off the edge of the world as I knew it and dying – that was the first I realised the NE island was actually a giant tree (despite all the quest lore I had been reading.)

3/ I remember being fascinated by the fact that when you ran backwards you ran slower, then I went for a swim and drowned from fatigue (aye after I fell off the tree.) In awe I wandered around for a week in RL exclaiming over how realistic an RP game wow was and how it compared to the ‘intelligent’ mobs in half life that ducked behind vending machines when you tried to shoot them. Many peers were vaguely disgusted with me (they are all wow-aholics now so I had last laugh.)

4/ Discovering pet pathing issues for the first time by jumping down a hill as a shortcut and then seeing my pet running towards me with 10+ mobs behind him @_@. Needless to say I turned tail and ran away. You can no doubt visualize that well: night elf hunter screaming and panicking, being chased by pet cat (didn’t even know how to stay him), being chased by a pack of furbolg … ahhh youth.

…heh so many strong memories from this first account had to do with dying

2nd character baby Tauren Druid PVP server – my own account:

5/ My first trade – which occurred after being saved by a level 60 Tauren warrior when the horde town ‘the crossroads’ was being massacred by an alliance rogue. All the little hordies surrounded him (actually there were a lot of us) and /danced and /cheered (we had been camped for more than an hour by the alliance toon.) I spent all my money (a whole 40 silver) to buy him some morning glory dew from the innkeeper. And I decided right there that I would grow up to be a defender of the horde :p

6/ Hiding in a kodo corpse with friends to avoid world-side PVP ganking from an alliance night elf – I felt like Han Solo

3rd character baby Troll Shammy PVP Server

7/ The shammy quest lines – long, complicated but full of lore. Most interesting was that to get ghost wolf they made me run all over the two continents of Azeroth.

8/ Discovering PVP as an enhance shammy with a two-handed axe… it may have only been WSG but it was awesome!

9/ Watching a group ‘deliver’ a live dragon to Thrall for Valentines Day. There was a hunter at the lead of this huge group kiting him. (Hmmm hunters huzzah!)

4th character (rerolled) baby Orc Hunter PVP server

10/ Saving my Wailing Cavern pug group with a pet. It was a really laggy and buggy run and we kept getting attacked with nasty ranged magic from mobs we couldn’t see and couldn’t seem to ditch. I set the pet to defensive and he shot off and started biting the floor – the healer and I kept him healthy and the whole party /cheered as the invisible enemy bit the dust. Then whenever it happened again the party would gleefully yell “send in the wolf!”. It was nice because the wow PUG community was very anti-hunter at this point in time (aye even at WC level.)


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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3 Responses to 10 WoW Flashbacks wooo~wooo~ooo

  1. Gothyelk says:

    “6/ Hiding in a kodo corpse with friends to avoid world-side PVP ganking from an alliance night elf – I felt like Han Solo”

    Okay – now that made my whole evening! LOL.

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    Aye the Warlock in our group is secretly a tactical genius – she was all “Hide! Into the kodo corpse, it has worked before!”… & so we huddled 🙂

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