Dragon Slayer

 I had a blast in this 5-man group over Easter:

There I was hanging out in Shadowmoon valley attempting to mop up any group quests in my log that require 2-3 party members for the extra cash. Really with a tank pet, the mend pet heal and my own DPS, I thought that maybe on my own I could practically pass as a low level three man group – and the way the warp stalker and I were succeeding in knocking over these quests seemed to prove the point positive on that.

Anyway I was in Shadowmoon to kill the ghost riders that circuit the big mountain in the center, and the call goes out for a group to help take out that big dragon on netherwing ledge, a 5-man group quest that. I think “hey I have that quest” … in fact it’s a part of the same quest line – and so I put my hand up. “Take me Take me.”

Anyhow we eventually end up with myself (MM hunter and the warp stalker), a rogue … a pally speced for healing and a priest speced for DPS – weird and ironic combo I know.

No tank.

The warp stalker is experimentally elected as the tank of the hour. I warn that he hasn’t been holding aggro that well lately and he may just go ‘squish’ (As all hunters know it’s not like the pet can exactly equip +defense tanking gear.) But everyone decides it is worth a shot as there aren’t really that many takers at 3am server time.

So we fly out to netherwing ledge, all wearing these silly goggles that have bad stats, to look for a good spot to land the invisible (but not with goggles) dragon. And we end up deciding to bring him down on a peak.

A peak.


There I am sitting 100’s of miles up on a peak with 3 other characters and my pet under my feet – and they say ‘bring him in’ … the hunter horror – no room for DPS. (A guildie logs at this point and asks what I am up too, I had a great time explaining exactly what I was in the middle of doing.)

We gave it a shot. I misdirect to the pet a huge 3-shot burst damage with all my tokens & cool downs flying. And it works – the dragon lands on my pet, attacking my suddenly tiny looking lizard. And I chop away with my axe, pop mend pet, the pally heals like mad and the rogue and priest DPS (& holy heck I can’t DPS at all – the shame)

Blerg…we all die of course, the rogue out aggroed the warp and it went downhill from there. Well okay, everyone dies but me, because I feign as soon as I hit 10% HP like the coward I am. Yippee – less repair cost on one hand but on the other I feel kinda guilty about watching the pally (who healed so hard) die … in plate. We had that dragon down past half health even despite the disorganization.

 They rez and flap back.

Everyone wants to give it another shot… I say I need a better peak to be the hunter god that I am (err really.) I make everyone flap around in circles look for a better peak – but we can’t find one and end back at the original mountain … however with a little trial and error we work out that we can sit the whole team and the warp stalker on a slightly lower shelf of the peak … meaning I can stay on the mountain top and DPS to my hearts content.
Another rogue is sourced and he flaps out to join us goggles and all.


So one misdirect to pet later and its all WHAM-BAM and thank-you for dying for the cause Mr Dragon …we win … only the new rogue dies because he out aggros the warp stalker (wasn’t there for the last wipe.)

I felt like such a hunter

  • I pulled
  • The pet tanked
  • I DPSed

It was a total hunter-love group experience. And the little warp stalker was a group hero (who didn’t even have to pay armor repair bills.)


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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