Queen of the Ogres baby!

Last night by sheer chance I fell into a nice PUG group (pally tank again they seem to be becoming more common) and we wiped the entire Ogri’la perquisite quest line which I had been bludging over getting done.

The event was rather nice – hordes of Ogres surround the Ring of Blood to pay their respects… err don’t go clicking on the huge ale barrel too much if you have places to be and orcs to kill – I can tell you attempting to fly over to Thrallmar for Shattered Halls afterwards while “drunk” was certainly an experience. It was potent brew.

Funny thing about impulse groups is that they can take you all sorts of places – so of course I did end up doing a nice fast run of shattered hall with the same group. They really had it together… can’t say the same for myself really. There I was dressed in my PVP gear, with all my solo farming macros up and not as many of the nifty *I’m in an instance* ones that stop you from say …breaking your own traps … head/desk head/desk. On the up side when I did break my trap all that stam and resil gear I was wearing made it damn easy for me and my pet to keep 1-2 mobs occupied while I DPS’ed the skull target. Must have put on a decent showing in any case as the blue raid icon started making a regular appearance despite that.

I found it interesting that even though I was in my PVP gear, MM specced, and somewhat preoccupied with trapping far away from that pally AOE attack, I still managed to consistently place 2nd to the rogue (who had shiny glowy swords damn him – must get glowy enchants!) on the DPS charts. Heck I realized near the end of the instance that I still had my damn PVP trinket equipped & I was using my trash solo arrows for about half the run, talk about vague.

On that note:  been observing my gameplay more… you know omen, damage meters and the like recently.

Now I am not the best hunter (but I am by no shot the worst) and for a while I thought my recent respect to MM was the issue, not to mention I have a stable of brand new pets. But really I can’t maintain pet aggro save for misdirect to save my life these days. Except maybe by sitting in the grass till the pets aggro hits 3k before pot-shooting at the target with auto … and then I still pull.

And heck that method takes ages. Who has the patience for it? If I take that long to kill-farm an air elemental and some shammy or rogue will have cleared the rest of the mobs out from under me!


Problem: My mana burn is extreme.
Even using that crappy little token that gives you +200 mana after a kill, specced for mana saving shots and with Aspect of the viper active. Now I admit this may be because to kill when misdirect is down (2 outa 3 pulls) I now have to do a big burst damage attack, wing clip and arcane pop to finish the job. Or I do the hunter dance (which is bloody annoying in solo farming) wing clip, jump back auto-auto, wingclip and repeat. Traps and feign all over the place. I cheer whenever improved wing procs… because suddenly I don’t have to bounce around like some darn night elf. Beginning to think that maybe I should just melee the mob down like a huntard – no really! my mana is far more important than my health these days. So much for saving bag space with the Naaru Ration, now I carry a 40-stack of it and a 20-stack of water.

Solution: To deal with this crap I am actually considering constructing a ‘farming outfit’ something with lots of intellect and spirit … nvm the agility so much. Basically a high mana regeneration and low damage set to help the pet a bit. I will continue to use my trash-ammo and look for another farming viable trinket. Where there is a will there is a way. Mind you on a PVP server I am going to be skull-fucked & tea-bagged by the competition in this kinda getup.

If it wasn’t for Arenas I would probably respec Mirshalaks Faming Spec (this be the post that made me subscribe to the blog actually 🙂 its a good read on why you shouldn’t always jump to conculsions about someones gear/talent spec.)


Problem: My cats a glass cannon (okay not so much even a cannon) compared to the wolf.
The cat is not really spec’d for tanking, but worse the health regeneration of pets seems to be completely non-existent these days. I remember the wolf running back to me regenerating health in great chunks. I observed the cat last night (more sitting in the grass) and after of a five second wait? – he regenerated a whole 55 health o_O. 55! his health is up around the 7000 mark … he lost half of that in the battle. No wonder I am popping mend pet on not only during a fight but after it as well. (There goes some more mana!)

Solution: Pet training. At the moment I am farming air primal. So that’s a trip to Org for 100% nature damage resists … or whatever the top level is & maybe Arcane while I am at it. Might help. Darn it – am I going to have to visit Org whenever I need to make a trip to a different zone? WTB more stable slots. Oh and ‘bandages’ … tones and tones of bandages for the pet may be a better solution for after kill mending.
Okay – enough of my negative ranting … did I mention I am an ‘Ogre Queen’?


Go read The Empty Quiver for more low-down on the pet issues people are experiencing.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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6 Responses to Queen of the Ogres baby!

  1. Mirshalak says:

    Glad you enjoyed that post of mine. 🙂

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    Sure did (it was a situation well handled from the look of it, the forums didn’t degenerate – unbelievable) – you write well!

    Actually the way you analyzed your talent breakdown is kinda the… hmmm core?… of what I love about wow. Every time a new patch comes out that turns my hunter game play around I can sit in the most boring irrelevant work meetings musing *yeah maybe if equip blah item with say those enchants then mana may no longer be an issue … better write that down* – I must look so tuned in, if only they knew!

    WoW my personal mental rubrics cube :p

  3. Caleria says:

    Thanks for linking to my blog. Glad to see I’m not the only one experiencing these aggro issues.

    As far as farming and mana regen goes, here’s a couple of thoughts. Try getting a Mark of Conquest (not sure what the Horde equivalent is, sorry) from the pvp vendor in Zangamarsh. It procs pretty regularly for me, and it gives me a nice little chunk of mana back. Between that, and my Power Infused Mushroom, the only time I have to switch to Viper while farming/questing is on those damn mana-tapping mobs on Sunwell Isle. /grumble

    Also, consider getting a couple of daggers or something with alot of Int on them, and get the highest Int enchant on them that you can. Then switch to those whenever you have Viper up. That should help a lot. I need to do this myself, actually.

  4. Lactic Acid says:

    Hey – You have the same mushie!

    I love the dual wielding caster weapons idea! & I’m heading off right now to find out what the horde equivalent of conquest is right after this – Thanks for the tips! I see in my future a shiny new farming outfit.

  5. Caleria says:


    I’m home from work now, so I was able to look it up. 🙂

  6. Lactic Acid says:

    Snap – just five tokens short (and no alliance to be seen on the horizon.) Thankyee for the link ^_^.

    Found a nice +22 int axe on the AH 🙂 http://wowhead.com/?item=25208 … now I just need someone to sell one more and my orcish butt is set for the grind!

    (Considered farming for the axe itself but it’s a random stat on a 1% drop la sigh)

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