Can Fluffy tank that?

So looking for group failed me this weekend.

There I was attempting to get a group for steam vaults because I am working on Cenarion Expedition Rep and all that we could scrum up was a group of three hunters. There was a priest around but they refused to join any group that didn’t have an existing tank. I only needed a ¼ bar of rep to fall over into revered and get my helm enchant.

Though some bizarre circumstances I eventually ended up in a group for Underbog (as I had one unfinished quest there), with a group of 61-65’s. Still no tanks – so they are all “can your pet tank?”

Group make up: 2 priests, 1 warlock, and 1 mage and me (everyone but me is lvl 61-65)

Well I have been on LFG for 4 hours by now and farming strange spores has gotten boring. So I reply “well he lacks the talent a real tank has, but eh we can give it a shot” and I pulled the carrion bird outa the stables in the hopes the extra armor & screech would help (left my PVP gear on too for the extra stam) the level 62 mage has a small fit and leaves the group (his loss it turns out.)
We end up with another level 70 warlock o_O (wasn’t sure why another lvl 70 would be wasting time doing UB with a bunch of pug lowbies but who am I to question … being 70 and doing UB with a bunch of lowbies…) – so off we go with the carrion bird tanking trash in UB.

Group make up is now: 2 warlocks, 2 priests and me, a hunter with a bird… heh. (2 lvl 70’s)

A little opinion on pet tanking an instance at such a high level:

  • Well none of the other toons had omen – as it wasn’t syncing with any of them. And they all let fire as soon as the bird made contact with a mob which made it a little difficult to keep the aggro off the squishy cloth wearers, especially if they tapped an add instead of the mob with the big red arrow over its head. Screech helped to some extent.
  • Keeping track of the birds interaction with mobs meant I was doing a number of tasks, tanking, Pet heals, DPS and CC – I wasn’t really up for this … I believe if I was going to make a habit of it (all that talk about pet talent trees and speccing pets as proper tanks) I would need a bunch of addons and macros to make the job manageable.

So we clean the starting cavern of pats and bog lords. About this point one priest discos (haven’t even hit the first boss and I am feeling the pressure of too many roles.) I can visualize disaster a ramp walk away… and I wonder why do I agree to these suggestions of madness? Is it Curiosity? Boredom? Over confidence? Slap happiness?

Group make up has become: 1 priest, 2 warlocks, and me O_O

I notice the Pally has logged in and is doing his dailies over on the Isle of Gank as we know it in our guild. So I do a little groveling because frankly I can’t handle the heat (I have a vivid imagination, it is already at the wipe), the Pally agrees to come tank for me before this bizarre group suffers a wipe and starts screaming pet abuse at the hunter :p. The Pally is really going outa his way for me here because he don’t need this backwater instance. We summon him in and it is like my best buddy has arrived… the Warlock is right – you really can’t beat a pet Pally. (I feel rather lucky to have a tankadin & a tree as a part of my regular wacky wow group.)

Group make up: 1 priest, 2 warlocks, the Pally and Me (thank god I am not tanking now! … we are now 60% lvl 70 for UB on normal O_o)

We wipe out two bosses nice and fast when the level 70 warlock suddenly proclaims that he thought he was in heroics (with a level 61 priest? o_O strange boy) and disappears. Now I have finished my quest, but the Pally & I, well we are soft touches with good group ethic, so we agree to run the rest of the instance – seeing as we are half way through.

Group Make up: 1 priest, 1 warlock, the Pally and me (1 man down)

At some point the priest gets us to summon in her lvl 63 Proc-paladin friend who completes the rest of the instance with us.

Final group make up: 1 priest, 1 warlock, 2 pally tanks (no tanks to 2 tanks bloody weird day) o_O and me.

No wipes, all bosses down. A real song and dance PUG … bah it was a low level affair and I though it would be pretty straight forward *oh a lvl 70 dps yay – make sure you don’t pull aggro & lets go* :p – but this is typical of what I have experienced in pugging normal instances lately.

I’m of two thoughs about that rumor about real pet tanks:

  • woot a tank finally!
  • dear god you want me to dps, cc, mark, pull and now tank? Just shoot me it would be kinder.

[Pause for Pally joke “You know what you need? A bear that heals! … oh wait that would be the druid eh – cackle]

We need someone to do a rewrite of that old song “I need a hero” and replace the word man with tank where ever it pops up, something like:

Where have all the good men TANKS gone
And where are all the gods? To handle all the Mobs?
Where’s the street-wise Proc-Specced Hercules
To fight the rising odds?
Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery freebie steed?
Late at night I toss and turn and dream
of what I need

..or something -_-

Bah no wonder I just wanna do battlegrounds.

Interesting comment from the Pally during the run, apparently being over-geared for the instance was rather bad for him as he gets his mana from heals and he needed to take damage to be effective – he said something about downgrading his gear if he had to ever do anything like it again… will try to make him write a post about it so I can link to it.

Frankly /salute guildies who are bloody reliable compared to the general public … though the little level 61 priestess was a goer 🙂 .


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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4 Responses to Can Fluffy tank that?

  1. Toque says:

    When i was 64 on my first char and still pretty new to instances, I joined a pug for ramps. The leader finally found a 5th person and said, “ok lets go”

    Healer: “umm, who’s tanking?”
    Me: “i second that, who’s gonna tank?”

    We had no tanky types in group.

    Leader: “well, your pet can tank right?”

    ooo i have a bad feeling about this. But i agreed to try and it actually went pretty smoothly. 2 wipes but we got through it. The dps were all 2-3 levels below and so my pet kept aggro pretty well. The healer was lvl 70 and so could keep pet up.

    I found it fun pet tanking for a group. Course I can’t with any lvl 70 instance, but maybe that will change with the pet tanking tree in WoLK.

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    64 pet tank – now that’s awesome 🙂

    I found it slow going because I started using misdirect to keep aggro – I think if I had more confidence in the group I would have felt better (it was that looking after everybody aspect), after the Pally joined the little warlock kept getting himself killed because he just kept jumping into the middle of things and getting aggro from pats and the like.

    😉 of course observing people faced with perpetual screech was completely worth it.

  3. Fearstalker says:

    Overgeared pally (or other) tanks usually take off their pants so they get the damage-to-aggro that they need.

  4. Lactic Acid says:

    bwhahahahhahah-haa-hee-haaaa… cough… oh yesss! I love it!

    Next time I will look his toon in the eyes and exclaim over voice-chat “Baby I think you need to take off your pants…” ^-^

    That’s a great tip – thankyee 🙂

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