The subconscious works in some interesting ways

Everyone has no doubt experienced the character name creation dilemma when creating new toons on established servers.

That Name is Unavailable. That Name is Unavailable. That Name is Unavailable.

Yeah yeah we get it already all our favourites are taken and its time to get creative or add a dozen X’s depending on your style.

I have one friend who has magic luck with the random name generator … she always seems to find a name that isn’t taken and is presented which choice names like Tobichilla (dubbed ‘not a type of Mexican food’ by the guild) or Akubaku or something which sound cool to say and relevant to a troll toon. This is never the case for me – names rolled are taken, unpronounceable and so on.

So early on I got into the habit of making names up – only in recent years have I learnt that joining two words creatively is actually better … like Trackhoof for example, Track your name is just cool (showing my age there I hear ‘cool’ is no longer cool … maybe Track’s name is Hot.)

My main hunters name is Fessran … which I have always assumed was some kind of made up name based on a Fess (whatever I thought that was) who ran (cause I used to spend a lot of my hunter time running like a druid in trouble around Stranglethorn Vale and various other contested territory…. I considered my self an expert on running… a master of turning cheetah on at just the right moment, with just the right tricks to escape any unmounted under 60.)

Yeah a bit simplistic … so I was a bit surprised to see there are a handful of Fessrans on various servers – a lot of them not belonging to me. So I Googled it. Hooray for sloppy internet research.

And whatdaya know – Fessran is a character from this book series I read as a kiddy-pie. All about prehistoric cats who, you know, use fire and herd some kinda weird prehistoric cattle and have guild (clan) drama – because that’s what giant sabre-toothed lions do in their own time o_O. Actually if I remember rightly they also made an animated movie about this and those talking cats rated just under The Last Unicorn as my fav movie … but I could never remember the name – this is like meeting an old friend – glee.

Fessran is the “courageous and loyal” character who stands by the main character even when that character loses faith in herself. OMG my subconscious is such a carebare. I wouldhave thought my subconscious would have picked the main character, the evil character … anybody but the faithful sidekick – going to go back and read that series again I think.

Also I guess when I first started playing wow my motto was a crazy hyperactive repetition of “I can be a cat, ride a cat, tame a cat, have a token pet cat – Warcraft is the greatest MMO I have ever heard of – squeeeeeeee.” It might have been the cat thing.

Funny how my very first toon was a NE hunter and not a NE druid.


  • oh wait Fessran is also apparently the “caustic and entertaining” friend … I can deal with that
  • And a feminist O_o – “All the herders are male except for Fessran, a strong-willed female who became a herder before Meoran took over leadership”
  • And “chief of the Firekeepers”

…damn maybe I am just subconsciously power mad.


oooh I found a youtube clip

oh dear god that sexist cat bastard “no female can herd” “females raise babies” down with the tosser leader cat


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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One Response to The subconscious works in some interesting ways

  1. Silvergirl2010 says:

    Akubaku is actually an Orc Warrior – has been stuck at level 14 for ages… damn that’s still a cool name – maybe I’ll delete him and roll a death night with that name … mmmm potential – probably not :p

    Tobachilla was my first toon ever on WoW – and that guy is a troll and he’s a rogue stuck at level 19 or 20 something like that. This was way before the days of BC.

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