The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good:

Epic Flying mount – woot!


The Bad:

I am so sick of dailies… But I can’t stop.


The Ugly:

To quote Survival Hunter’s Anonymous: “You, as a hunter, should only be in 2v2 for fun and possible points; as there are other classes with better 2v2 synergies”

So really I kinda knew doing 2v2 would get my hunter butt beaten into the dusty and bloody ground of the Arena floors …but I believe in the School of Hard Knocks . School of Hard Knocks is what makes playing on a PVP server fun after all. I originally started out as a little NE hunter noob on a PVE server.

~soppy flashback~

I played weekends, for about 2 hrs (okay it was often more like: until the blue bar was gone and they pried my cold hungry self from the computer chair), on someone else’s account. And in this manner I got myself all the way to level 40 with … hmmm it was probably a level 15 bow actually. I had a pet doggie. I didn’t have a clue about agility, or mail, or special pets, or that cats had stealth, or what DPS was, or about using shadowmeld to gank with aimed shot (you could back then.) Stranglethorn was a bountiful green zone where I skinned beasties to my heart’s content and crafted my own outfits out of hides. A human rogue once grouped with me and left crying tears of blood after inspecting my equipment.

Then I got my own account and rolled horde on a PVP server. And I guess I learnt to play (nub). Stranglethorn was instead a dangerous area where you kept track human up and constantly rotated through the track stealth and track beast options… just to be sure. A place where you always ate in the middle of a flare and fought with an ice trap at your back. Exciting gank parties would form and it was your horde duty to come to the aid of any fellow fraction players getting beaten on  or camped.  So yeah I got ganked … a lot. But on the other hand I discovered so many things about my class. And from this came my addiction to BG’s – I want to learn a class? I go out and Play BG with that class until I stop dying and start being effective.

~end soppy flashback~

So anyway after BKR’s recent addition to the hunter rule book, someones blog post (I forget who) on essential basic hunter gear which said exactly the same thing, and two or three err heavy hints from epiced out online friends that I should at least be hauling butt and doing my 10 sessions a week .

~Break for a “Dramatic Texting Reenactment”~

Friend:  Get out there – you will be beaten into a bloody pulp. It’s a necessary evil.
Me: *o_O cry*
Friend: eh –  it’s very competitive. Quit your whining and go die for the cause!
(The cause being epics…he could at least adopt me into his big boy squad :p )
Me: But that’s just it people really don’t want to risk their nice rating and it’s hard to get into a group unless you have 300+ resilience, I gots enchants I want … which I’m still saving up for…
Friend: Whiner! Baby! QQ less!
Me: I’m … um saving for my epic Wyvern.. yeah that’s it!
Friend: hmmm epic  fly… OK … but after that you got no excuse kid and I cease to respect you.
Me: *gulp*

Did I mention that I got my wonderful, fast, speedy, glorious, flying mount on the weekend?? Did I?? (it was actually rather easy with all the new dailies and the usual farming.) I will never leave outlands again! Walking is for losers!

~end break~
So anyway I bite the bullet and figure I should L2P the hard way and went out and purchased a 2v2 arena group with my undergeared enhancement shammy friend. Eh gotta start somewhere. I figure that as I get to know the arenas I will go join a nice 5v5 group. MM is a nice group spec.

His suggestions for names for this team will give you some idea of our expectations: The Umbilical sisters (omg), Fresh Meat (better than ‘new horde on the block’), Cannon Fodder (HA should be Pets-R-Us), Eat my Shots!, Eat my Shocks!,  Bleed Much?,  Eat Shot and Die! , Eat Shock and Die! …by this point the team had been dubbed ‘The chop squad’ – a nice ambiguous name that.

And we throw ourselves into the playing field – no vent, no tactics,no special addons,  barely any gear (in fact the shammy still had his Nagrand goggles on for the daily quest … I thought he was doing it to ‘look cool’ … but apparently it was just an oversight :p)

It was a blast! Fear not the arenas!

I was AFK for the first match because someone knocked on the door bearing chocolate muffins just as we joined the queue(queues open fast for arenas.)  Anyway other than that we bash out 10 lightning fast games with, for the most part, varying levels of non-success. It was interesting, everything from we blink and die, to we killed one guy and have other on half hp… and then die.

In one glorious match we blinked and the other guys were dead… all thanks to the strategy vid (linked below) that I watched a week ago and a hurriedly typed line of: “you stick totems on one end of the bridge and I’ll trap/flare the other”.

I think I will really like arenas … and certainly I can promise anyone reading this blog that my experiences will be from ‘the-ground-up’ so to say.


The Vids:

Hunter/Shaman 2v2 Arena vids (Hey not always the best – but all educational – funny thing they seemed to be Ehance/MM combos too.)




About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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  1. Silvergirl2010 says:

    Hey the vids are no longer available!! 😦

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    ahh 🙂 browser refresh will solve that problem

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