PVP Pet Profile: Boar

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Ever noticed how all pigs are boars in world of warcraft? – hunters tend to. I reckon it gives everything that Gaulish pig roasting atmosphere. Pigs; they are bouncy, wiggly , squeaky and they no longer look like bizarre bopping bath toys when you swim with them (hooray for that fix … although the pig floatation device was kind of a cute look.) Alright then, let’s consider where your modest porky stands in regards to hunter pet utility.

PVP Advantages:

  • Boars have charge which is super fast & a neat 3 second immobilization of escaping humanoid prey. (Well any kind of prey really, but if you waste it on anything but another player it had better be to protect a flag runner.)
  • Boars can learn dash. I would pick dash or dive over damage almost any day (except perhaps with the Scorpid)
  • Boars have Gore, an ability that will happily burn up any focus generated. You can also teach them bite if you decide they aren’t using enough focus.
  • Boars will pretty much eat absolutely anything (the best KISS baby pet!)
  • Boars get +9% Armor and +4% health

PVP Disadvantages

  • The biggest disadvantage is that a pig gets -10% to dps. He is a not a fast damage dealer, despite all the bonuses he get to fast movement. As most PVP hunters in arenas want damage over a 3 second immobilization (note NOT a stun) they are not going to be taking the boar near the Arena… unless it is for fun.

Final opinion

PVE – Great Pet for solo play and leveling! Can’t stress it enough. Charge racks up all this extra threat right at the start. Gore keeps them interested, and although his attack is slow he gets armor and health bonuses. Charge makes me feel like I have dash from level 10. I used my little level 19 pig to tank Luzran in the Ghostlands (lvl21 gold elite) and with mend pet & me watching my burst damage he did it with no problems. On the other hand he won’t dish out as much DPS damage in a group or raid situation.

PVP Arena – I haven’t seen any hunters running arenas with the pig.

PVP BGs – You do actually see a few pigs in the low level battle grounds, particularly Warsong Gulch, pigs are nice for stopping runners and at that level (when dash, stealth and cobra reflexes are all unattainable future desires) you tend to still have enough pet skill points to train every available pet skill, so you don’t have to think about choosing resists over damage or armor & pig charge is a sweet bonus.

I recommend the pig to anyone leveling a hunter or looking for a first pet. He makes a great PVE tank and he is darn easy to feed.

EDIT: since the nerf to boar charge carrion birds actually make better aggro with the AOE screech


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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