There is this core group of four that I play with these days

Currently the line up consists of a Prot Pally (tank), a Druid Tree (heals), The Warlock(DPS & AE) and me (DPS and CC). And yes – all altaholics so the line was prone to much change during our leveling career. This group is the flotsam that has drifted to surface of our combined ocean of alts on this particular server, the first collective to rise to lvl 70.

Being to first group of classes from the alt ocean to reach 70, I believe it shows that they are all classes we individually enjoy playing for some reason or another.

We all did this “what kind of gamer are you?” quiz a few weeks back. The gamer quiz in question can be found:

The results each of us ended up with kind of reflected our ‘top’ classes.
Take the druid, if I remember rightly at level 20 when he first got his cat form he trekked off up through the Arathi Highlands to make an attempt on Ironforge, around level 30-40 he was getting killed by Stormwind guards, at level 50 he was attempting to solo the ‘world’s ugliest lass’ with the interesting sandals in Maraudon out in Desolace. He has a habit of poking his nose in the weirdest zones and we tend to use him as a scout when we aren’t making him dish out the ‘tree juice’. Probably won’t surprise you that in the quiz he turned out to be primarily an ‘explorer’ type.

The warlock came out of the wash as a PVE type, preferring questing and farming and other joyous in game content. The warlock class does allow a fair bit of independence, and from what I have seen it has some rather interesting class quests associated with various ingame rewards (mounts and demons and the like.)

The pally came up as a PVPer – aye not the best thing for a prot pally. But we made him spec Protection for tanking and his paladin is actually rather hard to kill even without a great deal of resil gear when it comes to playing battlegrounds and arena.

EDIT: okay apparently only I (a hunter with silence, aimed shot, improved viper sting and scatter shot) think protection pallys aren’t that great for PVP, the pallys experience has been altogether different… or to quote his first post apparently he has found that “trying to melee DPS a Tankadin is kin to beating a hedgehog to death with your penis” – how about that)

Hmmm and if we dig a little deeper his first class to 70 on this server was a shaman, which back in the day was the nasty horde version of Alliance-death via 2hd weapon and frostshock. Come to think of it I have a lvl 60+ shammy with an old style pvp rank title … was a time when the shaman class was real representative of the whole “I am Horde” faction pride business (oh yeah let’s not forget the whole “..and I have a big axe and you are in a lot of trouble, don’t bother trying to run because I am just going to ghost wolf after you and frost shock you down … also don’t bother killing me because I will just instant rez, heal and continue to beat on your alliance booty… oh my was that a windfury crit? Ooo bet that hurt…)

Finally I rolled as fairly average in the three above (explorer, PVP and PVE) with maybe 10% higher on ‘Social’ – making me a care bear (colour me surprised.)

The Hunter class is kinda perfect for that in my opinion. I can solo, explore and PVP. I can hang out in instances with strangers and friends and spend my time running around doing things like CC and occasional off tanking with the pet to save the healer. Mirshalak has a great post with a take on the true role of the hunter (that of tactician) and while I don’t always have the wits about me for tactics I do love dealing with information and you get a fair edge on that as a hunter. I can track the mini map, scout with the cat, scout with eyes of the beast, in arenas I’m the first to know how many hidden enemy’s we are facing – all this give me an excuse to talk my head off over voice chat or type people to death in BG’s – bwahahahahhaha.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to There is this core group of four that I play with these days

  1. Tall Teacher says:

    Nope you’re not the hunter I was using as my example… he’s on my ignore list.

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    oh thank god … notice I use feign more these days?

    But really when I am trapping I have trouble matching your damage output these days 😦 I think I need to tighten things up (less its a pally thing) I am pretty sure that as DPS I am not allowed to let a tank top the damage meter (or maybe its just the DPS meter) time to dust off my threat add-ons.

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