Damn – RL has me busy @ the moment

..but not too busy to respec.

 I’ve been researching the talent specs of top arena hunters – just for something new (and because my only real gear set at the moment is PVP welfare epics – so I thought I may as well play the part.)

In the end I selected an interesting BM – 11 / MM – 41 / SV – 9 spec.

ARMORY: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-talents.xml?r=Twisting+Nether&n=Fessran

No more big red beast
– on the other hand: silence, scatter shot, improved WC and improved viper sting are proving to be really really useful when in PVP combat. I am not running out of mana near as much as I used to and my hits are packing more of a punch.

The biggest difference I have noticed to my game-play is I have to keep on the move a lot more and keep the eyes-in-the-back of my head open and aware at all times. Why? Because I can no longer ‘big red’ my way out of stunlock attacks – so I go down if I can’t get the scatter/wing off in time to make for the hills… woe. I am still getting used to having my distance back … gee it’s nice, but if I could only remember to use it, it would be better.

So all in all – not a bad spec (though it is taking some getting used to.)


About Bytes

Guild Officer, one of those elderly burnt out officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master.) Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names. I am interested in research and new technology RealLife side. These skills carry over into the hobby.
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