Group Dynamics

Semi-local friends of mine are hitting the 60-70 mark which means I can now run round with them in my hunter outfit (as opposed to one of my multitudes of lower leveled alts) and by run around with: read *gear runs through non-outlands dungeons*(a lot of the content that I missed as I skipped straight from 50 to 60+ and into the outlands with the expansion patch in what felt like a week.)

Now usually a dungeon run for my ~hee~ ‘little’ buddies just involves more of standard hunter solo play. Kinda like how I would farm the instance, only I don’t bother looting and just slam though the instance at top speed – while yelling “stay back behind the trap”.

Now at this point it’s weird because no one is exactly squishy anymore but nor are we a proper level 70 group that marks up their kills and CC ‘s mobs all nice and neat.

Case in-point:

We were doing a Stratholme run with 4 to get an epic pally mount – our lineup was a tank pally, a DPS warlock (with the tank pet out), restro druid for heals and my hunter toon as a kinda-bodyguard, DPS and pet off tank.

Hmm it actually worked okay… my biggest problem was aggro.

 I was the only one with omen installed – so I had no way to tell when my threat level was higher than the rest of the party. With the pet I was fine :p but it wasn’t that relevant because I was using him mostly to either off tank any random gold elite  or to ‘save the tree’.

With my recent respect to marksman I was gaining a lot more aggro than my level 60 buddies … even when using mostly autoshot because of all the extra crits.

It is actually kind of hard to tell by watching just how much aggro a pally tank has build up … every 2-3 pulls I was fine because I could simply misdirect to him and fire at will. But the lack of obvious sunders and & marks made it a little confusing.


For me the pally tank is a relatively new concept.  I am a true blue hordie, used to warriors and bear-butts (bear-butts were 2nd best back in the day… I feel so old.) To me, until recently, pallys were Alliance-bubble-hearth-gankers who you would eye-ball from a distance because even if they /waved at you –  you knew that as soon as you faced the other way and attempted to pull a mob they would be all over you like mould on last week’s leftovers. Heck I used to follow Alliance pally’s at a discrete distance in the plague lands and wait for them to attempt to gank a fellow hordie … where upon I would charge out of the bushes with my pet to make it a 3 on one (not count the aggro’ed mobs.)


So yeah … worken with a pally – its interesting. My pally friend thinks they rock (he is a horde shaman normally) and he does seem to tank well – also we make him heal himself (joke is we make him tank and heal – goof offs that we are.) I ended up setting him as focus and using my assist macro.

And the warlock had a not-so-quiet word with me about pulling mobs out of the AOE fire bombs she was dropping (but I reckon 10 levels and omen would fix that.) It was interesting with the two pet off-tanks we did end up with a few extra  inc MOBs – and the pally attack seemed to basically be a mass aggro  effect – which meant we were wiping out huge crowds of undead mobs – which if we could keep them off the tree and the lock worked out OK. They came in waves.

The tree could heal like a son-of-a-bark… I was pretty impressed.

Final Opinion:

It worked fine – will be a nice level 70 group to dungeon crawl with. Had plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, and boy Stratholme is pretty … in that end of the world kinda way.


Incidentally there was a small wipe at one point where the ‘two who rez ‘ (aka: pally & tree) were killed off – and the lock got picked off on the way back to the gate to collect the others due to respawn issues… when I realized that I wasn’t actually aggroing anything around me o_O at which point I simply strolled back past the mobs of undead to the front gate.

So yeah – lovey place & it looks like a level 70 can practically treat it like a walk in the park – worth checking out if it was content you didn’t bother with.


About Bytes

Guild Officer, one of those elderly burnt out officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master.) Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names. I am interested in research and new technology RealLife side. These skills carry over into the hobby.
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2 Responses to Group Dynamics

  1. Silvergirl says:

    Woot! That’s me in the pic … the fuzzy looking one with the staff on her back! Woot, I’m famous!!!

  2. Lactic Acid says:


    Hey you were one of the last men (chicks? undead girl?) standing after that mostly wipe ^_^ – thats hard hore – why not be famous too.

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