Switcher Tips – Part III

Yet another “Going from PVE to PVP” (Has Hunter Bias)

On a PVP server you only get to pick your fights if you start em.

Do enough WSG BGs to buy your Horde/Alliance Trinket early on, this allows you to escape most forms of CC and can help you avoid being pinned down and allow you to run run run. This is actually a fairly essential item and I can’t say I have ever run around without it equipped outside of dungeons and instances, or my special mana-efficient farming gear set.

Learn zone terrains and avoid moving on roads in known hostile or contested territory. Take STV for example … I know that zone so well I can even predict mobs between me and my destination when travelling on a shortcut. If you don’t know the zone – then travel parallel to the road but not on it; try to stick to vegetation cover. Learn to travel in erratic patterns; up a hill, jump a log, round a rock and so on – it is harder for high level toons to intercept you if you are difficult to predict and wriggly. Think like a fox… or a druid even.)

Looking like you are more effort then you are worth is a good way to avoid ganking. For example burn a mob faster than a nearby enemy killing the same mobs, maintain full mana / health after each fight, travel in groups, move fast (eh he’s already gone why bother), look prepared (have a trap and a flare around, don’t turn your back), look experienced (wear a recognizable BG tabard etc.) and so on.

Travel speed is very important on a PVP server. In talent trees that allow it spec for speed. Obtain trinkets that increase mount speed, save for mounts, have spells and talents that increase your speed easily accessible on your UI. This will allow you to make a break for it or fall back to defensible ground when outnumbered.

Be aware of your surroundings. As a hunter you should always have on “Track Humanoid” – have a button that will allow you to cycle this with track beast and track stealth. Learn to look behind you and around you as you move, fight, drink, stand and so on.

If you are going to go AFK – make sure you are safe from other players of the opposing faction … as well as mobs.

Aspect of the Beast – while rarely used on PVE servers is vital for travel and escape on PVP servers. I completed my fire festival quests with this baby up – it allowed me to make a ruckus around enemy cities without attracting large swarms of player aggro or attention.

Learn how to use your CC abilities they will save you again and again.

Stayed Buffed.

Play the Battle Grounds until you lose the *OMG I’m getting attacked what do I do* shakes, increased heart rate and sweats – if caught by surprise in the world eviron you will probably still experience these however you are less likely to run in circles due to BG conditioning. BGs will also help you view toon death as a means to an end.

Accept the inevitable, if you are level 30 and you are facing an aggressive level 70, well you are going to die. Try and do it with style. I have heard of hunters that create a *spit emote & /cast arcane shot macro* and so on. If you feel sassy you are going to be a little bit less grieved by your death.

However don’t give up – you might surprise yourself. As a level 45 I once chain trapped and feared a 60 bear druid around for 5 mins while my higher level shammy friend axed the druids buddy. Just because they are on a PVP server and bigger then you doesn’t mean they are better at using their class in combat or necessarily better geared for combat. (I have no idea why the bear didn’t ‘resist’ – his gear musta been bad, his buffs musta been down.)

Indecisiveness and hesitation can be a killer.

Dueling is a useful way to practice one-on-one warfare.

If you are being camped or overly harassed and no one has responded to assistance requests over the general, guild or defense channel – simply log out and play an alt (breathe deeply and imagine the silly sod standing over your uninhabited corpse for an hour wait for your return. The fool.) It is important to be independent and able to move on or look after yourself as ganking from higher levels is a part of PVP life.

All toons even healers should know first aid, and carry a stack of bandages.

If there is a large group of enemy players in an area it is best to come back to that area at a later time – MOBs of players can be overconfident vicious beasties, and are fairly predictable .. eventually someone is going to attack you.

Do not advertise (or even organize) large RP events for zones where people can screw them up with ganking. I mean remember the ‘Funeral’ fiasco. Honour & Respect on a PVP server, while quite common, is a fairly situational and individual thing – and kinda like seeing a dancing ghost wolf in a pink tutu.

Town guards respawn and will come in waves if you are attacking or raid an enemy town. If you have a destination aim to ride right there don’t stop.

Flight masters are the toughest cookies in most towns … but they won’t save you from enemy attacks, unless someone accidently hits em.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to Switcher Tips – Part III

  1. Loronar says:

    /agree with everything stated. I think being on a PvP server made it a bit easier for me to transition into BGs even though I had never done them before.

    I think most important statement was that there you can’t pick a fight unless you start one.

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    Oh yeah … I think its actually how the ‘if its red its dead’ philosophy started – & if you start the fight you score a fair bit of the advantage.

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