Baby Hunters – Huzzah!

Been giving endgame a fair rest lately and attempting to level my shaman alt (lvl 53 woot) errr which I was further distracted from by the allures of my baby hunter. A Blood Elf I am afraid – the best horde starting area (even grey gear looks epic) but not the best hunter racial. However she is specing MM/SV and the mana tap adds another spell interrupt which on top of everything else is a sweet sweet PVP deal.

The baby hunter is incredibly entertaining because she is running around with another baby hunter (a fellow guildie) and it has turned into pet-quest adventures for the lowbie.

A small peek into the world of the baby hunter

We started with the typical BE pets of dragonhawk (her) & lynx (me).

The Pig Hunt

I decide I want a pig to level with, a yellow pig… and while adventuring to Westfall sounded interesting as a level 13, I remembered the little battle boars over in the Tauren starting area and took my toon from the Blood Elf homelands to the great kodo-plains. I tame myself a little level 3 pig and am very happy.

Hunter friend is now experiencing pig envy because at my current level pigs tank like Mr T … heh heh

Meet CrashTest

The Lowbie (Yet EPIC) Cat Hunt

My friend mentions wanting a cat. This happened through an alt-epiphany, after local hordies laughed at this one NE trying to gank with a pet dragonhawk up in Tarren Mill. Dragonhawk beauty doesn’t stop it from looking lame when everyone (priests and rogues alike) are bagging the ‘caster pet’ and the silly hunter running with it.

Anyhows I introduce my friend to the joys of Petopia & the great cat hunt began.

  • We camped Humar’s tree for an hour (But our attention spans flagged. When Fess wanted him she just flew in, went to kill a ganking Alliance elf in Xroads and strolled over to the tree & tamed him … sigh)
  • We offered a gold piece for the summoning of Echey (no takers, another guildie has offered the services of his baby alt if she decides she must have.)
  • We trekked through Ashenvale to Darkshore for a “Stripy”
  • And we trolled for 13 cat statues to finally summon the ghost saber (This be the cat settled on – for now, I reckon she may go back to the stripy as she keeps making cows eyes at them.)
I mean look at it – it doesn’t even have stealth yet and you can barely see it. When it does get stealth I bet she loses it :p 

The Ravager Hunt

Much as I love that red lynx I have, my alliance hunter has a cat since level 10 and my main just tamed a lion … and really I could use some more familiarity with any of the other pets, so I decided to go for a Ravager as my DPS pet. I don’t really like bug pets – so this was a big move outside my furry comfort zone.

The only ravagers I can tame are over in the Draenei starting area (ya Alliance o_o), but I am determined … even if I don’t have feign death to save my butt from the Alliance guards I figure can always just die my way up the Auberdine docks.

So I say over guild chat “I am thinking of taming a pet Ravager” my hunter friend is all “Ravagers! I want a Ravager” (she is suffering a case of poke-petism at the moment… in the throes of Petopia inspired pet lust.)

Our Guild Milk-Mommy is on (go read Messy Cow for reference) & he is all set to escort us across Alliance waters to the pets we fancy. So with our level 70 pet Shaman distracting the guards and entertaining the locals (those NE’s are really into dancing) – we skip up the dock with only minor death … due, ironically, mainly to the interesting distraction of watching the shaman flirt with & kill the locals. Once we get on that purple boat it is smooth sailing.

Interesting note: if you are taming a green Ravager take a hunter friend with you – we had to do some cooperative double trapping because the sods kept breaking tame with the gore ability.

The funny thing is the Ravager is growing on me – it has a cute swim animation and as far as graphics go they have put a fair bit of thought into its model. I must say at least he doesn’t squee like I am killing him when I send him into battle (run little piggy run!) He also got very tall as I leveled him up, and he now stands higher than my BE toon.

This would be Rav (green) & FangFace (orange)

My hunter friend has been making googley eyes at my pig so I have the feeling it isn’t over yet – & the milk mummy found our constant pet questing so interesting he has rolled himself a baby hunter too.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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