Leveling your pet from …hmmm around level 20 to level 70

A first-hand account… (aka: shoot me again – it would be kinder @_@)

Frankly it is actually much easier to do this these days with all the new pet experience that was implemented in *insert past patch number here* – but it’s still a matter of grinding on boring green mobs… gritting your teeth and pulling that pet out for tiresome hours of farming where you have to use all sorts of crowd control …and eventual melee (hunter horror) because your furry little mate can’t hold agro or even take a hit.
 It’s living on the edge because you know that as soon as the opposing fraction notices that you are running around with a kitten and not a tiger then it is going to click in their heads that you’re only half the hunter you used to be and the ganking sticks will come out. (That’s where they wait until you are engaged in melee & have some other mob ice-trapped and then they  walk up behind you and attempt to club you in the back of the head… sometimes they will even one-shot the kitten for a laugh.)

So how do you get around this?
Well you have to find a quiet area; an area that has green mobs, an area that has something you want badly enough to motivate you to grind for two hours straight & an area where you are almost guaranteed to out-level the competition by at least five levels.
Let me restate a past comment of epic ‘DUH’ proportions: Don’t take the baby pet to Skettis – not unless you are taking a tank and a healer with you and maybe half your guild :p (really unless you are a masochist who enjoys being tea-bagged and you love paying for armor repairs you will not have fun leveling a pet in Skettis). *Smacks self in head… head/desk – head/desk*

First thing:
• Do AV until you get yourself a nice stockpile of mana biscuits… you will need them.
• Buy some trash arrows for all the trash mobs you are going to have to kill.
• Stock up on meat … low level stuff will be fine at this point.
• Stock up on bandages … just in case.
• Slap on Aspect of the Viper (its best for the kind of grinding you are about to head into)

Places I enjoyed leveling my baby pet:


This was a great place to forage, really I needed more strange spores for pet food anyway and wandering off to the side to collect glowing mushies was actually strangely relaxing. Unfortunately Sporeggar has little to offer me as far as rep rewards go – and most the things I can farm here are to do with Cenarion Expedition or Sporeggar rep (and I can no longer cash em in so they all go to fellow guildies … not much profit for me – you however could be cashing the following for rep or selling them on the Auction House: Strange Spores (pet food), Fertile spores (rep), glowcap mushrooms (rep), unidentified plant parts (rep), bog lord tendrils (rep), fertile spore sacs (rep) and the usual assorted motes & essences that turn up.

All in all, although I enjoyed massively out leveling everyone (before the daily no one 70 really bothered with Zangamarsh unless they were doing the local instances) and despite the relaxing mix of war-of-the-worlds scenery and that special feeling that I have been ‘smoking’ the mushrooms surrounding me that Zangamarsh tends to give me – I got bored of this area fairly fast.


The land of the cleffhoof. I did a fair amount of grinding here for motes and leather, in particular thick cleffhoof hide which sells well on my server and is fairly useful as I am a LW by trade. The meat was selling okay for a while there too. Still I got sick of watching close-ups of ugly cleffhoof mugs crash-die and fill my monitor screen. (Poor pathetic pet – he would run after them batting on their great hoofy butts and doing absolutely no damage…. One thing about leveling a baby pet to 70 you certainly learn all there is to know about your crowd control abilities; traps, clips, fears and concussive shots will be the name of the game … and you are going to burn mana like it’s going out of fashion.)
Nagrand gets a quite a few farmers… so you are competing for resources … this is where the kitten got one-shoted the most. However I had a token which I could pop which made it look like I was running on Bestial Wrath – this strangely enough was often pretty good for bluffing my way out of a fight – it is best to farm near other horde if you can.

Terokkar Forest

My favourite place for making money and pet leveling – no really. I can get a very nice circuit happening here as I run around the river killing basilisk (cooked their meat will sell for 20 gold), fishing the darter pools (cooked they sell for 20+ gold) and killing warp stalkers (cooked meat sells for 15+ gold). I can vary this by taking out Arakkoa – 30 Arakkoa feathers will sell for 55+ gold & the stacks of netherweave cloth they also drop  will always sell. On top of this I am a skinner so with every beastie I kill I get an assortment of knothide leather, fel hide and fel scales. It’s a sweet deal really. By level 60 my pet was easily able to tank most mobs in this area.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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