The old pet shuffle trick

Ha – well I, as any hunter eventually (continually) does, have hit another pet shuffle period.

Sooo I’ve hit 70 and in my stables I currently have:

  • A lvl 70 warp stalker called Thing
  • A lvl 70 wolf called Reaver (my main pet)
  • A lvl 68 dragonhawk called …cough… Dragonhawk (this would be my last trash pet)

As a part of my level 70 revamping I really have to overhaul the pets – fluffing around BRK’s blog its become obvious that my BM spec is all about fast hitting pets, and while the wolf isn’t bad (love you wolf) I should probably be looking at getting amore of a DPS pet for PVP / Arenas.

The trash pet can go no problem (I bit the bullet and axed an old friend to train a bunch of pet skills – the dragonhawk isn’t something I can see my Orc playing with.

The green warp stalker I love and I am endlessly amused by his ability to warp up the AV towers and help take out bowman & at how he warps behind opponents in corners and the like – but he is not really that useful in BGs (It’s that lack of dash, he can’t cut anyone off as they ride by, which means intimidate becomes only good for interrupting casters/healers.) I like pets that move fast and he just doesn’t cut it despite the Warp ability.He can probably go 😦 if he has to go – I will miss his weird swimming style and those hilarious moments when I forgot to take him off aggressive and he would simply disappear off the road to wage his own wars against local fauna … lord knows where.

The wolf? Well, this particular wolf is Snarler from the Feralas area – I don’t think I can give him up. I did not camp and hunt him intentionally.

Rather I was attempting to tame a wolf/bear in the area for some pet ability upgrades, minding my own business and the blighter blinked in from nowhere and started whaling on my butt with shadow damage and the like. He comes from the left, he comes from the right, he disappears, reappears – and does a fair bit of damage to petless me. If I remember rightly I frost trapped him, bandaged up and attempted to tame him … little sod blinks away. Then it’s on for young and old – by this time I have my back up and we end up waging an epic battle around a tree, a rock & a log until I finally tame him. We were the same level … and kind of suited each other (all the AV NPC hunters have similar wolves, makes me feel professional.)

Occasionally he will pop 100 in all resists, but he has to be in a zone for a long time before that will happen and he loses it if you take him out of the zone, mount or dismiss and the like. I am not even sure these are anything more than a screen glitch as that particular ability was meant to have been hotfixed before I got him. It has absolutely no use in PVP in any case.

As a mate said “well what’s so good about that? It’s just a wolf, resists do crap all.” yadda yadda yadda – and its true he isn’t particularly useful for anything, being pretty much a basic all-purpose pet (like I am currently a basic all purpose hunter I guess.) Maybe I can respect him for tanking. Alas everything I need tanked these days really requires a properly geared player tank.

So my new pet options (as researched) appear to have come down to:

  • Ravagers – fastest hitting + Gore
  • Scorpion – for that stacking poison
  • Cat – fast hitting, but only on the list because I don’t really like the other two

I should get all three.

But I am not that keen on Ravagers – despite their great damage and electric colours, I just can’t see their faces you know. They look kinda like weird ocean plant stalks to me. I mean wheres the fur… feathers… scales o_o I never did get into insect pets.

So my plan:

  1. find a cat I like – it will have more dps than a wolf. And in my new gear I already outdamage outhealth my pet – la sigh *finally finally I am tougher than my furry buddy*
  2. think about releasing the old warp stalker and getting a scorp for eventual Arena.
  3. retire Reaver to bank… learn to let him be and use the cat/scorp.

About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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