PVP Pet Profile: Cat

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Cats must be one of the most prolific WoW pets. Why is this you ask? Well they come in probably the greatest variety of natty coloured skins. They have almost always been first served with Blizzard pet love, I mean really! Even before the introduction of unique pet skills cats had their stealth & they had super fast attack speeds and the most interesting group of rare tamable mobs. So let’s have a look at the standard-issue-army-knife of the hunters’ pet lineup.

PVP Advantages:

    • Fast! With +10% DPS and the ability to combine bite & claw a cat can work as an effective Focus Dump pet and he can deal a lot of damage.
    • Because he is fast a cat can interrupt spell casters like… well like they have a pet attached to their faces!
    • Cats can learn Dash. Dash can be very important in a PVP situation.
    • Cats have stealth.


PVP Disadvantages:

  • I’m trying to think of one … no really I am.


  • Cats have -2% HP, but you can spec around this with pet abilities like great stamina or hunter talents. I suppose for the purposes of PVP hit points are more important than armor (due to caster damage overlooking armor) so a hunter may prefer to pick a DPS pet that loses something else (trying to think of one here and I can’t)


  • The cat only loses 2% hp because it has no gains in armor (which means little to a PVP pet that gets no resilience in any case – I told you Blizzard loves the cat.)
  • Stealth only has circumstantial effectiveness – you have to be a clever hunter to get any joy from it.


  • Some hunters may prefer to use a Ravager for the more effective Gore ability or Scorpid for the more effective Focus Dump. Raptors are also back in the game with the ability to learn dash.

Final Opinion:

PVE – A good pet for raiding as a cat can really dish out the DPS. Not such a good pet for leveling or tanking but not so bad he is going to hold you back in any way. The situational stealth ability can be a lot of fun to play with in a PVE environment.

PVP Arena – One of the top arena pets, go read my brief write up on the Big PVP 3. However the Ravager & Scorpid are usually preferred over cat, often in such close combat pet stealth has little use beyond an opening move. (I have a rogue friend who to this day remains in awe of the cat & NE stealth combo – in one of his first games of 2v2 he walked straight into an ambush set by two shadow-melded night elves and their stealthed cats. It’s fair to say he was kitty kibble in the cross fire.)

PVP BGs – BGs run like mass world PVP and cats are nice to utilise here. With stealth a cat can be hidden from track beast (& you can pop Aspect of the Beast). He can be hidden in bushes. He can deal more damage on a first strike. If you are a NE – well you and your cat can pop stealth to help keep a low (yet immobile) profile. You can guard a flag, pet-peep around corners with eyes of the beast, and even hide in the middle of the field if necessary (for some reason people almost never look in the middle of an open space for a stealth hidden toon.) Night Elf hunters certainly have it good with the cat as a pet. Cats are great DPS with the fun game of “what-can-I-do-with-stealth-today”.

Frankly I am sure that the only reason all night elf hunters don’t have a cat is because … well all the OTHER night elf hunters have cats and everyone is trying to be an individual. In my mind I can imagine this glorious NE hunter guild where everyone must run with a cat… and maybe the odd pet rogue & NE healer … World PVP raids would be so much stealthy fun. Of course they would be a bitch to run into as a Hordie so it’s just as well I know of no such guild.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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