So my recent experiences starting in Arena – let us talk about the pain

…my pain of course heh.

So now I have this scrub 2V2 team for me and an enhancement shammy, that’s it.

I may have mentioned or I may have not but the guild I am in currently is a social guild designed to level some friends to 70 (and to create uber bank space really) – eventually this Arena team will be the blooding grounds for some fine young horde.

But until then it’s a place for me and this friend to get our butts handed to us and score some cheap points so I can buy my basic hunter axe that everyone is recommending.

It is kinda interesting to last longer than the shammy… who really needs some more PVP gear. I finally topped the 300 resilience mark the other day when I upgraded my PVP trinket (am thinking of farming myself out to some other scrub teams, hopefully a 5V5, now that I am bigger) – anyway this means that outa our team of 2, I am almost always the last to die. In fact it wasn’t until game 8 or something that I discovered the pleasure of ghost-release gawking, it is more fun than it sounds to run around watching the battle after you have died.

Strangely our few wins have all been against druid combos – ‘Boomkin and Rogue’, ‘Feral druid and Feral druid’, ‘Random druid and that other guy the shammy killed’ – Strange because I hear druid is the ultimate arena class with all their HOTs and their CC.
MM spec is strangely satisfying against healer classes – slap silence on em, scatter on em and plug their buddy with an aimed shot to reduce any heals that do get through. Basically I have become a support class that beats on healers … maybe I should feel some shame…O_o nah.

Another wonderful thing about being a hunter in the arena is that as soon as you zone into an the battlefield you know how many stealthed mobs you are dealing with … because that’s how many dots are missing from your radar. So okay these stealthed mobs could be anything from invis mages to melded NE but at least you know.

The cat was a bloody useful pet to have on me. I know you are meant to keep your furry-buddy on passive and tight on your tail so the other guys don’t wipe him off the map – but really I found it more useful to aggressive-stealth him on the playing field outside my flare to aggro on the incoming stealthy druids, knocking them into view. This also prevents my shammy from getting bored and running outside the totems/flare zone to be eaten … course as soon as they get knocked visible he is off like a rocket. Kinda like having one of those summons pets that don’t do anything you tell em but that aggro on any enemy mobs (heh may get smacked for that comment.)

So my plans from here? Actually I am going to go look up some shammy macros for the friend – a level one earth shock can interrupt as well as the highest level and with a focus macro he can help me stop the healing. And hmmm maybe I shall research some tactics, currently the fav arena is actually the bridge, because I can flare trap one end while the shammy totems the other (if we get there first we own it.)


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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