PVP Pet Profile: Warp Stalker

Warp Stalkers? could be

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He comes in white
He comes in green (a nice horde colour)
He Warps
He Bites
He Claws
He has + 5% armor
He is the closest thing to a dragon you will ever get to tame
He has growl and cower but what pet doesn’t?

You have to be careful you don’t tame a caster variety … because he, my friends, stinks. But don’t worry, the caster pet is one of the white ones (ironically it’s the one named Warp Stalker untamed) and as green is the hordie colour we will all be taming green, won’t we?

PVP Advantages:


  • He warps up towers etc in battlegrounds. This means you can take out the AV archers and you can axe that bloody warlock on top of the alliance tunnel in WSG.
  • He will warp and attack from behind. This means he neatly skips over any frost & ice traps dropped by enemy hunters backing away. (I love this! Warp stalkers are not huge in the BGs so they almost never see this coming – clever hunters drop the trap and walk forward.)
  • People really don’t see him coming (because he is behind them bwahahahah)
  • He is a tank pet. So if people decide to neuter the BM hunter by killing the pet – he takes longer to go down.

PVP Disadvantages


  • No Dash. This is crippling in BGs, it means no cut-offs, no fast backup and no quick recalling from sudden pet death.
  • Not the fastest pet. Warp stalker suffers from -6% DPS. A beast master hunter won’t really want a slow pet for any kind of PVP.
  • He doesn’t really annoy the enemy in any special way.
    • No scorpion poison to prevent our viper stings from being cleansed and to waste the enemy’s mana.
    • No charge to interrupt spell casting and runners.
    • No extra gore damage.
    • None of that dps fury cats and ravagers bring into the equation.
    • He doesn’t even have bloody annoying bat wings to block screen view.

Final Opinion:

PVE – Great pet for tanking; although think about it the wolf also has +5 armor with none of the DPS loss. He is hard to keep track of in instances (or anywhere really) if you don’t keep him on submissive. He can warp across the room to tackle something standing in the corner from behind. This is great because he usually won’t aggro the other mobs – and it looks like he is sitting on the wall like a lizard.

PVP ARENA – If you are looking for an Arena pet you are better going with one of the big three (Scorpion/Ravager/Cat), unless you are an awesome hunter with 1334 skillz and enjoy a challenge you are probably going to get creamed… or called a n00b. (Mind you if anyone’s found it otherwise leave a comment – I like the warp stalker.)

PVP BGs – He has his uses, he will also be a pretty novel pet in BGs as not many other hunters will have one. He will slow you down, but if you enjoy taking it slow and looking at the big picture (like playing defense in AV) then he won’t hold you back too much.

I have one. I waste an important stable slot on him. I like the way he swims. But I don’t use him much.

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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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