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Looks like the upcoming patch will be messing with our pet’s abilities. Pet attacks will ‘scale’ with pet AP and growl will scale with Hunter AP?  or is that no longer scale with pet AP? It’s all very ambiguous  all I can tell is “things be a-changing kid”

Go read up at Mania’s Arcania for the news. The Mystic Hunter has a nice rant about it too.



Just finished upgrading my farming gear which all gets equipped with Aspect of the Viper when I need to regen mana.

This process was mildly costly because I had to buy the shards for the enchanting (20 gold a pop and I needed four of them.) 

And I suffer from the personal belief that enchanters get gipped a fair bit, what with the handling of expensive matts and then getting ‘tipped’ for less than the materials are worth… I mean why not nab the matts and do a runner?  Someone’s blog (can’t recall whose) has obviously influenced me greatly because I remember a post on this issue. So anyways I try to pay well, anything from 50-100 gold an enchantment, more if the enchantment is rare/hard to get.

I now no longer have a mana problem, despite being a MM spec build – been utilizing the survival hunters tactics, no really they seem a fairly mana conscious bunch.

  • There’s Mishalak’s guide to using trapsto conserve mana while farming
  • Chain Trap has also been posting on the issue
  • BRK (beast master) has also gotten into the issue from a raid point of view. As he defends his stance on raid dps and mana-up solutions. I think the previous post he made had video footage showing how it all works.

Thanks to the research, the gear, and my change in play, mana hasn’t really been much of an issue lately. Going back to stings and traps was rather brilliant (as a BM the pet did most the work on farming trips, stings were kinda a PVP or instance thing) as I now pull a heck of a lot less aggro from the pet.


However it looks like the coming patch will also buff Aspect of the Viper to make up for the damage that the changes to spirit have caused. Not that this will affect pets – there didn’t seem to be any mention of fixing that pitiful +55 health regen my cat is suffering from these days due to the spirit changes.


 Did some researching on hunter 2V2 tactics for arenas – I think I need to make some maps actually.

 “Rogue, Druid: This is a pretty easy fight, not one you should ever lose. The only way I can really see this team winning is if your druid is poor on CC, their druid is excellent, and they burst you down. Between roots, cyclones, abolish poison, freezing traps, wing clips, and everything else you have that their druid can do absolutely nothing about, you can kite their rogue all day long.”

So apparently this an easier combination to win against (well if their druid is bad at CC – and I am guessing the bunch we faced were) … the wins still surprised the heck out of us.



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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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