Arena, Pets & The Big PVP Three

Okay Fessran is not a professional Arena hunter (yet) but hey what we (the royal we baby) do outside of WoW is research and we are planning to hit those Arenas as soon as we have our welfare epics all nice and tidy and our mates get their lazy butts to 70 (else we go out and sell our Orcish butt for Arena team adoption.)

So currently everything is indicating that pet choice for the Arenas is rather narrowed down to what I have started referring to as the big PVP 3 (excuse the African game references …still can’t help myself.)

Interestingly all these pets can work as Focus Dumps – that is they have abilities (like claw & gore) that can burn up pet focus for maximum damage (particularly if a hunter has plugged points into Bestial Discipline or Go For The Throat.

So the big three PVP pets at the moment are Scorpion, Ravager and Cat. Let’s take a look at these … pretties:


Ze Scorpid

Pros in PVP Arena

  • Poison, once stacked and repeatedly applied makes it harder for viper sting to be dispelled or cleansed. This is not as good as it used to be so chuck in a snake trap if you can (READ HERE) Good for survival hunters and teams that focus on mana draining to help crush opponents. Combine this with Improved Stings & you get the number one reason so many people are taking the scorps to the arena.
  • Poison damage ticks keep players in combat (no drinking or eating allowed and any bandaging won’t go far) & it keeps rogues from playing the stealth game, if no one cleanses it.
  • Cleansing that poison wastes more of the opposing team’s mana!
  • The Scorpid has both claw and poison and this makes for a big ‘focus dump’ pet.

Cons in PVP Arena

  • No dash… no dash makes me sad.
  • -6% DPS (if you are a BM looking for max DPS then this is not the bestest DPS pet – this guy will do less damage than ravager or cat)
  • According to rumor the poison trick has been balanced up somewhat since patch 2.3 – I believe the DPS pets will take first place soonish.


Da Ravager

Pros in PVP Arena

  • Highest DPS pet (+10% DPS and the Gore ability) Gore is actually better for damage than claw due to occassional double damage hits (READ HERE)
  • Has Dash

Cons in PVP Arena

  • No Poison (the most useful PVP pet ability these days.)


Le Cat

Pros in PVP Arena

  • Second highest DPS pet. (+10% DPS and the claw ability)
  • Has stealth which can be very useful in PVP (particularly if you are a Night Elf or you have hunter smarts)
  • Has dash (zoom-zoom)

Cons in PVP Arena

  • Ravager can do more damage & Scorpion has more utility. (But the cat – he is pretty, and furry, and not a bug & he can keep up.)


EDIT: With +10 DPS and newly able to learn Dash

we may see raptors join the ranks of the top PVP pets!


So that’s it – the big PVP 3.

Of course I am a big believer in madness and unpredictable hunter skills, so if people reading this happen to run Arenas with any other (& thus far more exciting) pet then drop a comment in the comments box.

& to wrap it up check out “The Five Huntards” – a five hunter Arena team (note the pet lineup)


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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One Response to Arena, Pets & The Big PVP Three

  1. Daveycrocket says:

    I have tamed/trained a Howling Fjord Storm Falcon when I was level 10, it was level 6. It has been the most amazing pet ever. Does crazy damage and has an AOE Scream ability. I have started pvp recently and am winning a lot. Just wondering if you think it a good pvp pet.

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